Shopins ‑ Sales Analytics

Shopins ‑ Sales Analytics

door EZ Studio Ltd.

Your paying customers' behavior analysis

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Uncover Customer Traits

Take advantage of the buying behaviour analysis of your customers. Follow your store’s trends.

Performance Reports

Focus on marketing channels that work for you. Compete against your best results.

Clear Data & Actions

40+ powerful e-commerce metrics are displayed as infographics in a social media feed.

Over Shopins ‑ Sales Analytics

Get more from your paying customers' behavior analysis.

Shopins specializes in analyzing your customers' orders so you can easily identify opportunities, take actions and reproduce those happy selling moments more often.

Literally uncover how valuable your customers are to you

Metrics, like your customer lifetime value (CLV) and average order value (AOV), gives you the essential insight for creating profitable marketing campaigns. Discover the number of purchases, 2nd order possibilities and time guidelines for possible next purchases.

Maximize your marketing efficiency

Know which of your marketing channels acquire new customers, generate the highest revenue and AOV - so you can allocate your resources effectively and efficiently. Schedule your campaigns more extensively, identify in which part of the day your customers are more active.

Increase your conversion rate

Once you know your "Icebreakers" (products that are popular among your new customers) you can promote these products through the marketing channel, with a highest new customer acquisition rate.

Get more returning customers

From your paying customer behavior analysis, you can also discover popular product selections, buying patterns and which of the products are most in-demand by a single customer. Put all the knowledge to use and follow the metric growth of your "2nd order possibility”.

Take care of your "Cash Cows"

Sometimes your TOP 3 selling products aren't the ones that generate the largest amount of your store’s revenue. Make sure you know the products you should pay more attention to, so that they never run out of stock.

Master your shipping

It's good to know which delivery option your customers prefer, so you don't overpay for the delivery service, even if you have only few delivery options available in your store.

Why Shopins?

It is easy to use, straight forward and without complicated dashboards. Behavior analysis are grouped and displayed as infographics in a social-media like feed Technology must work for you, not the other way.

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Gizzo Grill

This app works super great. It helped me finding my icebreaker products and improve upsale list. Infographics looks clean and understandable.