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Country Restriction, Disable Right Click and Copy, GDPR

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LeBlank Luxury

The App doens't block IPs from other countries. I Sent a lot of messages but I didn't have return.
too many ips are coming into my store at once

Developer reply

October 20, 2019

Hello LeBlank Luxury!

We are very sorry for your experience and thank you for the feedback.
At the same time, we sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to your request.

We checked your issue and saw that it was working well.
If you see a list of visitors to your store. That's the history the app records during store activity, it doesn't mean that the countries are still able to access the store even they are blocked.

To learn more about this issue, please do refer to our FAQ:
Besides, you can consider using Blacklist or Whitelist block feature. Many merchants reviewed positively about this feature.
To learn more about the feature, please refer to our FAQ:

Your feedback helps us improve our products and services better.
We hope that you will have more wonderful experiences next time.

Again, we apologize for your experience. If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know. Please contact us via our live chat and leave your mail, we can inform you again soon or at so we can offer our support should you need it.

Good luck with your business!
Eggflow Support Team


I uninstalled it but still showing everything disabled. Due to this app, google console throw errors and doesnt show website in search

Developer reply

June 24, 2019

Hello there!

Please follow our guide here to completely remove the files:

If you encounter any problem, please reach us through our live chat inbox first, our support will be very happy to help you with it.

Have a lovely day! - Felicia

The Celebration Club


Developer reply

February 28, 2019

This is an unfortunate misunderstanding. To increase performance, we have a script cache on the client for 15 minutes. After uninstalling you can Ctrl + F5 to clear the cache and check if the script still exists.

Mi Phones

Please read carefully but you should get the point....Useless App, Useless support, Even writing a review is difficult as they don't want the truth to be told!! Don't waste your time with this APP...

Your Adventure

does not work, I tried to email the support but they didn't reply me.

R L Merchandise

July 29th. I thought I would install it once more, just to see if they fixed the issues. This time I noticed they require access to each and every product's script tags. What are they doing with this VERY valuable information? Selling it to other store? I spend MANY HOURS coming up with my script tags, and there is no reason at all that an app, designed to block visitors based on their country, would need access to..well..everything they require access too.

Yeah, I uninstalled it..again.

June 11th review.

I would rate this ZERO, but that isn't an option. So instead I will paste my email to "Support" (That's tough to type without laughing) and the response they gave.

My recommendation: Go with literally any other app.

My message to Support. I could have been more "clear", but surely I was understandable.


I am having trouble with the country blocker app. I blocked all countries except for the U.S., which is the only country I ship to right now.

I'm in Canada, but I understand that the app doesn't block administrators. I used an incognito browser to check if I would be blocked, and I wasn't.

Then I opened up my VPN and set my IP to France. I opened a regular browser, and I was not blocked. Then I also tried an incognito browser, and I wasn't blocked.

It is just that there is a delay after initial installation, and I need to give it some time?

Support's response.

Hi ,
The administrators of the website will not be block in any case. Can I ask why you would like to block admin of the website?