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Shop Sheriff

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7 reviews
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  • Google AMP integration - FREE
  • Analytics on each product - FREE
  • Most Viewed Products carousel - FREE

An actively maintained and updated plugin. last update: 5/20/2018

ShopSheriff is a free suite of plugins built by Shopify Partners to help your business thrive.


Accelerated Mobile Pages. Convert your store to AMP and convert more visitors into customers with a lightning-fast mobile experience.

The #1 AMP solution by far

  • Products, Collections, and Blogs - convert each page into AMP format, with a beautiful header, footer, and styles.

  • SEO-friendly URLs - do NOT get stuck putting your AMP pages on a subdomain. Subdomains are terrible for SEO. Shop Sheriff puts your AMP

    s on your PRIMARY domain in a simple, non-branded URL.

  • Zero branding - no "powered by" nonsense. Your pages are yours.

  • Customizable menu links - edit all your AMP sidebar links as you would your normal site.

  • Customizable footer links - add relevant links like contact and privacy policy to comply with GDPR.

  • 99% Page Speed! - all products, collections, and blog articles score between 80-99% on Google PageSpeed Insights. Don't install an AMP plugin that gives poor speed!

  • Sticky cart button - keep a more app-like mobile experience and drive more sales with a sticky "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Google Analytics - integrate with your existing Google Analytics account.

  • Keep your favicon - keep the same favicon across all your AMP and non-AMP pages, automatically.
  • Our AMP integration provides

    • Less than 1 second page-load on all your products

    • Higher search indexing in Google search results

    • Increased customer conversion

    Preview your amp pages using our FREE live editor.

    Get prioritized by Google

    Data shows that AMP pages are more likely to be shown to mobile visitors than non-amp pages. Visitors also trust the lightning-bolt icon that your AMP pages will have.

    More details about our AMP plugin available on our website

    Check out the website to learn more details about the benefits of AMP and how AMP will be useful for you. Learn more about AMP and Shopify


    • Unique visitors

    • Recurring visitors

    • User sessions

    • More...

    Monitor your product views with accurate reporting

    Get free insights on your most popular products and store traffic with zero setup required.

    Trending Products

    ShopSheriff tracks your most viewed products and lets you show them with an easy-to-use shortcode.

    New updates added weekly!

    Our free dashboard is growing. Download now to lock it in during our Forever Free signup period!

    Community-owned and community-driven, share your feedback!

    Shop Sheriff is open to hearing what apps you'd like to see improved upon, and we'll develop them for free! Log in to contact us!

    Shop Sheriff reviews

    7 reviews
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    Works well, initially I had some issues setting up but Stephan fixed the problem and I reinstalled and it is working exactly as described. This is service is free right now but worth paying for if they do decide to charge monthly or one time service fee. The fact that the pages reside on your own domain is great!


    Unbelievable! Wow wow wow Welcome Applause !!!


    This app is a gem. As one reviewer mentioned it's amazing that there are not more reviews. Setting up AMP product pages took literally ten seconds. I validated them using Google's own validator tool, and they work perfectly.

    There are other apps charging $15-40 per MONTH and they don't do as well as this one, they pollute you with branding, they don't validate, and they hijack your sitemap.

    The response I got from their support was awesome, the interface is easy to use, and it looks like it was developed by someone who knows how to do design.

    I am eagerly anticipating the next features. Every day it seems like there are new things added. I think you have something here that thousands of people will benefit from.



    Updated review -

    I'm updating this review to 5 stars. The developer of this app, Stephen, has been super responsive and has integrated a lot of the suggestions already. He has a great vision for the app and is working really hard to make this great. The original issues I reported are all being fixed ... The menu integration is coming very soon, branding and links have been removed, the categories pages are working, the blog posts are also coming soon. Great job! Thanks for building something we all need!

    Original Review -
    What a shame!

    Such a great concept, but a few things that let this app down.

    1. It installs a link to the developers domain in every page, in the footer. Not cool.
    2. It puts /a/shopsherrif/amp/ in the URL of every amp page. Also not cool. Why not just have /a/amp - not sure why you think people would want your branding on their sites. It doesn't look very professional to our customers.
    3. Home page doesn't display properly. Shows a product instead.
    4. Menu doesn't integrate at all
    5. No support for blog posts or categories (though app states these are coming in may)


    Hats off for Free AMP Plugin in this Era


    I rarely give feedback. I just don't have time, but I just had to on this one! There are apps out there charging for this and although they aren't completely done developing it, I AM IMPRESSED!! It's so quick to set up and BAM you have AMP pages. I kind of hate to tell everyone how good it is because it's a gold secret, but it's too good not to give fabulous credit to the developers. Thank you so much for allowing access to this app, not only for FREE but before it's even complete. It's such a blessing and I'm glad I found it before I started using another app that charged for not so good development. THIS IS GREAT! I love you guys!!!


    Oh, Its really FREE. Very Great App.You can focus your marketing for right products. It can scaling up your business. :)


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