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28 augusti 2023

For about 3 weeks now, almost every purchase made via the Shop channel/app has ended up being a fraudulent order. Not only that, the orders were not flagged by Shopify's system - Shopify Fraud Protection did not catch those things and we got hammered with fraudulent orders and chargebacks - we found out on our own either from people calling in after the orders went through, or when we look through the order details and payment capture information. Yes, we do look at each order that comes in - we're not a large company, we're a small business, and we like to know where each one of our products go to; being that we are a small business, these fraudulent orders have caused financial losses and the stress on the team is almost unbearable.

The first one we noticed was about two weeks ago, when that person actually called us and told us they never placed this order. The shipping address was his mother’s and the billing address was his old address. He said he hadn’t used the Shop app in months. We chatted with Shopify’s support but the only thing they said was that they think that person's account got hacked.
Fast-forward to two weeks later, and we get a chargeback from someone else with nearly the same story. They ordered something that’s custom-made and takes about 4-6 weeks to build, so it hadn’t even shipped yet - but production has begun and parts ordered so that sucks a bit. But, same story: they had never heard of us, and didn't even know we made licensed Star Trek things.

A bit of digging, and we see more orders where chargebacks were filed but they were protected by Shopify’s Chargeback Protection and we didn’t even get notifications about those. But all of those were also pretty much the same stories.
And here’s where it gets really weird: The shipping addresses do match those of the owners of the hacked accounts, are all correct - some packages are still en route, and some are at nearby UPS stores waiting to be picked up. So no, the scammers who hacked those accounts don’t even have the merchandise.

Here's actually a little excerpt of the chat with Shopify after a call with the first customer mentioned above: "16:59 Agent (Support Advisor): Thank you for waiting we have double checked our resources and also based our Support Shop Department they mentioned to me that they don't have the visibility as to why this particular order got a fraudulent or high risk they can only provide some general information or general insights and suggestions:

16:59 Agent (Support Advisor): * Account security: It is possible that the customer's account may have been compromised or hacked. In such cases, fraudsters gain unauthorized access to the account and place fraudulent orders. It's important for customers to use strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication (if available) to enhance the security of their accounts."

PLEASE Shopify, do not tell us fraud can happen and to use your fraud prevention system like you did in another review. We ARE using your fraud prevention and your system doesn't catch it!!

CherryTree Inc
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Shopify svarade 1 september 2023

Hi, thanks for the detailed review of your experience of using the Shop channel. Dealing with fraudulent orders are never easy, so I can understand your frustration.

For context, our Fraud Analysis feature uses machine learning algorithms to determine an order's risk level. The displayed risk indicators aren't a comprehensive list of points looked at when reviewing an order however, but are instead instead a small subset of this data. I understand it can be frustrating when the system does not catch a high-risk order for your store, though we have a team of engineers and data scientists that are continuously working to improve our algorithms. From this, we're hoping to see a more accurate risk indicator being displayed overtime for orders on a store.

I know it's not what you'd like to hear, and perhaps this has been communicated to you many times already, however our fraud prevention features as listed here:, which includes the Fraud Control app, is the most effective way to provide another layer of protection to your store outside of the Fraud Analysis. The Fraud Control app: in particular allows you to filter and block specific orders using a set of rules you implement, so if you haven't already done so I recommend installing this on your store. -Kimi, Shopify Support

Redigerat 24 augusti 2023

EDIT to the reply: My customers have opted into marketing emails FROM ME, not from you. You're hijacking my customer base for your own emails. I'll repeat: absolute abuse of privacy and my company.

Stop sending obnoxious marketing emails to my customers WHO AREN'T EVEN PAYING WITH SHOP PAY / USING SHOP. this is pathetic abuse of privacy and abuse of my company's customer base.

support has made it clear we can't use Shop Pay without these obnoxious emails going out. will be reconsidering whether to have our shop there.

12 månader användning av appen
Shopify svarade 24 augusti 2023

Hey there! We understand the frustration this could cause if it causes customers to reach out. Shop does not send marketing emails to your customers unless they have opted in to receive them. If you're experiencing any issues with unwanted emails, please reach out to our support team here: They will be able to assist you further and address any concerns you may have. -Rio, Shopify Support

4 maj 2023

This is the worst app, get ready to lose customers if you are installing this.....I got back t back chargebacks from customers, when i contacted the customers they accepted that yes they got the order but on their credit card bill there was no name of shop or business or no any such details...can you believe this idiocy?? Did shopify just launched a teenage app??? lastly, who authorized shopify to install these crap apps for no reason? I didn't install this app but i had no idea what was happening until i got screenshot by customer that there was no name of business or anything just random charges........I wish I could sue this app and those who install these apps on all stores without any knowledge of the merchant......

A Bit Orange
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Shopify svarade 24 augusti 2023

Hi, there. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review for the Shop App and Sales Channel. The Shop App and Sales Channel is a sales channel made and managed by Shopify to help stores reach customers on the mobile device market, while also expanding their brand exposure, and bringing in more sales to their business. This channel is auto-installed on stores that are eligible for Shop. As for how the transaction appear in your customer's bank, I can't say for certain how they appear, as their bank may show the information differently than others, but I recommend you reach out to our Live Team if you have questions about that information using this link: -Imogen, Shopify Support

17 juli 2023

If I could give this app zero stars I would. This was my personal experience with this Shop app. I received a chargeback from a customer who said they did not receive a PRE ORDER. Well, it had not arrived yet, because it was a PRE ORDER. I sent all the information, the order, the copy of the web page, even the email where the customer admitted they did not just cancel the order so they could avoid a cancellation fee. But, of course, the bank still backed their customer. It was the only chargeback I ever had but because I had so few orders it took me over 1%. Only a few days later I had enough orders to take me back below 1%. I asked for an appeal. Shop app has no appeal process. I asked for a manual review. Shop app has no manual review process. I literally installed this app again to leave this review and will uninstall it again right away after. I can't trust an app that has no kind of manual oversight and they just let the system do all the work.

Blue Unlimited Toys & Collectibles
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Shopify svarade 16 augusti 2023

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I can certainly see how this could affect your online business. Chargebacks are a dispute between the customer bank and the business they have made a purchase from, Shopify does not have any sway on how the chargeback is resolved. With that being said, we do have a great help document that goes into depth about the chargeback process: Additionally, you can manually capture payments to allow you to review orders before accepting them: -Ollie, Shop Support

Redigerat 27 maj 2023

So many reasons why we dont like this app; we use a fulfilment warehouse and some items are fragile and need specific carriers which take longer to plan for a successful unbroken delivery, The Shop App dominates everything you have set up for your store and can ruin it overnight. Lead times are overruled; reviews are overruled when we already have a review site. Our customers are sent automation we have not authorised which must be a data breach. Last but not least Shop Pay purple dominates our website and puts itself as the first Express pay option long before any other payment method is shown. We have tried to speak to Shopify to get some of the functions turned off, it’s taken over an hour on the phone to Shopify and they haven't got a clue what Shop Pay is.

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Shopify svarade 14 februari 2023

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to review our sales channel. I understand you have some concerns about how the Shop app and Shop Pay integrate with your setup.

If you'd like to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by starting a support request via this link so that we can authenticate you on the account: Be sure to add as much context, examples, and screenshots where possible for each issue you highlighted, and we'll do our best at examining if there are any solutions available.

Best wishes,
Shop Support

6 december 2022

This App is a joke and in no way makes it easier for new shops to sell their products. Shopify literally tells you "Grow your business with tools and features that make it easier to sell your products", but then does not allow you to sell products on Shop, if you haven't had any payments processed with Shopify Payments in the last 90 days. Why on earth would you make "Shopify market place", if you do not allow all Shopify stores to sell there? Better go with Amazon, Ebay or whichever marketplace that do not have such ridiculous restrictions.

Deiz Art
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Shopify svarade 7 december 2022

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to review the Shop sales channel.

I understand you're dissatisfied about your experience and trouble with eligibility for our Shop sales channel. It's true that stores need to meet certain requirements before availing of the Shopping and Search features of the app, and those are listed here - . If you were deemed ineligible for certain features, you should still be able to install the channel. Your customers will continue to be able to take advantage of order tracking, viewing recent orders and seeing the available contact information for your business.

If you want us to take a closer look at your ineligibility circumstances, and to see if there's a way to rectify the matter, please contact us directly after logging in via this link on the Shopify Help center - so that we can authenticate you and investigate this for you right away.

Best wishes,
Shop Support

28 april 2023

If you are a merchant think 5-times before you add Shop to your store. We had a customer who opens a dispute saying they did not received their order when we have an email confirmation they did receive their order. A month later they opened a dispute, we do not get any notification from Shopify nor Shop but an email from AFFIRM. We would never open this email thinking it's a scam since it states "Affirm Dispute Open One of your customers has opened a dispute regarding the following loan." We are waiting for this to be resolve to remove Shop from our store.

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Shopify svarade 2 maj 2023

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to review our sales channel. I understand you've some issues in relation to Shop Pay Installments.

Just to confirm, this doesn't actually relate to the Shop Sales Channel. You can have Shop Pay Installments active on your store completely independently from the Shop Sales Channel.

If you have any other questions or concerns relating to this, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by starting a support request via this link - - so that we can authenticate you on the account and take a closer look.

As the issue more relates to your online store in general, you may also reach out to Shopify support here - .

You can also read more about the dispute process here - on the Shopify help center.

Best wishes,
Shop Support

11 november 2022

I’ve had the shop sales channel installed for only a week or 2 . Unfortunately we’ll need to uninstall due to only half of our products populating the app. The other half will not load up and we’ve gone through every setting several times to fix the issue. Secondly, after testing the app from a customer perspective, shopping on my store, it offers the customers Free Shipping. Unfortunately this is not good enough, seriously it’s 2022, how hard is it to get the bare basics right!

Natural at Home
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Shopify svarade 15 november 2022

Hi there,
Thanks for taking the time to review our sales channel. Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly by starting a support request via this link so that we can authenticate you on the account: We will then be happy to investigate this more closely for you to see if we can rectify the issues you're facing. As long as the products aren't part of the prohibited types listed here - - then we might be able to fix the listing problem for you.

Best wishes,
Shop Support

1 september 2023

Same as other users, my Shopify store is only for wholesale customers. I have a third party app to approve or decline customers' account applications and and set tags to let them have wholesale prices. I don't want to show my products on the Shop app to everyone. I've uninstalled this app. But some people still can log in with Shop. Don't know why.

21 dagar användning av appen
Shopify svarade 13 september 2023

Hi there. Thanks for sharing your review. I understand your concern and will share this feedback with our developers. In the meantime, you can hide certain products from appearing on the Shop App by toggling off the sales channel in the product section. If you are still having issues, feel free to get in touch with our support team here: -Mac, Shopify Support

15 november 2022

The Shop Channel has been spamming your customers for review requests and you didn't even realize it! That's right. Even customers who don't purchase from this channel are sent a request to review IN ADDITION to any review automation tools you are using. This is probably resulting in annoyance for your customers and decreasing the effectiveness of your other review-gathering campaigns. Shopify doesn't let you opt-out of this Shop Channel review automation, so your only choice is to delete the app if you don't want to spam your customers.
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Shopify svarade 17 november 2022

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to review the Shop sales channel.

Sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with the review process. Be advised that it is possible to opt out of this process. You just need to Opt out of Sell with Shop by following the steps here -

Please note that a customer must have purchased the item either on the Shop app or your Online Store for them to be able to leave a review. You can read more about how the process works here -

If you do notice any instances where things seem to be happening contradicting this process (for example, a review request sent to someone who never ordered from you), then please contact us directly after logging in via this link on the Shopify Help center - so that we can authenticate you and investigate this for you right away.

Best wishes,
Shop Support