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27. März 2024

I have been using the application for my store for more than 1 year, it has generated many hundreds of dollars, it really is the perfect solution, after trying many options I found Shop2App and I would not change it for any.

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21. April 2024

They were great at developing customized app for our Personalized Gift niche website. I would recommend the developer for any sort of shop owner, they do great job at adapting themselves for you.

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4 monate mit der App
3. August 2023

The Shop2app and it's support team is incredible! The app looks so clean and is very easy to use. The team is always updating to make the app better, and they listen to your suggestions/requests. We are so happy to switch to Shop2app from our previous app provider!

JAYNE Boutique
Vereinigte Staaten
8 monate mit der App
4. November 2023

Amazing support, amazing team, highly recommended! 10/10. Thank you Ankit & Neha!

Bully Max
Vereinigte Staaten
9 monate mit der App
15. August 2023

Excellent customer service, highly recommend. The team is very helpful in figuring out your needs and catering to your growth

Uptown Beverage
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Etwa ein monat mit der App
4. April 2023

It's certainly the best mobile app builder for shopify. Support is excellent but more importantly it's the customizations. No other app offers the level that they do.

As a takeaway & restaurant we need our customers to be able to customize their orders with add-ons and we also want them to be able to choose their delivery times & dates. The team did their best and quite fast to sort all these customizations out.

The Olive Grove
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9. April 2023

Most importantly the Shop2app team sets the gold standard for support. The app team makes it super easy to get an app up and running... quickly. The team spent time understanding our business to help customize the app to fit our processes. They also helped us through the app store registrations to get our app live.

The dashboard is easy to use and works great with our Shopify store.

Our customers love the ease of ordering and the layout.

Thank you Shop2app! We so excited to have found you!!

Raw Dog Food and Company
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16. August 2022

If I had to pick one app for our store, it would be Shop2App! Not even kidding. The way their service has revolutionized subscription, subscriber management, and customer retention has just been a complete game changer for us. We're also consistently impressed by the custom service they provide our store, all questions and custom feature requests have been supported or provided a better solution for. Shop2App is about the closest thing you can get to a 1:1 growth concierge for any subscription business. If you care about your customers, Shop2App is for you. On top of it all, having a well maintained mobile app provides a high level of credibility to your store.
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22. September 2022

Shop2app made it very easy for us to get an app for our website. Very easy to use the builder and it offers a lot of customised features. Great customer support.

Zeke Collection
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
13. Juni 2021

Shop2app is a game changer in terms of time to market and excellent user experience .The features have been heavily researched and I promote user adoption from day 1.we have seen significant increase in the average time the user spends on our services and products. The best part is seamless integration with marketing campaigns and push notifications

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