Shop channel

Shop channel

作成: Shopify

Create a free mobile app experience for your online store.

Customize your store profile

Manage your brand’s presence in the Shop app. Edit your logo, cover image, description, and product catalogue.

Increase lifetime value

Create marketing automations to drive repeat purchases and build loyalty with customer experience tools.

Track and optimize performance

Track your audience, Shop Pay sales, marketing automations, and measure the Shop app against other channels.

Shop channelの詳細情報

About Shop channel The Shop channel is your control center for managing and optimizing the Shop app. Enable Shop’s ecosystem of features, create your brand experience, and track Shop’s performance.

Key features

  • Accelerated checkout: Convert more sales with Shop Pay, the highest converting checkout on the internet.

  • Order tracking: Build trust, increase transparency, and reduce support debt with the ‘Track with Shop’ button

  • Mobile app storefront: Shop is your brand’s mobile app storefront to customize. Update your store profile and product catalogue at any time.

  • Product recommendations: Maximize every new customer by driving rediscovery with Shop’s product recommendations.

  • Targeted marketing automation: Create post-purchase offers to drive repeat purchases sooner.

  • Analytics dashboard: Measure Shop’s impact on your business with key performance analytics on your audience, Shop Pay checkouts, and marketing automations.

Note: The Shop channel is available for merchants in Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Specific requirements are needed to enable some of Shop's features. You can check your store's status on the settings page of the Shop channel. Or read our Merchant Guidelines.



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Rugs and Stuff

I have no idea of the purpose of this app. I have added it to my shop but does anybody actually use it to buy stuff on?
We are based in the UK. Maybe it has more prominence in other countries?


no use in UK - option for customer to select 4 payments is not available although this is not stated

Pierre Francis

I'm not using it for a long time... Just few weeks, that's all... I can't say too much about it's functionality yet as it's not enough time to dig deeper into app... Maybe in few months time I will be able to update the review with more details and what I can say for now: The app is working, opening the app I can see that it generates sales while it's free... What else should I say here? So far I can't say a bad word about this app, generates sales, showing some followers... this all works slowly towards growing brand I will definitely recommend this app as today