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Points, rewards & referrals. Promote & retain your customers

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Easily configure rules base on accumulated points to motivate customers for behaviors like purchasing product.


Every customers can share a unique referral link with their friends and then obtain rewards for their referrals.


Automatically send popup with a promote message to incentivize your customers by rewarding reviewers.

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The Ultimate Program

We provide a One-stop service that merchants can easily set up a customized points, rewards and referral program. Join us now and build an engaging points & rewards program to grow your business. A points and rewards program gives you a fun way to engage with your brand every time and boost your business profitability and helps your brands connect their customer.

Points & Rewards

  • Customers can earn points for actions like signing up an account, placing an order, celebrating birthdays, or leaving reviews.
  • Set up many rules to manage the rewards your customers can redeem with points they have earned.
  • Send a points reminders to motivate customers review.
  • Additionally name your points alias to match your brand.

Referrals & Rewards

  • Reward your customers for referring your store to other customers and let your brand go viral.
  • All is editable about the rules of referral customer rewards.
  • Choose the landing page that you would like to send your referred customers.
  • Real-time monitor referral traffic and sales with intuitive analytics

Pop-up Rewards Panel

  • An colorful rewards button and pop-up panel that float middle on your store help your customers convert faster.
  • Support to set up logos, banner images, theme that match your store brand.

Ready To Join Us

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Why Shopaghetti? Customer loyalty = Word of Mouth = Higher sales.

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KAFHER Skin Care

Hi is there a way to change main language to Spanish? or translate text? My store sells only in Mexico.

CLE Crafting Supplies

this app is great but what happens when a customer returns something? do they lose the points? also there is the option to get points for a birthday but where do they enter that info?


The app is really great, its really helpful for driving more shoppers to my Shopify store, and it does motivate customers increase repeat purchases