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  • Segment your customers based on behavioral data within seconds. *Requires "accounts" to be enabled for your store.
  • Personalize ALL customer communications with customer-driven sales campaigns. No more generic messages and sales campaigns.
  • Create long term or short term hourly campaigns to create urgency and hype. Notify your customers automatically via email or popups in your store. Track progress in real-time, modify as necessary.

Shopamani helps you create a healthier relationship with your customers by allowing you to reach out to them with only relevant content. If you would like to market a product line, only contact customers with known interest in that product line.  If you have old customers who have not shopped for a while, offer them something attractive from products they have shopped before.

Create loyalty by showing customers that you understand and care about what they want.

  • Clean and simple sales dashboards and reports. We continuously add more key metrics to provide you better insights.

  • Customer Segmentation: Whether you would like to send personalized emails to your customers, create personalized campaigns or simply export data for further analysis, our powerful data mining tools provide a wide range of options to drill down to what the you are looking for.

    • Segment based on location and signup date.

    • Segment based on transaction amount: Total, highest and average purchase amount, purchase frequency.

    • Segment based on product category interest: Amount and quantity purchased from specific categories, percentage of total purchase from specific categories.

    • COMING SOON: Segment based on product size, color and other custom features.

  • Campaign Management: Create tens of long or short term sales campaigns for different customer segments within a few minutes and have them delivered to them instantly. Then track campaign performance in real-time, make modifications as necessary.

  • COMING SOON: Predictive Campaign Recommentations - we will analyze your data and generate segment recommendations so you don't have to think about it. i.e. "This segment of customers are about to drop off from your top customers list, we suggest you send them a campaign to pull them back."

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