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11. červen 2024

first of all, im surprised the app works after so many bad reviews. I was questioning downloading a 2.1 rating app, but I did, and to be honest - it does what it needs to. Only problem is I'd like to scan to visit website, or specific page within your shopify website, not one singular product.

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23. říjen 2017

This is very convenient, but why does one have to go through one product at a time and not generate QR codes for all products at once?

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18. březen 2018

LOVE this app! The only reason for the four star is that we do a lot of one-of-a-kind hand made items, therefore it would be much more convenient to create a code for the "collection page"

If this could be accomplished I would be able to print an entire sheet with one uniform code. Otherwise it is not economical to use at all for my one-of-a-kinds.

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15. září 2017

This is great app and I'm excited that this has finally come. My excitement is tempered by the fact that I can't create a QR code for my Shopify store directly. I like the idea of taking the customer direct to a product, but depending on the sales flyers that I'm putting out, I would like to be able to direct the customer to my homepage and let them shop that way. Especially if I'm putting this on business cards.

Uptown Boujee
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13. září 2017

This is good. 4 stars because i wish user can select how the scan code shows like (for example, simply QR code without anything else). Now i have to manually edit the SVG each time i downloaded.

Traverse Hk
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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8. září 2021

great app! would prefer that it takes customers to the site itself and not necessarily the product page.

Woven Worldwide
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12. květen 2021

Decent app, would be better with editable text 'scan to shop' would be better saying 'scan to buy'........better still would be the ability to make a full swing label.

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14. září 2017

The QR codes generated by this app are read as a shortened link which redirects to your product listing URL. They work in some QR code readers but not all. For example, the links don't work in Red Laser. I assume they will work in iOS 11. The app should give us the choice of encoding the product or shop URL directly.

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19. září 2017

Great idea, also would like to download the image without the tag background. And the ability to link to a custom URL.

Natural Heroes Nl
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27. prosinec 2017

Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks

Mysexywaist Com Wholesale
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