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4. juni 2021

I would like the QR code to take the customers to the entire website, not just to a particular product in case they want to browse the entire site.

Mary & Berries Beauty, LLC
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka 7 timer
5. maj 2021

Unfortunately we had to uninstall as it was unable to create QR codes for collections which is essential

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 4 minutter
27. februar 2021

The app works well to link products and create QR codes easily. But the apps lacks the ability to link a collection pages, or any other site in the shop (blogs, etc) to a QR code. Add this functionality and its a great app!

Live Simple
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 14 minutter
Redigeret 10. juni 2020

App works well, but when scanned the prompt should name the actual store it is for, not Shopify.
The code currently says "tap here to go to". I don't know if that's a unique problem or that's how it works with all stores.

NNEYAH Cards & Gifts
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Mere end 2 år
5. september 2018

Hi Guys...could you add an option to show the product name and price on the tag...

with this information we would be able to use this tag as a pricetag! thanks

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 12 måneder
25. juli 2018

It's great and easy to use. A few more option would be nice to add:

We want to use different qr shopcodes for the same products. To make sure that we can track the conversion rate of each label we have to add a special information where each code is shown.

Without this feature it's still a great product but it does not allow proper analytics.

Sicnature De
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 11 minutter
30. september 2017

Good Initiative. It would be great if you could have algo collections or even frontpage qr generation, so shopify can direct track visitors results.

Mad Hockey Espana
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 18 minutter
19. september 2017

This would be so great if it generated artwork you could add to your own label or marketing materials. As it is, it gives you a code that has artwork around it, which is kind of unhelpful in terms of integrating into print.

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