Phone Number ‑ Shopdigits

Phone Number ‑ Shopdigits

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Phone number & mobile customer support: Calls, SMS & Voicemail

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Toll Free Phone Number and SMS

Set-up a toll free phone number and voicemail in minutes using either our number generator or by entering in your preferred number.

Mobile Apps

Download the Shopdigits app for iOS and Android to manage calls coming into your Shopify store while you are on the go.

Customer data during calls

Enter in customer details for new customers or pull up customer information for returning customers all while you are on the call.

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Toll Free Phone number for your store:

Add a toll free or local business phone number to your Shopify store and receive calls for free, even international ones! Customers who call are 10-15 times more likely to convert. Shopdigits is your fast economical solution to integrate a toll-free number to your store and manage calls through your mobile. Don’t miss a beat, accept calls from new or returning customers, and have their details at your fingertips while you manage your business on the go through mobile integration

Set up a local or toll free phone number and custom voicemail in minutes:

Quickly register a toll free business number using Shopdigits by either selecting a randomly generated number or one that you have in mind. Once you have your phone line, add it to your store and assign employees to the number to ensure you never miss a customer call. You can also setup a custom voicemail greeting as well!

Mobile Integration to stay on top of customer details:

Download the Shopdigits mobile app and manage customer calls on the go. Each time you receive a customer call it will jump to the Shopdigits app so you can manage calls. The intuitive design allows you to add notes for new customers or pull up customer details for returning customers so you can provide white-glove customer service each and every time.

Manage customer calls on your Shopify dashboard:

Your employees can manage customer calls on an easy-to-use dashboard that provides a customer log of all the calls you have received, both in the Shopify admin and on your mobile app. Shopdigits helps distinguish which calls were missed, whether a customer is returning, or if you received an influx of new customer calls as a result of a recent campaign.


  • Toll free phone number (custom or generated)
  • Custom voicemail feature
  • Assign multiple employees to a single phone number
  • Manage calls off of an easy to use mobile app
  • Mobile integration for iOS and Android
  • Returning customer data integration on mobile and desktop
  • Add customer notes on mobile and integrate with Shopify desktop

24/7 Support:

We give you stellar support and helpful advice anytime you need it.

Use Shopdigits for:

  • Setting up a shop number (local or toll-free)
  • Adding another sales channel
  • Managing incoming calls via a dashboard *Setting up multiple employees to manage calls
  • Free international calling (mobile app using data) *Accessing cart information from incoming customer calls *Viewing call frequency and effectiveness of campaigns
  • Driving sales

Shopdigits is great for:

*Appointment services *Professional services (accounting, legal, marketing, agencies) *SaaS & tech products *Furniture / Retail *Restaurants / Cafes

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Small Shop


$3.00 for a change of phone number

  • 1 Phone number (local or toll-free)
  • 1 Employee
  • Android & iOS native apps
  • Unlimited calls within US & Canada
  • Unlimited voicemail

Medium Shop


$3.00 for a change of phone number

  • 1 Phone number (local or toll-free)
  • 3 Employees
  • Android & iOS native apps
  • Unlimited calls within US & Canada
  • Unlimited voicemail



$3.00 for a change of phone number

  • 1 Phone number (local or toll-free)
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Android & iOS native apps
  • Unlimited calls within US & Canada
  • Unlimited voicemail

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Steel Fox Designs

Excellent customer service that is very responsive to questions. App is easy to use and works as expected. Very nice feature that allows you to see customer order history when they call. Would highly recommend this app.


This is a really useful app! It worked perfectly well and the customer service was helpful and willing to go above and beyond. I highly recommend this calling app.


Easy to use. It's great having the ability to pull up customer information while on the call. Great support team.