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4. August 2020

Shopee Channel really helped me setup a business at Shopify which has a sales channel at Shopee. Integration is easy and there are almost no obstacles and incredible support from the developer of this app. It looks like I will continue to use this app for our business.

4 monate mit der App
11. August 2022

For me, I started selling on Shopee first before opening my Shopify store. I’m so grateful that this app has a function to copy my Shopee store over to Shopify as well. It makes my life soooo much easier. Since then, I changed my workflow and made Shopify the main platform, where I create my products and then copy them over to Shopee and Lazada with the help of the app. The stock level syncing is really very accurate. So the chore of manually updating stock levels on different platforms is eliminated! Now I can have a consolidated view of my sales on Shopify. The beauty of consolidating on Shopify is that I can then use other apps to connect to my accounting as well. This would not be possible without having an accurate inventory syncing and automated creation of orders from other platforms into Shopify that this app provides. I would say the developer has a very good understanding of the marketplace platforms like Shopee and Lazada, so the functions and documentations were very well thought out. The developer and his team are so prompt and helpful. I would love to give them 10 stars rating if I could! Thank you so much!!!

4 monate mit der App
Sane Men LLC hat geantwortet 12. August 2022

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! I'm glad we made your life easier!

14. März 2023

Working well after figuring out how to use it. Thank you

Keeps my inventory in synced.
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All Masks Korea
3 monate mit der App
Sane Men LLC hat geantwortet 14. März 2023

Thank you!

13. April 2023

Love this app. It does exactly what I need. Thanks to the team for tailoring the settings to my needs as well!

Vereinigte Staaten
2 monate mit der App
Sane Men LLC hat geantwortet 13. April 2023

Thank you for the review!

14. September 2021

Been using this app for the past months now. Works perfectly on inventory and order sync between my shopify & shopee. Great job there. Any chance to create an app for Lazada sync in future? I have been looking for this quite a while now.

VCA Gundam Singapore
2 monate mit der App
Sane Men LLC hat geantwortet 14. September 2021

Thank you for the review! We appreciated it. We also have good news we're testing Lazada integration right now and will get in touch with you soon!

Bearbeitet am 29. Oktober 2020

I have tried about 4 other shopee link apps and none worked except for this app. Developer is very responsive and flexible. Definitely recommend this app

Etwa ein monat mit der App
Sane Men LLC hat geantwortet 29. Oktober 2020

Thank you!

Bearbeitet am 25. August 2020

I would give 10 stars if I could!

I’ve been searching for YEARS for an app that could seamlessly integrate marketplace (Shopee is one of them) to Shopify. This app doesn’t just sync stock count by deducting stocks as sales are made at Shopee but it actually creates accurate orders in the Shopify admin and deducts the stock count from the orders created! So you can actually see the insights of each products.

This is so important to us because we use Shopify to manage our inventory flow so when Shopee orders are created in the Shopify admin, we know the analytics and we create transfers based on this!

SengMing is extremely helpful and responsive to ALL our questions and concerns. He addressed every single issues and customisations we needed.
We needed to group all Shopee orders under a single customer ID in Shopify so that we could monitor the analytics more accurately and he nailed it! We needed Shopee order notes to be imported without the boilerplate and bam, he did it again! There were some other small issues that were resolved promptly. SengMing is hands down one of the best support I’ve encountered.

This app is saving us approximately 6-8 man-hours per day! We no longer need to manually key in every single orders made at Shopee in Shopify. We no longer need to manually sync our massive inventory. We no longer need to deal with overselling and the consequences to this.

This app is staying for as long we are on Shopee and Shopify for sure! Now.. if only I could find a similar app for Lazada..

Etwa ein monat mit der App
Sane Men LLC hat geantwortet 25. August 2020

Thank you so much for this generous review!

16. Juni 2021

Work seamlessly to integrate my Shopee orders into Shopify and vice versa. May require some adjustment to the settings to suit your need, but Seng Ming and the team is quick to response and very helpful if you need any help.

5 To 5
25 tage mit der App
Sane Men LLC hat geantwortet 16. Juni 2021

Thank you for the review!

30. September 2022

Hi Application is really work , But I can't upgrade when I deleted to upgrade . now I can't re-install

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Sane Men LLC hat geantwortet 30. September 2022

Hi there, thank you for your review! Feel free to send an email to help@sanemen.com and we will be glad to help you out!

10. August 2022

Is not that quit Easy that i expected. more improved to be developed specially sync on products and the specific fields at Lazada and Shopee, Manually Input products need to avoid an errors. Over all is okey. Thank you so much!

6 tage mit der App
Sane Men LLC hat geantwortet 10. August 2022

Thank you for the review! Please let us know if there is any way to make things easier for you, we're always trying to make the app as simple as possible for our customers.