Easy Shopee

Easy Shopee

提供者:Sane Men LLC

Reliably Connect, Add and Sync to Shopee

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关于 Easy Shopee

Expand and sync to Shopee with confidence

This app is focused on working seamlessly with Shopee, so you can expand to and sync to Shopee with confidence. Sync stock, title, description, images and variant changes to Shopee.

We process over 1,000,000 updates a day!

We will help you,

  • Publish and sync product images, descriptions, variations, inventory, SKUs and prices to Shopee.
  • Make sure your products follow Shopee requirements before publishing.
  • Published products will show up in Shopee in minutes.
  • Keep Shopee stock, title, description, images and variants the same as your Shopify products all the time.
  • Create Shopify orders when there are Shopee orders.
  • Automatically fill in your chosen Shopee logistics and Shopee category when publishing.
  • With lots of options for selectively syncing Shopify product changes to Shopee
  • With lots of options when syncing orders from Shopee

How does it work?

  • Install the app
  • Connect your Shopee account
  • Publish your products
  • Optionally: configure syncing to fit your workflow

After a product is published, the Shopee item will continually receive inventory updates and Shopee orders with published products will appear in Shopify.

To use the App, you need to:

  • own a Shopee store
  • sell in the same currency on Shopee and Shopify
  • have a customer email in the store details section of your general Shopify settings

Have questions? Email us.


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定价 7 天免费试用



或按 $4.17/月的价格每年一次性收取 $50

  • Add up to 500 SKUs (Variants) or 10 products to Shopee
  • Keep inventory in sync
  • Sync unlimited orders from Shopee



或按 $15.83/月的价格每年一次性收取 $190

  • Add up to 5,000 SKUs (Variants) or 100 products to Shopee
  • Keep inventory in sync
  • Sync unlimited orders from Shopee



或按 $40.83/月的价格每年一次性收取 $490

  • Add up to 25,000 SKUs (Variants) or 500 products to Shopee
  • Keep inventory in sync
  • Sync unlimited orders from Shopee



或按 $65.83/月的价格每年一次性收取 $790

  • Add up to 100,000 SKUs (Variants) or 2,000 products to Shopee
  • Keep inventory in sync
  • Sync unlimited orders from Shopee

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

5.0 评分


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VCA Gundam Singapore

Been using this app for the past months now. Works perfectly on inventory and order sync between my shopify & shopee. Great job there. Any chance to create an app for Lazada sync in future? I have been looking for this quite a while now.



Thank you for the review! We appreciated it. We also have good news we're testing Lazada integration right now and will get in touch with you soon!

5 To 5

Work seamlessly to integrate my Shopee orders into Shopify and vice versa. May require some adjustment to the settings to suit your need, but Seng Ming and the team is quick to response and very helpful if you need any help.



Thank you for the review!

The Olive Tree

This app does sync my orders from shopee automatically and creates it as draft orders into Shopify. The inventory is also synced. What's even more wonderful, when we fulfill the order from Shopee, it automatically sends the fulfillment update into Shopify as well. This is a real gem of an app and a time saver as we use Shopify to consolidate our sales and sync inventory. The support from Seng Ming is truly outstanding as he does his best to understand your needs and provide a solution for you. Thank you for this amazing app.



Thank you for your kind words!