ShopGlu Takealot Connector

ShopGlu Takealot Connector

door ShopGlu

Hassle free integration between Takealot and your online store

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Order Management

Real time integration of Takealot orders into your online store. All your orders in one place reducing admin overheads.

Returns notifications

Real time alerts of any Takealot customer returns. Get low inventory or out of stock notifications so you can restock efficiently.

Stock Management

Seamless updating of prices and inventory levels to Takealot. Save on admin costs, and respond quickly to market changes.

Over ShopGlu Takealot Connector

Sync Shopify with your Takealot Store to substantially reduce administration time in tracking orders and sales, updating stock levels and updating pricing and product descriptions.

Easy Integration to Takealot - Manage your Takealot store from Shopify - No coding required

Instantly synchronise data - Instantly synchronise inventory prices, inventory on hand, orders and returns between Shopify and Takealot

Real Time Orders & Shipments - See all your Takealot lead time and DC orders in Shopify with Shipment notifications and updates

The ShopGlu Takealot connector makes trading on the Takealot marketplace an absolute breeze. The app connects your Shopify store directly to your Takealot marketplace store, seamlessly updating your Takealot store for any inventory on hand or price changes in Shopify and syncing all Takealot orders and returns to Shopify. The app will save you hours each day, ensuring accuracy of pricing, all your orders are processed and shipped on time and in compliance with your Takealot KPI’s.

The ShopGlu Takealot Connector can be installed quickly without the need for any additional coding and configured within a few minutes. If you are familiar with Takealot and Shopify, then working with the ShopGlu Takealot connector is very simple.

Takealot orders, cancelled orders and returns are synced to Shopify and updated as the Takealot status progresses, keeping you informed in real time.

If your tired of missing Takealot Leadtime delivery slots and not meeting KPI’s our ShopGlu app provides an informative Orders & Shipping view showing due shipments and warnings if you haven’t made a booking.

The ShopGlu Takealot Connector allows you as the store owner to have complete control of your products listed on the Takealot marketplace. Prices update and changes in inventory in Shopify are seamlessly updated in Takealot immediately. Easy to read sync status informs you what is available to sync and what is syncing – great for ensuring all your Shopify products are listed on Takealot.

Need to update the Takealot Leadtime days or buyable status? No problem. Have thousands of SKU’s to manage? No problem, we have a plan to suit your requirements.

  • Get Takealot low inventory and out of stock notifications in real time
  • And seamless price updates and inventory levels to Takealot
  • Get automatic alerts of any Takealot customer returns
  • One source of truth for your stock, returns and orders
  • Substantially reduce the risk of Takealot suspension

No learning curve – just install and configure the app and see your Takealot offers get updated automatically and your Takealot orders appear in your Shopify store. Simply continue with your normal Shopify shipping processes. No manual data entry – the connector will take care of that for you.

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$0.25 per additional order above 100 orders

  • Automated stock control of prices and inventory levels
  • Automated orders and notifications
  • 14 day free trial
  • 100 Orders
  • 5000 Products



$0.25 per additional order above 500 orders

  • Automated stock control of prices and inventory levels
  • Automated orders and notifications
  • 14 day free trial
  • 500 Orders
  • 5000 Products



$0.25 per additional order above 750 orders

  • Automated stock control of prices and inventory levels
  • Automated orders and notifications
  • 14 day free trial
  • 750 Orders
  • 5000 Products

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