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Developed by Credibly d.o.o.

71 reviews
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  • Hide your best-sellers page
  • Hide your store’s private information
  • Prevent people from stealing your images and texts

Nowadays it’s so easy to download images from the internet that it doesn’t even occur to most people that they are using someone else’s property without permission. And with eCommerce being on the rise, there’s an ever higher chance that others can copy either the features, or content, of your website.

ShopGuard serves to work as a layer of protection to make sure that doesn’t happen. We have include features protecting everything from your texts, images and scripts to your store’s source code and best sellers page.

You can switch each of the features on/off manually. They include:

Right click protection

Disable right clicking on your store to prevent your images, texts, input fields and links from being copied.

This feature is also great at preventing reverse image searches.

Advanced security options

We have also included advanced security options like:

  • Hiding loaded scripts

  • Disabling image indexing by Google

  • Hiding your best sellers page, so it can’t be found with the “collections/all?sort_by=best-selling” query string

  • Hiding your theme's name

Remark - In case you didn’t know - you can access a Shopify Store’s best sellers page by pasting the following query string behind its url - collections/all?sort_by=best-selling

Shortcut protection

Prevent people from using shortcuts like:

  • Ctrl + C / ⌘ + C (Copy)

  • Ctrl + V / ⌘ + V (Paste)

  • Ctrl + P / ⌘ + P (Print)

  • Ctrl + U / ⌘ + U (View Source Code)

  • Ctrl + S / ⌘ + S (Save)

  • Ctrl + A / ⌘ + A (Select All)

Drag & drop protection

Prevent image and text saving through drag & drop methods.

Text selection protection

Prevent text selection for your texts and input fields.


Do I have to have all the features turned on all the time?

Of course not. You can switch every single feature on/off at the touch of a button.

What are the benefits of installing ShopGuard?

Not only does ShopGuard serve as an extra layer of protection for your store, it is also great at preventing your products from being reverse image searched, thus keeping your store’s integrity intact.


  • Right-click protection

  • Shortcut protection

  • Drag & drop protection

  • Drag & drop protection

  • Hiding info about loaded scripts

  • Disabling image indexing by Google

  • Hiding your store's theme

  • Hiding your best sellers page, so it can’t be found with the “collections/all?sort_by=best-selling” query string


Make sure to checkout our help center, if that doesn’t suffice send us an email at hello@credibly.io and our support team will do their best to help.

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ShopGuard reviews

71 reviews
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  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

Update: It was great while it worked, and then it didn't. And my experience with support is as others have mentioned- they are seemingly non-existent. Easier to get another app.


Great app. Works as described. But no client service. They just don't answer any email.
One of the issue is your customers can"t use google translate.


Easy to use and am very happy with the functions of the app, thanks.


I have not had a chance to see the app in action. However, if you are looking for this service, then I would recommend it. Nobody wants their store duplicated without their consent.


Pretty cool! I like it! Works well on our www.wood-monkeys.co.za store. The app just needs to load faster as I was able to snatch an image before the page completed loading so please try work on that.. BUT! Once the page loaded fully it was impossible to pillage anything. Thanks so much.


While there are ways to get around these protection methods, this app does a nice job of basic image and copy theft prevention.


just awesome. great. amazing. any needs that to protect store from competitors


An excellent app, a must for all e-commerce store owners.


Best option for ensuring store is protected from those who will piggyback on your hard work. Every store needs this.


Very easy to use. So simple interface. Customizable.

$4.95 / month
5 days

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