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Your Story Isn't Over Yet

This was the best DS app back in late 2018. I switched over from Oberlo. I'm not sure what happened but it's full of bugs now. Orders don't fulfil, there's variant issues, the city doesn't fill, the auto captcha doesn't work sometimes, and many more. I've been in touch with customer support (Their team is great for the most part) for months now and there's been no fixes at all. I even tell them about bugs that's been plaguing my experience for months and they just tell me it's not on their roadmap. Which sucks considering I'm paying $127 per month for this service. Updates come out, they introduce new features which are hit or miss for me personally but they don't focus on the core of their business, the apps functionality. With the app not even working as advertised, everything else doesn't even matter. A lot of my time is being wasted tinkering with options trying to get the app to do what it's supposed to, fill orders. This shouldn't be the user experience. I understand bugs happen, but it would be nice to know that they're at least aware and working on fixing the issues rather than waiting for a lot of users to complain and then do something. It's like my $127 doesn't matter until 50 other people also experience the same. Eagerly waiting for another DS service to introduce an Auto Captcha feature and I'm done, unless they can fix this app which I highly doubt and I'll gladly change my review.

UPDATE: As of July 4th 2019 almost all issues are resolved. There are still a few bugs but nothing as bad as before.

Case Magnate

this is bullshit. i cancelled my subscription here and still got charged. this app only wants your money. dont try installing it or you will pay them even if you dont like it! Scammers

Developer reply

June 5, 2019

Hi Jose, we're really sorry to hear that you had some issues with billing. I've emailed you back through your support ticket to explain why that happened.

Your account is now cancelled and I've refunded the charge to you, but I can certainly understand the frustration.

We definitely care about all of our customers, and we'll continue to work towards improving our service and app. It's easy for customers who register at Dropified.com to click Cancel from within their account - or just reach out to support.

Meanwhile, please check my reply to you and let me know if you have any questions :)

Thank you.


App is good but customer service is not so good. I have been charged twice for 7 month (both by shopify app + Dropify app). customer service fixed the bug and when I installed the app second time, I was charged again by both parties. Time consuming to fix all that, I asked customer service to give me an offer as an excuse, they refused. They don't care about customers, they only want you to pay the app. Sad...

Now, the app does not work anymore, I can not access it. Removed it then I can not install it anymore. Customer support says he can do nothing because of weekend, I have to wait many days to have bug fixed.

Bad bad service, how do you think I can manage my store????????

Developer reply

April 22, 2019

Thanks for your review of the app, and we're really sorry to hear that you had some issues with billing. It seems like the issue started because you created multiple Dropified subscriptions. It does look like it was all sorted out now, but I can certainly understand the frustration.

We definitely care about all of our customers, and we'll continue to work towards improving our service and app.

Meanwhile, please reach out to Dropified Support team to make this better.

Thank you.


This app use to be amazing but ever since they switched a lot of their policies and plans it went to complete crap. For someone who owns multiple stores its simply not worth it paying their high fees when I can simply just use other apps that I need the same features for way cheaper. Wouldn't recommend if you own multiple stores. Seen a lot of my friends switch over to different apps since dropified implemented these new plans.

Developer reply

March 20, 2019

Thank you for your review. It looks like you're actually grandfathered into one of our older plans, so you can continue to use that plan for multiple stores if you'd like.

However, our newer plans actually make it much more affordable and practical if you have 3 or more stores. Plus with all the new features, it even makes sense to upgrade just for the benefit of having the additional features. Check out our Pricing page to see the features and benefit of each plan www.dropified.com/pricing

Anyway, we do understand that embracing change isn't easy. Reach out to our Support Team via email support@dropified.com or live chat, and we'll be happy to work this out with you.

Hype Fashion

Im currently on the Premier Plan paying 127 per month and literally nothing works properly. So far the support has been nothing but long reponses and when I do get one, all they say is to clear my cache. Tried it over 10 times and it doesn't do anything. Ive been using dropified for like 5 months and it has been pretty good. However, the last month was nothing but nightmares.

Furniture Delivery Uk

We focused our interest in the Ebay Integration but all this app focuses is Ali-express as usual with Oberlo & Ali Drop ship and the likes. It does even a terrible job in importing the products using the extension when it comes to products with Variants. Their automatic markup wants to work but its bugged on the extension.
Could still be a rock star with alixpress but should not mention eBay at all. Manual monitoring of inventory and price :)

Kind Support agent and to the point:
"For eBay or any other supported sites, you need to check on inventory status manually"