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March 7, 2023

If you are thinking of using Dropified. DON'T DO IT. I have been trying to make Dropified work for over a year now. I have watched every single tutorial and have contacted customer support several times. Only chat is available for customer support and they keep sending the same useless links over and over. My husband (software developer) has also tried to help me troubleshoot the problems. THE SOFTWARE DOES NOT WORK.

Mill & Willow
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: Almost 3 years
August 31, 2022

I had a trial and decided to cancel. I deleted the app and assumed everything was canceled. Unfortunately it was not and I was charged $47! I still haven't heard back about it. Also, it is very hard to use the icons are hard to understand.

Causeway Collections
United States
Time spent using app: 4 days
Dropified replied September 20, 2022

Hi Elizabeth,

It looks like you were automatically charged by the system as you didn't cancel the subscription in time.

But I do see that you reached out to the team and was able to get a refund 👍

As for the icons -- we'd love to hear your feedback so that we might improve the app and make it easier to use.

Feel free to reach out via live chat or email with any thoughts or suggestions!

Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Edited October 23, 2022

page 62€ por un plan de por vida pedí la devolución y me dijeron que la ingresarían en mi cuenta hace ya meses y aun la estoy esperando

Time spent using app: 5 days
Dropified replied August 23, 2022

Hi there,

Thanks for the wonderful review! 😍 But it looks like the star rating that you left for us doesn't match your comments.

Did you mean to leave us a higher rating?
You can easily update the rating right from the Shopify App Store listing of Dropified.

Let us know if you need any help with that.

July 6, 2021

I Migrated from Shopmaster and this was the first app I tried, and what I can say after 3 months of utilization is that Shopmaster was way better and way cheaper. it is hard to rely on this app to manage your business and I will look for another app.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 6 months
Dropified replied July 21, 2021

Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. And I'm sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been great. Have you reached out to the Dropified Customer Success team to help address your concerns?

You can reach us at anytime via email at support@dropified.com or Live Chat!

We're looking forward to hearing from you 😎

Edited May 25, 2021

Beware! Absolutely painful and frustrating experience with a bunch of lies from the developer every day. We migrated from ShopMaster to Dropified on a commitment that they would import and map all products. 14 days have passed and all they have given us is false information and commitments. Would certainly not recommend this app as this has been our worst experience with any Shopify app by-far. An UPDATE: The app was installed on April 13, 2021 and till date, May 18, 2021, the developer has not been able to fix the issue. What makes it worst is the fact that the developer is charging us the subscription fee while we loose revenue and customers due to their fault and a letter to the CEO has not fetched any results so far. UPDATE on 25 May 2021: Given the flawed app and the incompetent staff, we finally decided to cancel the subscription and remove the app. Well to our surprise, the app doesn’t even allow you to cancel the subscription and keeps on fleecing you. We had to write to Shopify to get rid of this app.

BlingFeed Inc.
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 month
Dropified replied May 11, 2021

Hello ,

Thank you for addressing your concern regarding the platform and your transition from ShopMaster. Before the ShopMaster platform shutdown, we did not have a seamless transfer of stores, products or accounts from that platform. As merchants began the transition over to Dropified, we began working on it to provide a solution to them, in a challenging time as best as possible. We are continuing to work on improving this process, simply out of a recent demand and we apologize for the hiccups that come with that learning curve - it is not something that was publicly partnered on or offered previously.

In any case, we will continue to work on this resolution for you and with you. You and all of our customers can be confident that our customer success and development teams, will continue to strive for a solution and do not want to leave you in a state without an outcome.

Thank you for understanding and this is being worked on currently!

Edited February 17, 2021

I canceled my membership with you the second day of the trial, and Uninstalled the app on Shopify. So WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU EMAILING ME ON MY SECONDARY EMAIL ABOUT BILLING? This app is not for me. You need to delete my credit card info NOW!

United States
Time spent using app: 2 days
Dropified replied February 18, 2021

Hi Stephanie,

It seems you have a separate Dropified account that you didn't cancel with your "secondary email" which is why you received a billing email there.

We did see your multiple emails from that other account and have responded there.

The subscription on that other account is cancelled now, so you won't receive anymore billing emails.

Hope that makes sense.

Please contact our Support team via Live Chat or email if you need further support with this.


February 2, 2021

This app was the best in its niche. However, before the plans were $47 a month for a builder plan, but they have changed it to import plans which is only $17 a month but an 8% per product price fee. So if you are serious about a big dropshipping business and spend a lot on aliexpress per month like I do, then this app is VERY VERY expensive. My two stores that currently have the old builder plan cost me $47 a month, with this new plan style I would be paying $800 per store a month. For my new stores, I can no longer use dropified. Extremely disappointed to say the least, pure greed.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 44 minutes
Dropified replied February 2, 2021

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback regarding our new plans and pricing.

Yes, we did update the plans to lower the cost entry to barrier for newer, less experienced store owners and make it easier for them to get into the dropshipping space. However, the new Import plan does have a fulfillment fee to help offset the cost of maintaining these accounts at such a low monthly subscription charge.

For more experienced dropshippers, we also released a new Black plan that includes all features of Dropified with no fulfillment fees, and it sounds like you will fall under this category.

You can see the plans, features and prices on our website here www.dropified.com/pricing

We definitely want to make sure that you will have a positive experience with Dropified. Please reach out to the team via Live Chat or email, and we'll be there to help!

January 2, 2021

very bad app they charge me $17 in the trail period please refund my money !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giorgio Marcus
United States
Time spent using app: 1 day
Dropified replied January 11, 2021

Hi there,

Shopify accounts are allowed to have 1 free app trial period per store, and it appears you may have been charged on your Shopify invoice as you have already had a free trial period of Dropified for this store back in 2018.

However, please contact us via Live Chat or email, and we can assist you with an appropriate refund.


December 29, 2020

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We've used Dropified for years and loved it, but all of a sudden we'd have to give up 8% of product costs without notice. Terrible service found a better app already and are switching. NOT WORTH IT.

Lenny Lemons
United States
Time spent using app: Almost 4 years
Dropified replied January 11, 2021

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback regarding the fulfillment fee.

It looks like you recently downgraded to a plan that charges fulfillment fees on orders that are auto fulfilled through Dropified.

Please get in touch with us via Live Chat or email, and we can work on getting this sorted out for you 👍

December 22, 2020

If you are curious about this app watch a youtube video about but do not install until you have method to make it work for you! Oberlo is a way better platform! This platform is all over the place and lacks basic customer service! The app was not helpful to my store. This app needs a lot of work they really should make cancel the subscription an easy process. All they had as an option was to pause the subrition which would cost $12 a month. Clearly all they want is your money! There help center said as long as I delete the app then I will not be charged! I find that hard to believe because they also say if you do get charged i will need to contact them to get it resolved. Sounds like they are praying to trap someone who doesn't pay attention to there month charges. Why not just make the cancelation process a one click of a button process. All I'm saying is I better not get charged from this platform.

Tec Mark
United States
Time spent using app: 14 days
Dropified replied December 24, 2020

Hi Musonda,

Thanks for your feedback and apologies for any confusion.
I'm sorry to hear that you found Dropified app and service lacking.

I see that you reached out to our support team via Live Chat regarding cancellation during your free trial period and were given exact instructions on how to cancel.

As with any app installed from the Shopify App Store, you can simply uninstall the app from your Shopify admin > Apps page to cancel the recurring app charge in Shopify. However, if you do get a charge on your Shopify invoice, it is likely because the trial period expired. In such cases, you can simply reach out to Shopify support to request for any possible refund since the charge is billed by Shopify.

It really is as simple as that! :)

As for your reason for cancellation -- we'd love to work with you to help determine how Dropified can be an asset to your business or otherwise properly cancel the subscription for you.

Please reach out to our support team via email or chat, and we'll be there to help! support@dropified.com