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Products Assistant by Zetya

Products Assistant by Zetya

Developed by Zetya

18 reviews
Price: $7.95 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Synchronize inventory across combo/bundled products.
  • Automatically hide or show products based on remaining inventory/send low stock notifications to store owners.
  • Schedule product and collection tasks such as showing or hiding products.

New: Product Cruise Control now allows you to set up low stock notifications. Get an email when stock falls below a set level, and/or email the customer.

Welcome to Products Assistant.... the App that lets you manage products on your time! With a few simple clicks, you can synchronise inventory across bundle variants, update product visibility based on inventory, enable low stock notifications or schedule tasks such as:

  • Showing or hiding collections and products

  • Moving products between collections

  • Hide products when out of stock/Show them when inventory is replenished

Products Assistant gives you the flexibility to schedule your store activities when it is convenient for you. Perfect for setting up daily deals!

We are adding more tasks all the time, so check out our site for the latest list of tasks Shopify Assistant can help you with.

Products Assistant by Zetya reviews

18 reviews
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Tried to install this app, realized it was not working. Contacted their support, now answer and i have sent them 3 emails... so I have now paid for something that did not work as the trail expired and they still did not answer, app should not be on the app store


It turns out I set it up incorrectly but the app did not flag a problem. In fact it said the task was valid. Trying another app.


An awesome application. We have always had difficulty selling our complete skateboards and longboards as they draw from a few products to make the entire board. So stock management was a nightmare. This product allows us to sell our complete boards while drawing stock from all the different "smaller" products. For Instance a Complete Longboard requires - A deck, 2 Trucks, Bearings, wheels, hardware, riser pads and grip tape. By setting up a complete board on Product assistant it automates this process for us. Great app guys!


I have been looking for a way to have two products with different pictures for men and women and retain stock for a single product, without success for ages. I tried this app, very easy to setup, I just created one Master product with stock, I chose the women's one, then created the men's product with different images with no stock control. I then used this app to make the men's product a bundle which contained one of the women's product. When purchases happen for the mens or the womens product it decrements the stock for the women's, if a refund happens on either the stock increments. Very happy it works extremely well, I'm tempted to also try the product cruise control feature but have yet to give it a go.


The technology is good and integrates well with Shopify. Wish there was a video or a better way to navigate the site to find instructions.


I was looking for an app that could deal with inventory issues with bundled products for ages and I'm so happy I finally came across Shopify Assistant. I had a few problems adding the "sold out" code but the support was incredibly fast and they worked relentlessly to resolve my problem.

If you´re looking for a way to sell pre selected packs that include multiple products then this is by far the best and cheapest way to do it. 3 of the first 5 sales on my website have been bundle products so it's definitely worth the tiny investment.

Check out my home page where you can see my bundled products if you're looking for something similar... http://paleopapeo.es

Other bundle apps just don't do it as well. If any one of the 10-20 products in my bundle products runs out the it will show as sold out.

Don't keep yourself up at night with inventory worries and add shopify assistant to your store.


I've setup some bundled product with this app and it all works as described and is easy to use! Tried others first but this was the best for our needs by far and didn't have to insert liquid (which becomes a pain when updating theme).


This app does what it says it does which is a time saver. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for one BIG annoyance. When changing prices, it runs the task over and over and over again until you remember to go back in an DELETE the task. So, for example, if you create a task to decrease your price or increase your price by $10, it will go through and make that change, and then every half hour or so it will go though and do it AGAIN, and keep repeating that until you remember and notice that what should cost $30 now costs $500 or what should cost $100 now costs $1. Ug.

Knowing this I try to remember to go back in and delete the task once it finishes running, but being a busy shop owner like most of us, we are often multi tasking so it is very easy to set the task then forget or a while to go back and turn it off.


Best bundled sale app out there.

We spent a lot of time installing and uninstalling other options. This app is the only one that:
1. works
2. handles bundling the intelligent way

its not perfect, but its the best ive seen so far.


Simple and easy solution for the "issues" we had. Quick response and our custom request was solved! Pinguin power!

$7.95 / month
7 days


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