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Shopify Assistant

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  • Schedule tasks such as showing or hiding products. Lets you manage daily deals.
  • Synchronize inventory for combo/bundled products.
  • Hide or show products automatically based on inventory count.

Welcome to Shopify Assistant.... the App that lets you manage products on your time! With a few simple clicks, you can schedule everyday tasks such as:

  • Showing or hiding collection, products and articles

  • Moving a product from one collection to another

  • Synchronize inventory between bundles

  • Hide products when out of stock, or show them when inventory is replenished

  • Changing prices for products individually or in a collection

Shopify Assistant gives you the flexibility to schedule your store activities when it is convenient for you. Perfect for setting up daily deals!

We are adding more tasks all the time, so check out our site for the latest list of tasks Shopify Assistant can help you with.

Shopify Assistant reviews (12)


This app does what it says it does which is a time saver. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for one BIG annoyance. When changing prices, it runs the task over and over and over again until you remember to go back in an DELETE the task. So, for example, if you create a task to decrease your price or increase your price by $10, it will go through and make that change, and then every half hour or so it will go though and do it AGAIN, and keep repeating that until you remember and notice that what should cost $30 now costs $500 or what should cost $100 now costs $1. Ug.

Knowing this I try to remember to go back in and delete the task once it finishes running, but being a busy shop owner like most of us, we are often multi tasking so it is very easy to set the task then forget or a while to go back and turn it off.


Best bundled sale app out there.

We spent a lot of time installing and uninstalling other options. This app is the only one that:
1. works
2. handles bundling the intelligent way

its not perfect, but its the best ive seen so far.


Simple and easy solution for the "issues" we had. Quick response and our custom request was solved! Pinguin power!


Dear Teri Diaz of Youthful Hands Needle Crafts

Sorry you had a negative experience with our app. Our app successfully runs thousands of tasks for shop owners every day so we know the functionality works as intended. In our experience, if the tasks did not run correctly then the task has usually been set up incorrectly.

It's unfortunate that you did not try and contact us directly for support as we would have been happy to troubleshoot. For future reference, you can contact us at support@shopifyconcierge.com or our help desk at http://support.shopifyconcierge.com.


Shopify Concierge


Can't believe we installed this app AGAIN after a huge problem with it a year ago! Yes, it did put the items back to the retail price (we had set our prices 10% below retail through Shopify), but it took over an hour. And then it kept adding to the prices by the amount we set over and over again, until the prices were more than $1 above retail! Definitely not a time-saver!


Shopify Assistant burns the candle at both ends - shows up early, works late, never complains, gets shi*t done. And Gavin the Assistant Manager is pretty helpful too ;)


We used this app to set up a countdown timer for a special deal to expire, and so far it has worked very well. The timer feature was a bit difficult to install, but the Shopify Assistant support was excellent and they went above and beyond to assist in integrating this feature with our store.


Without this app it would not be possible at all to do dealer-tiered pricing on Shopify. The basic utility is awesome, and proper respect goes to out to Shopify Concierge for this.

That said, it's extremely tedious to use, owing to the following:
* Their site is slow as syrup
* Their UI doesn't allow you to search by SKUs, only product titles (which, if you're doing dealer-tiered pricing, is NOT a unique identifier)
* there's no way to do bulk upload (say, XML or CSV, for example) inventory sync rules. So get some coffee & allow 1-12 minutes per product sync rule (I have 300 products, and I can't even imagine what users do who have 3000 products...).


Well, this could be a good app if it worked. I keep having problems and everytime they fix one problem another one comes up. I haven't given up totally on the app. We'll see what this set of fixes bring.



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Shopify Concierge


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