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Blog Importer by LeadDigital

Blog Importer by LeadDigital

Developed by LeadDigital

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  • Import your existing blog posts into Shopify from any CSV file. Using CSV files gives you complete control over the data you're importing.
  • Use our built-in entity mapper to make sure the right data in your CSV file goes to the right place in Shopify.
  • Make sure everything is right before you import your blog posts, Don't spend hours editing when you can use our bulk updater instead!

How do I use Blog Importer?

Blog Importer is embedded into your Shopify admin panel, for ease-of-use and quick management. But, it can also be run as a standalone application if preferred.

  1. Export your existing blog posts into a CSV file from your current blog, if you can’t export to CSV, you can easily build your own using our example CSV file as a guide.

  2. Upload your CSV file into Blog Importer.

  3. Tell the importer where you want your data to go using the built-in entity mapper.

  4. Take a final look at the data and edit it before importing. We have a bulk updater for those fields you might want to keep the same (blog, visibility, publish date and tags).

  5. Import your blog posts into Shopify!

This should be enough to get you started, but if you need any help at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Common Questions

How many blog posts can I import at a time?

We have restricted the row length of CSV files to 100 in order to provide a smoother experience when using the bulk record editor. You can of course use the blog importer for as many records as you like, but you must upload them 100 at a time.

Can I set blog posts to be published in the future?

Unfortunately the Shopify API does not allow future publish dates to be set, therefore if you attempt to set a publish date any time in the future, it will automatically be changed to the current date and time that you run your import.

Can Blog Importer import comments?

Blog Importer cannot currently import comments, but we are looking forward to adding this feature at some point in the future.

How many blog posts can I import using Blog Importer?

Once you have purchased Blog Importer, you can import as many blog posts, to as many different blogs, as you like. You are limited to uploading 100 blog posts per CSV file, but you can upload as many CSV files as you like.

Will Blog Importer move my images into Shopify?

Blog importer will NOT copy your images files into Shopify. If your content (body_html) contains HTML img tags, then these will be imported, but unless you manually change them to point to new images, Shopify will reference them in their current location, if these were then to be taken down, they would no longer be displayed on your Shopify blog.

Can Blog Importer connect to my existing blog directly?

We can’t connect directly to your blog at the moment, you will have to export your data to a CSV file and upload it manually. We will be looking at connecting directly to a wide variety of blog platforms in the future, but for now, we're utilising the flexibility of the CSV file.

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