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4. srpen 2023

Does not go by online store inventory, it adds store and online into one inventory. This makes the inventory incorrect if you have separate warehouses. Otherwise a good idea but it still needs some updates

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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 15. srpen 2023

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback on the Shopify Bundles app! We are always evaluating new feature requests for our roadmap and will certainly consider this for the future.

8. srpen 2023

Exciting addition to the Shopify App Suite but it requires a lot of work before it is truly usable;

- Need to allow conversion of existing parent products into a bundle using Shopify bundle app by just adding the sub product under parent. (Otherwise each previously created bundle needs to be recreated manually)

- Ability to set bundles to be locked as one product or to appear in customer cart as individual items subsequently allowing customers to remove some if they want to. (This provides greater flexibility for customers on some types of bundles where they may not want to proceed to checkout if the bundle has for example 1 item they already purchased from us individually in the past, etc.)

- Pricing and discounts are no existent, price is pre-determined by sub products under parent. A Sample discount option for the bundle would be helpful in driving sales of those bundles (ie. Save $100 on this bundle compared to purchasing these items individually) *We realise there are apps for this but the whole idea with Shopify Apps is to streamline, not use apps again...

- Ability to quick click Collection, Type, Tags, Category, etc. based off products in the sub category products. Otherwise it has to be manually entered again for every single thing. (Eg. if someone purchases a T-Shirt or a T-Shirt bundle it should still be product type T-Shirt) Currently when you create any bundle it is all blank and does not interpret any of the data coming through form the bundles products added.

- Ability to carry descriptions of each added bundles product with a menu that the customer can read about each product in columns or expendables. For example if there is 5 products added to a bundle the descriptions carry over for the customer to read about each product individually in that bundle. Product 1, Product 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. Otherwise it all has to be typed again and to be honest in a bundle it would just be way too much info. This way a simple description can be added for each bundle "Check out this T-Shirt bundle and save $100" the rest is expandable, or in columns or something for each product. When selling technical products with specs, etc. this is super important.

- Images... Come on. Why is there no quick option to add product images to bundle or not. A good code can save over 1 million users time. We do not want to add images manually for over 1,000 bundles when they are already there.

- As others have suggested rules for bundle "Must be in bundle" or "Optional bundle item" would really help. This can be done at product level or as suggested above by us at cart level.

MODE Auto Concepts
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 11. srpen 2023

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback on the Shopify Bundles app! We are always evaluating new feature requests for our roadmap and will certainly consider these for the future.

6. listopad 2023

Disappointing - Pretty limited flexibility.

Hope Shopify enhances this further down the line to make it more customisable for merchants.

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10. září 2023

It works ok for our needs, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work with POS, which is a major showstopper for us.

Chagrin River Outfitters
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 13. září 2023

Hi there, thanks for your feedback. With regards to POS compatibility, our team is currently working on development of this feature, so stay tuned.

12. září 2023

L'idea dell'applicazione in se è molto buona. Utilizzo molte app di Shopify. Ma trovo che questa sia troppo limitata per il potenziale che ha. Sarebbe bello implementare una modalità "bundle builder", ovvero fare sì che sia il cliente ad avere la possibilità di creare dei bundle personalizzati a suo piacimento.

Fallo Creativo
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11. září 2023

Whoa there buster! Shopify tells us this App is FREE, however, I see a price of $79. Is this the Canadian Price? Or the “Dawn Price”? Or is this just an underhanded, slide it under the table Price? Shopify Templates are already overpriced in my opinion. As a senior citizen, I’m already on the fence about Shopify because of the difficulty of setting up my shop using confusing & difficult to use templates….!

Millie&Rufus Handcrafted Soaps
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 15. září 2023

Hi, thank you for your feedback. Sorry for any confusion regarding the pricing. Our app is completely free, and we would love to help you resolve any issues you have with setting up your shop. Please reach out to Shopify Support so we can investigate.

21. září 2023

Great to get this bundle feature added natively in Shopify, but unfortunately it doesn't work correctly when having Shopify linked to an ERP system like MS Business Central. Since bundles are new stand alone items, orders will be send to Business Central with the bundle item and not the single items, which need to be picked and packed. Also inventory in Business Central will not be adjusted correctly as the items are not being fulfilled separately.
Would be great if the bundled items could be added individually to the cart with separate prices as well.
Hope to see a feature update allowing this app to work along side with a connected ERP like MS Business Central.

Skandium London
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27. červenec 2023

Buggy & doesn't seem to be fully compatible with shop pay.

I made a bundle, worked all good. Looked great at checkout. Until I signed in with shop & then all the items were charged as normal instead of the bundle price. It's like the bundle container just disappeared. Retried, same thing happens.

It's also a pretty annoying that you have to make a bundle container every time instead of just attaching one you have already made (duplicating a product) like doesn't time equal money? Why waste our time creating products from scratch?

Could be a great addition however is currently half baked.

Titan Pop Culture
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 4. srpen 2023

Hi, thank you for your feedback. We would love to help you resolve this - please reach out to Shopify Support so we can investigate.

29. srpen 2023

Would be great if it would let you bundle more than 10 items. Now I have to find something else. Dumb.

Ovani Sound
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21. srpen 2023

The app seems to work quite well but why limit to 10 products per bundle ? I need at least 15-20 products per bundle to make it useful for my shop. Are you planning to extend this in the future ? If not I won't be able to use it...

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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 24. srpen 2023

Hi! Thanks for your feedback. You can now add up to 30 products to a bundle: