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8. Juni 2024

The Bundler app has revolutionised my raw dog food business! In the past, managing inventory for mix boxes was a major headache. For example, if I had 32 beef minces in stock but 10 mix boxes each containing 3 beef, I'd only have 2 individual minces available for customers wanting to buy single blocks. This also meant I was severely limiting sales of my mix boxes due to underestimating how many I could actually make with my stock levels.

The Bundler app solved this problem by accurately accounting for products used in mix boxes. Now, the app automatically calculates and displays the maximum number of mix boxes available based on my current stock levels, boosting potential sales significantly. If I have enough to make 20 boxes, it will accurately show 20 in stock rather than the 3 or 4 I used to manually list, preventing customers from assuming low stock levels when they could easily build their own mix box from our ample individual ingredient stock.

Additionally, the app effortlessly handles different variations within each box, something I used to track manually. Now, when someone buys a mix box, the app automatically updates individual product levels, making packing a breeze for other people, not just me. This app has been a lifesaver, streamlining my stock management and allowing me to offer more flexible options to my customers while boosting sales and efficiency.

Raw Feeding Dagenham
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4 monate mit der App
6. Mai 2024

Easy to use and increase your AOV - would recommend this to every store owner

The Cool Couchie Club
9 monate mit der App
31. Mai 2024

It's mostly functional for being free so I can't complain too much. There are a few things that would make admin much easier though.

While it's nice in some cases to not have the price update when adding/removing products, I would like to ***option*** to have the price recalculated/reset based on the current item prices. Without that option, this creates an annoying manual step when we change the price of an item or swap out the item in a bundle. I also wish it would add up Cost and Compare-At prices automatically.

It would also be helpful if the bundle product listing would initially pull in all of the product media from the related products. Much easier to remove what isn't needed vs re-uploading what is.

There's also no way to report on sales via bundles. I have an automatic discount set up for our bundles collection so the sales by discount report is sort of a workaround. A few bundles have overlapping SKUs though, so I can't quickly tell which bundle that item was purchased with.

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2. Mai 2024

I have been using this app for about 4 months and only recently was there a sudden glitch. I use the app to bundle single items together as an option for a pair as I track the item's single inventory.

At an unknown time, the bundled items were showing "sold out" when the single items quantity was positive.

Over a 48 hour period and with 2 different chat support members, I was able to resolve the issue by manually changing the quantity on the affected bundled items, refreshing, then changing the quantity back to the accurate number. These were the steps given to me through the app development team to resolve the issue.

The first chat support advisor came back to me via email with a solution that wasn't applicable to the problem, so didn't fully understand or thoroughly examine. The second chat support advisor expressed that "because it is a free app" it isn't as stable as paid apps.

I was then explained the difference between paying for the platform vs paying for an app.

I installed this app on the recommendation of yet another Shopify support member several months ago and because it is developed by Shopify, it would be the best option for my needs.

I would like to have more clarity on when these issue might arise - when specifically it happened in my case so I can investigate further and if it is in fact an unstable app not suitable to use at this time. I am writing this review so others can examine before installing and spending the valuable time to set it up.

Stacy Nolan
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6 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 11. Juni 2024

EDIT: there has been an update where you can add the bundles to an order, thanks! The only thing left is to be able to add them to all sales channels like Google.

I hope Shopify will direct some developer resources to this app to integrate it better with Shopify. Currently, while on the online store customers can order a bundle, there is no way to add a bundle to a custom order created from the admin interface, and neither are other sales channels supported. This is a bit of a disconnect tbh and limits the usability significantly.

Stroop Club NL
Etwa ein monat mit der App
14. Mai 2024

Mostly a great app to help streamline inventory management. My main critique is that you can't can sell bundle products created through this app at POS locations. As this app is designed primarily to help streamline inventory management, it doesn't make sense that you can't add the POS sales channel to bundle products - hence my 2 star rating... When Shopify add this feature I'll amend my review.

Oasis Black
10 monate mit der App
Shopify hat geantwortet 24. Mai 2024

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback on the Shopify Bundles app! Our team is currently working on adding POS support, so stay tuned.

27. Mai 2024

The app itself is great, working smoothly with Shopify and syncs the inventory with other suppliers apps, which is great.
The Orrible News is that you can only sell on the online shop, which means that is useless if you need to tag your bundle on Socials like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, and we all know that without Socials is impossible to sell.
Definetly need to upgrade this!

6 monate mit der App
Shopify hat geantwortet 17. Juni 2024

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback on the Shopify Bundles app! We are always evaluating new feature requests for our roadmap and will certainly consider this for the future.

21. Mai 2024

The concept is good to create virtual product bundles making it easier for consumers to shop. The biggest downside I can see is that there is no sales reporting, so I can't easily see how many orders/sales are attributed to the bundles, and which bundles are most effective.

EasiYo NZ
3 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 25. April 2024

It's free, so it's hard to complain. But it is very limited. The digital downloads do not deliver, and Shopify themselves recommended a different bundle app to me if I wanted the downloads attached. I'm trying a work around by making the downloads their products and then adding them to the bundle since the download has to be attached to an item and not a bundle. It's also one bundle and not something the customer can pick and choose from items. So if you are looking for a bundle, this is not the one for you. It really helps us with inventory management vs when we tried to physically manage bundles on our end. ***updated - the workaround for the digital items worked in theory, but now the free digital items show as if the customer is charged for them, creating customer service issues. You get what you pay for, and the service by Shopify for this app might as well be nonexistent. Don't waste your time here find something good that actually works like it should.

Farmhouse Teas
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2 monate mit der App
25. April 2024

Works for us. I saw a lot of mixed reviews. We had to learn more about how stock keeping was supposed to work before realizing how to structure bundles. We also realized that our bundles weren't build properly in Magento 2 and they needed to be rebuild in Shopify Bundles. Once we figured it out these work better than ever. We were able to accomplish all of our goals with this app. Only limits we found were with integrations into various apps, some were supported some were not, we found that the value of the bundles being build properly for inventory purposes had more value than the integrations. We were able to find work arounds and meet all of our goals. I would recommend experimenting with this and really toying with all the configurations before abandoning it.

Maine Lobster Now
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