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21 de outubro de 2023

Simple and does exactly what we need it to do, but the ability for the customer to create a bundle with selected items would be nice.

Luxalete Athletics
Estados Unidos
5 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 8 de fevereiro de 2024


It's a very good app and easy to use. However, I would like to see more sales channels as soon as possible.
Since you cannot introduce it on SNS, you will have to register two products: one for promotion and one for bundle.

3 meses usando o app
17 de abril de 2024


4 dias usando o app
5 de setembro de 2023

Great idea and has a lot of useful applications. I understand it's still in early stages (minor glitches but they are being worked out), but one suggestion would be to allow us to combine Bundle Products into a new Bundle Product.

Maison de Femmes
3 meses usando o app
8 de janeiro de 2024

me gusto

5 meses usando o app
5 de outubro de 2023

Simple to use, easy to set up. Love that it tracks inventory real time.
Is there anyway to see the analytics of a bundle? I want to be able to track what bundles are selling, how many have sold.

Aid Station
2 meses usando o app
6 de setembro de 2023

Does exactly what it's supposed to do, bundling products. No need to track inventories of bundles separately from individual products.

The one feature we really miss is the mix and match functionality. Due to the setup of our shop many products are set up as individual products instead of as variants. This app does not allow to offer a bundle with several products of which the customer can select one variant for each class of product.

[not] made to last
15 dias usando o app
11 de agosto de 2023

Has limits but does what it says on the tin. Very easy to set up and use... glad to have the added flexibility without having to pay for it.

Just need Shopify to remove some of those limits.

Reino Unido
16 dias usando o app
22 de agosto de 2023

I like the app. I think it's easy to use and I like that it creates the bundle as a product. The only reason I am not using it is because there isn't an option to change where the inventory is pulled from. We have 5 locations and inventory pulls from all which is very inconvenient.

Hester & Cook
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 11 de agosto de 2023

This app is (almost) exactly what we needed. We generally need to bundle two or three products and this app serves its purpose well. It is a very simple approach to the bundle concept. You just pick which products you want to bundle together and this app creates a standalone product with the combination of all the variants from the bundled products. You then treat the new product like any other product in your catalog.

I only feel it’s missing one feature to be perfect for me (apart from POS support obviously). I would like it if this app would create a connection from the source products to the bundled product via a custom metafield. That, or any other way so that I could use it to create an upsell in the source product pages. I could go and create the metafield myself and manually connect them but I would prefer if the app did this automatically.

10 dias usando o app