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10. April 2024

Just tested Shopify Email having been a regular Mailchimp user for the last few years. They don't really compare. Shopify email user interface is clunky and the send time (we have 2,500 subscribers) is really slow due to the batch sending. Also... the Reports interface is very very slow to update, it's not giving me statistics in real-time.
Not sure if we are going to keep using it.... I like that the cost is lower than Mailchimp (thank you Shopify) but please, please keep developing this functionality so that it works smoothly, quickly, intelligently. Right now it's not very intuitive and I am not convinced I'm going to stick with it.

Somerset Foodie
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25. März 2024

Would love to be able to insert pdfs designed in Canva with hyperlinks. Would also love to have the feature to resend the email only to those who haven't opened in instead of again to everyone.

Wear Your Curls
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Shopify hat geantwortet 28. März 2024

Thanks for sharing these feature requests! Both have been passed on to our developers for consideration in future updates. -Sophia, Shopify Support

2. April 2024

The app is very easy to use however my challenge and disappointment was with the number of people that the email was sent to in relation to the number of clients that are actually on my email subscriber list. For some reason the numbers were off by almost 100 subscribers.

Suntree Soaps
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Shopify hat geantwortet 4. April 2024

Thank you for sharing your review. We're glad to hear that you found the app easy to use. In terms of the emails that were sent out, you will want to wait a few hours for this number to be accurate. Then, you can gain insights into email performance metrics via the activity report in the Marketing section of your Shopify admin: -Mac, Shopify Support

4. April 2024

Very intuitive, easy to use design tools but in terms of practicality for abandon cart it's not great; the person would have had to accepted email marketing which reduces reach. Come on Shopify.

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5. April 2024

It's OK, but I'd like more customization options and a better interface, everything feels too limited and simple. Does the job for short simple newsletters.

Danita Art
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3. März 2024

I wish I could add animation and videos to my emails. but i enjoy the easy setup

Kush Kitty
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Shopify hat geantwortet 4. März 2024

Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing this feedback with us. We're consistently working on expanding our customization options. As for adding animation to your emails, this is possible today through the Image section. Add an image section, and then upload a .GIF file to the Library. - Clare, Shopify Email

1. März 2024

its ok but there isnt enough templates or ways to personalise it

Wilde Mode Ltd
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Shopify hat geantwortet 8. März 2024

Hi, there! We appreciate your feedback and thank you for giving us a chance. We will be sure to log your feedback for future consideration with our devs. -Olivia, Shopify Support

22. März 2024

Easy to use, but you can't expect so much from it. If your are looking for premium features, this is not the app, so, make a budget for the quality that you want.

Brazilian Lashes
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25. Februar 2024

On the initial age, it is good for learning purpose but if we get more option to customize our email, we are more happy

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28. Februar 2024

This email app is not for the faint of heart. if you know how to use liquid then you are good to go. otherwise you'll need to hire someone or learn it yourself.

A2Z Goods Store
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