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12. April 2024

The shopify email app is easy to use. I love the simplicity of it and it helps me stay in communication with my customers. Everyone always compliments me on how professional my emails are.

However, I wish there were an option for adding videos.

Love Life Naturals
Vereinigte Staaten
21. September 2023

We love the overall simplicity and useability of the native Shopify Email app. The sync from branding saves a bunch of time so you don't have to reconfigure that multiple times. 10,000 emails per month is plenty for us right now!

The only thing preventing me from giving this a 5 star is being forced to use the same email address as setup in the store. I know it's convenient since it is all synced from the main settings of the store, but if I can sync the branding and then change it why can't we sync the from address and change it if desired?

Apocalyptic Rations
Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
Shopify hat geantwortet 26. September 2023

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback, we truly appreciate it. We can completely understand the benefit of having that as a feature for the app. I've gone ahead and shared your feedback with our developers to consider in future updates. - Blair, Shopify Support

16. April 2024

eine andere Domain einzustellen, könnte leichter sein.

22 tage mit der App
23. August 2023

Another FREE it is for my type of app. I need to dive deeper in and figure more stuff out. If you need any ideas, come to my site. I have lots of cool stuff you can check out.

My Ruby Lips
Vereinigte Staaten
8 monate mit der App
28. Juni 2023

I know it's free, but it doesn't fit my plans, and I'll keep looking for an app that works. Thank you for your free service

Etwa ein jahr mit der App
5. September 2023

Love the app but I have a problem finding my discount codes when I'm editing an email.

28 tage mit der App
16. April 2024

Much better than other application

Bearbeitet am 12. Oktober 2020

After recovering from procrastination & overwhelm from too many concurrent projects I had fun working on this. I wish there was a go back key though as I pressed the delete in error and had to redo.
Maybe there is one that I've overlooked. Thank you.

Holistic Gemstone Jewelry
Mehr als 3 jahre mit der App
2. November 2020

I found it easy to setup. My one problem I encounter was finding my preview email in my inbox or junk mail. Could you send me a link to get assistance.

Low price accessories & electronics | Cost you Less
Mehr als 3 jahre mit der App
30. August 2021

Easy, free, and beautiful email campaign builder. I love how it's connected to our store's products and details off the bat. Rating is 4 stars only because there's essentially zero automation available.

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
Shopify hat geantwortet 2. September 2021

Hey, there. Thank you for taking the time and sharing this great review! We can see how being able to automate Shopify emails further for your campaigns would be a useful feature. We would be happy to share this with our developers for potential updates in the future. Thanks again! -Marty, Shopify Support