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25. November 2020

It's good but it doesn't have the option to resend a newsletter only to customers who did not open a previous NL which is a must in my opinion.

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10. Januar 2021

Easy to navigate and create campaigns. The only thing I wish they would change is being able to make campaigns on mobile devices.

Tayler Made Threads
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18. Mai 2021

Just started using the functionality. I wish there was more design flexibility and options. I feel that the template is pretty basic.

GR8-1 Apparel
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Shopify hat geantwortet 10. Juni 2021

Hey, there. Thank you for taking the time and writing this feedback! We appreciate your feedback and we can see how having more design options and flexibility can be beneficial for our merchants - we'd be happy to share your feedback with our Development team. Cheers! -Elias, Shopify Support

Bearbeitet am 24. April 2020

Great app, more improvement could be implemented, like more templates to chose from. But overall amazing. Great to see shopify finally implement more things that we can actually utilize for a benefit. We sent a special discount, and already made our first sale! :) Shoutout to Amy from shopify for the help!!

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Shopify hat geantwortet 23. April 2020

Hey there!

Amy here from Shopify. I wanted to take a minute to follow up with you and thank you for your feedback. I'm going to send you an email to open up the lines of communication and see what I can do for you.

Amy l Shopify

4. Dezember 2020

Using shopify email has helped my store reach more clients on drop/release dates exclusive to those subscribed to me.

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Bearbeitet am 10. September 2020

So much easier than other email marketing websites! I also love how it is right in the shopify website, makes it very reliable. Perhaps some more options and customisation would be good. I would also love to have my website header (links and all) included in the email, just like the big brands do.

The Mon Collective
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29. September 2022

Great app! Suggested additions based on what other apps offer that would put it at 5*: * Email multiple segments at once * Add custom data fields * Email customers based on the collection that they purchase from without doing a bunch of work arounds * Search and select segments in the search bar when choosing which collection to send to / sort the drop down list of segments by A-Z rather than the order in which they're created * See individual recipients' email receipt/open history

JNJ Apparel Campus
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Shopify hat geantwortet 10. Oktober 2022

I'm delighted to hear that you've enjoyed using Shopify Email and we appreciate you taking the time to write your review and provide us with your suggestions on how the app can be improved. I'll be sure to pass your feedback onto our development team for review. -Victor

8. Dezember 2020

It was very easy to set up, not costly, although it does take a while to update after you make changes.

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23. September 2020

It is easy to install and to work with the App and ,of course, for me it is very helpfull!
I am happy because i find this App!

Marry Stoffe
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1. September 2020

Really really appreciate this Shopify email e-marketing app. It has been helpful during this coronavirus, its friendly to the pocket. It would be great if more features are added but still, it is not bad.

Lami Fragrance
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