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Bearbeitet am 12. Oktober 2020

After recovering from procrastination & overwhelm from too many concurrent projects I had fun working on this. I wish there was a go back key though as I pressed the delete in error and had to redo.
Maybe there is one that I've overlooked. Thank you.

Holistic Gemstone Jewelry
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2. November 2020

I found it easy to setup. My one problem I encounter was finding my preview email in my inbox or junk mail. Could you send me a link to get assistance.

Low price accessories & electronics | Cost you Less
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30. August 2021

Easy, free, and beautiful email campaign builder. I love how it's connected to our store's products and details off the bat. Rating is 4 stars only because there's essentially zero automation available.

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Shopify hat geantwortet 2. September 2021

Hey, there. Thank you for taking the time and sharing this great review! We can see how being able to automate Shopify emails further for your campaigns would be a useful feature. We would be happy to share this with our developers for potential updates in the future. Thanks again! -Marty, Shopify Support

22. Januar 2021

Its very easy to use, has most of the things I need to send an Email. But, I would love to have more template options.

Luciana's Kitchen
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25. September 2020

Overall it's fine, but I wish we could resend to non-openers, more easily segment lists, a-b test, more automations, etc. I'm sure these features are coming but I'm really missing them with Shopify Email as compared to dedicated email management systems.

age hams
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24. November 2020

Functional emailer for your domain. When you have tens of thousands of customers, you'll want a dedicated service like Klaviyo. Until then, templates and filters and exports are easily found. Expect this end of the platform to evolve with a feature-rich dashboard.

Wake and Lake Lifestyles
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10. Januar 2021

Muy buena, pero siento que le falta tener un poco más de libertad en ña creación, pero agradable su sistema.

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1. April 2021

It was very easy to use as it is quite a basic layout. I need to play with it a bit more to see what else it is capable of doing.

Missy's Sweet Soy Candles
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10. Februar 2021

If your store is already on Shopify, I would say their app is the way to go. I went through trail and error comparing Shopify Email with Mail Chimp and Constant Contact... I found that Shopify had better-looking layouts and style options that matched my brand. The fact that my products can link directly to the marketing email is deciding factor alone. My only reservation(s) are I wish there were more options to personalize the design of the emails even more (borders, different shapes/sizes for buttons, etc) but the I see how the standardization makes sure your design will render well on various screens. Also, they do not make it easy to add email subscribers-- but not a deal breaker for me.

The California Coffee Company
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Bearbeitet am 17. September 2020

I really love how simple it is! It literally takes no time to create an email. (Need more graphics)

Shop Vanitys Closet
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