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2023년 5월 24일

Bom dia
Estou tentando integrar o Melhor Envio na minha loja e não estou conseguindo.
Favor entrar em contato para ver o que tem que fazer.

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2023년 5월 16일

1 major flaw - you cannot translate the content. For stores that sell across the world in multiple languages it doesn't help if you can only serve 1 language. Hopefully this will change and than it will be awesome!

Portable Winch CA
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답글 Shopify개 2023년 5월 16일

Thank you for writing your review and letting us know how you believe Shopify Email can be improved. I can certainly see why more translation options would be beneficial for your email marketing and I'll be sure to pass your feedback onto our development team. -Victor, Shopify Support

2023년 5월 12일

Après avoir travailler plusieurs heures sur plusieurs email, je me suis rendu compte qu'on ne pouvait pas traduire ... Très déçue !

Bulle et Ballon
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2023년 5월 11일

For a free email marketing tool, don't expect much from this. It works on standard automation such as; "Welcome", "Abandoned", "Offers" etc. However, it gets pretty annoying when you want to customise a template to send an email to customers who purchased a certain product/collection. And you want to get segmentation details of. your customers. You won't find anything in the HELP articles, it's just a merry-go-round situation. This by Shopify is to just make up the FREE services. KLAVIYO is much much better in all aspects.

The Strength Games
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답글 Shopify개 2023년 5월 13일

Hi, there. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. I have passed your comments along to our developers to help us better our products and offerings in the future. While there are third-party apps that can accomplish this, we appreciate your business needs and hope to support them in the future. - Moira, Shopify Support

2023년 5월 9일

Everything works great, very handy app. But lacks translation support.
There is no way to fully translate your emails.
So not as good for international shops.

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답글 Shopify개 2023년 5월 10일

Thank you for your feedback! We understand the importance of having translation support available for those with international shops! We will definitely submit your feedback through to our development team. Thank you! - Nia, Shopify Support

2023년 4월 27일

nice app. Shopify created this app years ago but still it is good. Thankyou so much. App is good for collect emails

앱 사용 시간: 28일
2023년 4월 19일

The app itself is easy to use and gets the job done. However since we do customisation, a personalised product image is created before the client is about to place an order.

In other abandoned cart apps, like Klaviyo, this customised image can be sent to the client (instead of the regular product image), so they are more likely to recover their cart.

Shopify Email does not. While Shopify support told is this is possible, "we just need to manually code it ourselves", we went ahead and paid a developer to code it for us, only to find out it does not allow us to pull this customised image.

So we spent hours setting up our flows, paid a developer a hefty sum to set up the customised product picture integration, only to find out it doesn't work. Great. Thanks Shopify.

Pawsome Prints
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답글 Shopify개 2023년 4월 22일

Hey, there! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I understand your experience with the app wasn't satisfactory due to the inability to add the personalized product images to the abandoned cart recovery emails. Since this is the case, I'll make sure to share this as a feature suggestion with our app developers. We appreciate your feedback! -Summer, Shopify Support

2023년 4월 15일

Amazing app. Saves us alot of money versus using something like mailchimp. Wish there was a way to add emails via HTML only.

Fusion Motorsports USA
앱 사용 시간: 15일
답글 Shopify개 2023년 4월 18일

Thank you so much for writing your review and I'm delighted to hear that the Shopify Email app has saved you money. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and I'll be sure to pass it along to our developers. -Mac, Shopify Support

2023년 4월 6일

Great App! The only issue is that emails are not listed/filtered by their 'Send Date'. Therefore, one must look through each email in order to find an email for a particular send date to make revisions. Just recently the emails were listed by the 'send date' which made it easy to instantly find a particular email, but in the past few weeks, it changed back to random listing by the latest email worked on. Other than that, the app is easy to use, looks great and customer response is excellent.

Movie Buffs Forever
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답글 Shopify개 2023년 4월 16일

Thank you so much for writing your review and I am glad to hear that you've found Shopify Email easy to use and a useful tool for communicating with customers. We also appreciate your feedback about the send date and I will be sure to pass your comments onto our development team. -Victor, Shopify Support

2023년 4월 6일에 편집됨

The app is good, but i would like to have additional features for it to be great and a true substitution to the other email services. I would like to have:
1. a very simple image crop/editing tool so that it is easier to adjust certain images
2. some ways to change the font sizes in the footer


Allude München
앱 사용 시간: 2개월
답글 Shopify개 2023년 4월 6일

Hi, there. Thank you for sharing this feedback! These are great suggestions and I'm happy to pass this on to our development team. We're always looking for ways to improve and expand the features we offer. -Erin, Shopify Support