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18. mars 2024

Gute Idee aber technisch ein Debakel, permanent wechselt die App von alleine die Spracheinstellung "Deutsch - Englisch" hin und her.... nicht brauchbar.

My Sweet Homely
5 dager bruker appen
8. september 2023

Setting up all my emails flows etc, was pretty straight forward, except for 1 thing. It didn't send out ANY of my automated emails.

I do not know why shopify moved to forcing this app to send out emails for abandoned cart and abandoned checkout.

Kaganader Tuning
8 dager bruker appen
Shopify svarte 13. september 2023

Thanks for letting us know about this! We'd like to take a closer look at how this is set up in your store, if you can reach out for account support via our Help Centre here: ( -Don, Shopify Support

5. november 2023

App continues to spin -- doesn't open.

KBanx Designs
Nesten 3 år bruker appen
Shopify svarte 7. november 2023

Thank you for taking the time and writing this review. We certainly appreciate how it can feel to discover issues using the app and want to do what we can to isolate the problem you're experiencing. We took a look at your account and couldn't recreate the issue you're finding, but I've followed up with you via email to see if we can troubleshoot with you directly and help you get back up and running. - Clare, Shopify Email

26. november 2023

App continues to spin and doesn't open :/
3 måneder bruker appen
Shopify svarte 27. november 2023

Thank you for your review! If you're experiencing issues with the app we recommend attempting local troubleshooting. This can consist of clearing your cache and cookies, updating your devices, and testing your internet connection. If you need additional support please reach out to our team( and we would be happy to walk you through the troubleshooting steps! - Skye

Redigert 24. oktober 2020

Shopify Email is not available for your store yet. The app will be automatically installed for you when it becomes available. Why do you publish an unavailable app here?
Update:Now I added the app. It's not always free. Paid for emails over 2000. But Shopify will control your marketing and shut down your email before it is sent to all of your customers. Although I paid the money. They only sent out 70% emails. It is very frustrating not having the control over your own list.

Nesten 4 år bruker appen
Shopify svarte 21. april 2020

Hey there!

Amy here from Shopify. I wanted to take a minute to follow up with you and thank you for your feedback. Its feedback like this that helps us to improve! I'm going to send you an email to open up the lines of communication and see what I can do for you.

Amy l Shopify

26. november 2020

I can't send due to an upper limit error even though I haven't sent 5 messages It cannot be used as it is, so please support it.

Over 3 år bruker appen
Shopify svarte 7. desember 2020

Hey there,

Charlotte here from Shopify Support. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

At the moment, the Shopify Email app has a limit of 5 email campaigns per week. This resets every 7 days at 12:00 pm UTC. You can learn more about this limit here:

I'm really sorry to hear of the struggles you were facing. I would love to talk to you further and better understand the issues you were facing, to see what we can do on our end to help. I will send you an email privately, in order to open up that line of communication!

Charlotte | Shopify Support

5. oktober 2020

I was looking forward to using this app. However the 'automation' that Shopify has implemented around campaign success makes it unusable for me. They will not tell you the magic number they deem to high for unsubscribe rates before they will stop your campaign. My campaigns had >1% unsubscribe rates on a shop that wasn't even 4 months old and they told me I should do some maintenance on my subscriber list to avoid being blocked! All the work to build out a campaign and then see that it hasn't been delivered due to 'automation rules' is very frustrating. I will no longer be using this app.

Cap Shield
Nesten 3 år bruker appen
Shopify svarte 7. oktober 2020

Hey there,

Amy here from Shopify. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for leaving us this valuable feedback. I can completely understand your frustration. Im going to follow up with you via email so I can gather all of your thoughts to ensure this goes directly to our developers.

Amy l Shopify

31. januar 2023

Glitchy - keeps crashing and logging me out every few minutes.
Also it doesn't bulk send, it sends in batches over a number of hours meaning some customers receive the email after everything has sold out.

Vintage Paper Co
Nesten 3 år bruker appen
Shopify svarte 27. februar 2023

Thanks for your review. This is something we'd like to help you with, so if you're still experiencing glitches and crashes, please contact us at - Felipe, Shopify Email team

Redigert 6. mars 2023

This app is the worst, everytime you want to backtrack correct a word add A WORD, THE APP SHOTS DOWN. So I uninstalled it again. Even if you offer it for free it should work and should not cause FRUSTRATION which it does. The beautiful templates do you no good if you can't use them.
Thank you so much for making this app available to all. As a one-person business empire owner, I find this app incredibly time-saving, because it makes me confident I am sending out professional-looking (not pieced together) ad campaigns/ news/offers.
I keep having problems with your app, I uninstalled it and re installed it. It did not fix the problem. here is the error I am encountering: When I am writing anything into the text boxes I get that screen.
There’s a problem loading this page

There’s a technical problem with Shopify that has prevented this page from loading. Try reloading this page or going to another page in Shopify. If that doesn’t work, visit our status page for updates and try again later.
I am hoping you will address this issue soon, because I really love this app otherwise. This has not changed.

Lexi Butler Designs
Over 2 år bruker appen
27. mars 2023

Worst app i've ever used. It keeps sending out an automated email to my customers post purchase that I did not authorize! Even when I delete this app it keeps sending them out. Please stop sending automation emails!!!!

Brwn Luxe
Over 2 år bruker appen
Shopify svarte 2. april 2023

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you've had a negative experience using Shopify Email. To confirm, are you referring to the email confirmation that customers receive after placing an order? If you haven't done so already, I'd encourage you to connect with our Live Support so we can take a closer look: - Blair, Shopify Support