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23 april 2021

I was previously using Mailchimp along with Squarespace and I find this to be so much easier to use, plus it's all included with your Shopify subscription and links to all of your products. Very Happy!

Lauren Pretorius | Contemporary Artist
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Ongeveer 11 uur gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 30 november 2020

It was super easy except we did a free gift with every order and that was not an option in your choices. But overall very simple and a nice canvas.

Benitez by Baylen Levine
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Ongeveer 10 uur gebruiken de app
7 oktober 2020

I loved how easy it was. I will use the Email feature a lot in the future. The process was very straight forward and easy to understand. Highly recommend.

Eagle Peak Store
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Ongeveer 9 uur gebruiken de app
9 november 2020

I used this app to inform my subscribers that we have a new collection online. It was really easy and quick

Ongeveer 9 uur gebruiken de app
12 december 2020

The app worked pretty well and the template was easy to use and customize! I loved it. Made a mass email really easy to do. Preview feature was really cool too to see the email before i sent it!

Raccoon Alliance Breaks LLC
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Ongeveer 8 uur gebruiken de app
31 augustus 2020

Hell yeah. Super dope to be able to click and add products easily. Love the cool variety of formats. Thanks!

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Ongeveer 7 uur gebruiken de app
22 oktober 2020

LOVE IT!! Exactly what I needed. Needed to do some searching to figure out that I needed to download the Shopify Email app but once I found that it was smooth sailing from there. I feel like marketing is such a huge and essential part of online boutiques. Maybe the marketing, mass emailing, and sms options should be available on the homepage.

Elegant Bride and Quinceanera
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Ongeveer 4 uur gebruiken de app
11 december 2020

Just wanted to send an email to all my subscribers. It did it. Perfect. Now I need to make up the rest of the 100 characters which almost makes me reduce the score to a 4 out of 5
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Ongeveer 3 uur gebruiken de app
16 mei 2021

The e-mails are easy to edit and the selection of pre-made styles save a lot of time! The "freebie" emails are limited only by number of recipients, so you aren't having to pay for exclusive features.

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Ongeveer 3 uur gebruiken de app
10 november 2020

My first email campaign has now been sent out. The app is simple to navigate and easy to use. Awesome!!!

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