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Shopify Email


Email marketing made for commerce

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Choose from ready-made designs

Save time with templates that automatically pull your logo, product images, descriptions, price, and URLs from your store.

Manage campaigns in Shopify

Create, send, and track campaigns directly within Shopify—the same place you trust to run and grow your business.

Send from your domain

Build brand recognition at every customer touchpoint, starting with the inbox.

有關 Shopify Email

Connect with your customers and build lasting relationships with Shopify’s own email marketing tool. Reaching your customers is more important now than ever before. That’s why we’ve made Shopify Email free to use for all plans until October 1, 2020.

With Shopify Email you can:

  • Send branded emails to your subscribers in just a few clicks - directly from your Shopify admin
  • Save time with ready-made templates that automatically pull your logo, product images, descriptions, prices, and URLs directly from your store
  • Easily customize your email by editing text, buttons, images and more to make it your own
  • Import customer lists into Shopify
  • Segment emails to ensure the right message gets to the right person
  • Track results including open and click-through rates, products added to carts, and purchases
  • Send emails from your domain with little setup if you purchase your domain on Shopify. Support for non-Shopify domains is coming soon.

*Starting October 1, 2020, the first 2,500 emails you send every month will continue to be free.

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As of Oct. 1, 2020, the first 2,500 emails per month will be free. Then, it is $1 USD for every 1,000 emails you send.

3.1 5 顆星

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Flamingo Shores - Original Art for Home and Office Decor

I tried to use it in lieu of G-Suite or Office but it seems super clunky that way. I was hoping to send individual emails to prospective clients, but you have to draw from a list of already subscribed members. If you people, it doesn't seem to allow you to select individuals, only lists and lists only seem to come from those that subscribe on Shopify (vicious circle). Seems like a lot of work to do something simple like send individual, not automated emails. The system seems fine for broadcast emails and newsletters.


I really like the idea of this app. Very, very simple design and easy to use. But unfortunately there is something very important missing: automation! You cant send your list through an e-Mail campaign. Not even for simple things like "Thank you"- Mails, after a new customer bough something. If they would add automation into the app, it would be 5 stars!

iVogue Store

This is a great idea by Shopify and I have no doubt that Shopify will improve this app and hopefully quickly because Shopify has been a great experience for me so far.