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4. juli 2024

Very happy with the forms app. It's been capturing all of our newsletter emails for over 3 months now, everything has been working well and I've even seen a lift to sign-up conversion. Can't argue with that from a free app!

Power Of My People
4. juli 2024

Good, thank you.
Mere end et år bruger appen
18. juli 2024

This is a great app with rich features, including redirection and the ability to work with the FLOW program. I really like it, but it seems that the pop-up form can only be displayed to customers who are visiting the website for the first time. Did I use it incorrectly? Or perhaps the developer designed it this way, hoping to find a solution. Thank you

6 dage bruger appen
26. maj 2024

Shopify Forms lives up to its promise of simplicity. The dashboard is intuitive, with no technical jargon or confusing functions. You can edit everything within a single page.

4 dage bruger appen
18. juni 2024

Not sure why 2.7 stars , I find this app amazing, what else you want for something that is free. Yes you may have to customize it, may be a bit of work but it works .
Cirka 11 timer bruger appen
3. juli 2024

I wanted a contact form that I could add specific fields to. It is nice that I can choose if the field is required or not. Was easy to install and set up. I would like a settings area that I can put in a backup email for submission notifications and also a SMS feature to also get a text. In my line of work its necessary to respond asap to form submissions. It does what it says and you cant argue with free

Graphics Pig LLC
20 minutter bruger appen
17. juli 2024

Simple and easy to use - could do with adding a form ID to the section so that # links can scroll to it, also width option would be nice

Cisco Webex Store
15 minutter bruger appen
16. februar 2024

most important missing feature: Translation / showing different form based on country.

Also, country should ideally be set automatically based on country location, the country attribute of the customer.

Cirka et år bruger appen
22. februar 2024

Easy to use! Very simple.

Hippie Drip
3 måneder bruger appen
15. februar 2024

Very useful app, intuitive and particularly fast when navigating.
The only suggestion I would make would be for the shop manager to be able to add his or her own customised font from the selectable ones.

MotoPort Shop
3 måneder bruger appen