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28. August 2023

This is the worst experience we ever had with a 3PL. Initially, we were excited to work with SFN has a business partner for our logistics needs. What a total disappointment. Be aware, unlike other 3PL's SFN does not allow for the client to communicate with the warehouse. We reached out to support with no help, customer service is poor and take weeks to respond or worst of all not responding to our concerns. No phone number, no account management - nothing!

The price that is quoted on the calculator provided on Shopify's own website is not the actual price that you will be paying for once the item arrives. This has tremendously effected our business. We were using a previous 3PL and it was great, prices were as advertised and we were able to get a hold of them. SFN does not even provide the client with an image of the product once it arrives, with the weight and specs for transparency. We read all the above reviews and everyone is having the same issues. We can't even resolve this issue by moving our products out of SFN because it's a mess and we will get charged thousands of dollars to do so. NOT OK AT ALL!!

It is a shame, we are long time clients of Shopify, generating over 2 million in sales, a lot of it goes to fees towards Shopify and this experience alone is causing us to leave the platform all together.

FYI, we are seeking a lawyer to sue Shopify for misrepresenting their services and providing false pricing to the public. This is not ok and SFN should not experiment with folks small businesses.

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Shopify hat geantwortet 1. September 2023

Hi, thanks for taking the time to review our app. I can understand your frustration and disappointment, and I appreciate the detailed feedback that you've shared with us here as it'll help us improve our offering moving forward.

If you're already in touch with our internal team, I encourage you to further share your concerns with them directly so that we can appropriately action any resolutions for you to help improve your experience with using our Fulfillment Network service. Our team aims to get back to support queries as soon as we can, however it's possible that there are currently a larger amount of requests than usual that has resulted in an extended wait time for our merchants. I understand that this isn't ideal, and that waiting for a reply can be frustrating. We do really appreciate your patience during this process however, and would like to continue working together with you to help improve the Shopify Fulfillment Network offering overall for your business. Thanks again for your feedback. -Kimi, Shopify Support

Bearbeitet am 27. Juni 2023


Impossible to get help and seems like there's no possibility to get an account manager or a personal point of contact. Avoid....


A pretty messy start.

I love the app and the simplicity of it, but when something goes wrong it's incredibly difficult to get support. You have to contact Shopify via the help center as you would with any other problem related to Shopify and unfortunately many of the support agents haven't even heard of Shopify Fulfillment Network. Even if they have, it takes a bare minimum of 24 hours to hear back from the actual SFN team (who can only be contacted on your behalf) and a lot longer to get any issues resolved.

Inbound transfers seem to be super buggy, we have 100 units which were received into a VOIDED transfer somehow (was already voided for weeks).

Side note, I'm not sure why it takes 9-14 days to START receiving inventory, other 3PLs can do it in a matter of hours. Fortunately (despite the mistakes) our inventory started showing up in the app faster than the quoted time.

I will update my review as soon as anything changes.

Moon Nude
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Shopify hat geantwortet 8. August 2023

Hi there! Thank you for sharing your feedback and describing your experience. We appreciate your input. While our teams try their best to respond to merchants as quickly as possible, it's important to note that tickets are handled in the order they are received. This means that during periods of high support request volume, it may take longer for a response. Rest assured, I have forwarded your comments to our developers. -Mac, Shopify Support

1. September 2023




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Shopify hat geantwortet 13. September 2023

Hi there. I understand the urgency here. If you haven't already, kindly reply back to your original support ticket or connect with our team directly so we can take a deeper look to address your concerns or share any updates here: We appreciate your understanding! -Mac, Shopify Support

18. August 2023

I regret using this fulfilment service. Every step has moved at a glacial pace, with the buggy inventory tracking leaving me in the dark about where my products are, how many are available, and other key information. Worse, when I made two test orders, the first went out right away, but the second order was placed over a week ago and still nothing has shipped. If two single-item orders are beyond the capability of the "network" than the responsible thing for shopify to do would be to pause receipt of new products until they have the capability to deliver services. As it stands I have thousands of dollars of inventory sitting in a warehouse that isn't capable of shipping them anywhere.

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Shopify hat geantwortet 23. August 2023

Thank you for writing your review and I am sorry to hear that you had a negative experience using Shopify Fulfilment Network. If you require assistance with the inventory you currently have housed with us, please contact our support team about this so we can help further: -Victor, Shopify Support

1. Juli 2023

One of the worst mistakes we made as a business. The inability to ship on time and in 1 package almost cost us our business.

Gorilla Bow
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Shopify hat geantwortet 8. August 2023

Thanks for sharing your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that your experience has been less than ideal for your business. Please connect with our team directly so we can take a deeper look to address your concerns here: We appreciate your understanding! -Mac, Shopify Support

12. August 2023

If you ever need any help, there is no way to call them. If you have to email, it takes days to weeks to get a response. They are not helpful especially when you are starting out. I am sure there are better fulfillment businesses out there. I would suggest staying away...just like most people are saying.

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Shopify hat geantwortet 15. August 2023

Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave your review here with us. I can understand your perspective and know how frustrating it can be to wait for a reply from our team. For context, while our team works hard to go through all support tickets on our end in order to provide a timely manner for our merchants, response times can vary depending on the volume of requests we're currently handling. Rest assured however that if a support ticket has been opened with our internal support team, they will follow up as soon as they can. -Kimi, Shopify Support

Bearbeitet am 28. Februar 2023

Fulfillment is hard, but SFN has the right approach. Slow and steady we've been growing with them and we wouldn't have it any other way. Keep it up!
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4. April 2023

Shopify and it's team are an extremely accommodating and friendly gang! They help me out as a logistics coordinator on a daily basis with grace and patience. The apps functionality is high with abilities in app additions, detailed outlines for each section and a clean aesthetic for assistance in any business. Highly recommend!

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6. Februar 2023

I love SFN. Takes all of the nitty gritty out of fulfillment. The support is incredible. They respond very quickly to everything. Really helps me focus on my business and not on fulfillment.

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18. November 2022

Our experience working with Shopify Fulfillment Network and the app has been extremely positive. The app itself is very user friendly, and they have great customer support. You can quickly look at order fulfillment status (in the app or in the actual order) and you can see the associated charges with each order which we find really helpful. You can hold fulfillment while in communication with a customer about order or shipping address details or you can cancel fulfillment with a button if need be too. Almost every order ships same day and often within a few hours. Tracking is uploaded and there are rarely any shipping issues. If there are issues with the carrier, Shopify handles the communication with them for you which saves so much time. They also provide credits quickly for any miss-picks (which are rare). Inventory is kept up to date and so items are never oversold (an issue we have had with other warehouses in the past). They are regularly making improvements and great about answering any questions quickly. Highly recommend!!!

Greenery Unlimited
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