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I think they could do a lot better always seems to be bugs and pointless upgrading to enterprise as you don’t get enough support, in a nutshell they don’t have enough or the right resources to accommodate for everyone


I used this app to create a shopping app for my existing site, after 2 month and close to $400 (2 months @ $99 and a $200 apple developer account) My app is still not up and I keep getting the run around from DUNS, APPLE, and Tapcart. Thats$400 wasted! I was excited because I had my add created so quick, But that was short-lived. I cant believe I wasted all that money! -Upset business owner with $250K in sales a year.

El Capote

Un auténtico desastre. Han estado engañándonos durante 3 meses y hemos perdido nuestro tiempo y dinero. Me prometieron que la aplicación podía estar en español, pero no ha sido así. Hemos traducido toda la aplicación a español para ellos de manera gratuita y finalmente me dicen que no es posible implementar las traducciones. Voy a reclamar el dinero a Shopify, me siento estafado.


very bad service , i have 2 months with tapcart but he did not upload my app ios , here we are 2 months later and we have never received any contact from an app manager to get any solution for my problem

when u upload my app i will update my review .

Developer reply

April 11, 2019

Thanks for your feedback! We are happy to help you out with this issue. To launch your apps you will have to go ahead and connect your Apple Developer and Google Play accounts. Once you complete this step your apps will go live within 24 hours. Please let us know if you need any additional help.

Dream Leggings

I truly absolutely HATE leaving negative reviews, especially since I also run my own business, that relies heavily on reviews as well! This is seriously my last ditch effort to get some acknowledgment and ACTUAL REAL HELP from this company, in finally HEARING ME and solving my MAJOR PROBLEMS!
*I will gladly update this review to reflect the appropriate stars and feedback it *should* deserve, if I can get the help that was actually promised and agreed upon signing with this company. (Not to mention the high priced fees I’ve been paying on a monthly basis!)
I was so excited to have Tapcart help me design my boutiques mobile apps! They really know exactly what to say, to rope you in, and sell you on all of their *Amazing* features, etc... Even better- their “VIP” Plan, that costs quite a bit more than their regular plan.
I was supposed to have my own designated designer who would work with me, in designing the whole thing, as well as guide me along the way.
My husband and I have been round and round with at least half a dozen different guys, who seem to pass along our emails thru their “Help” email address, which every question we’ve asked we still cannot get a straight answer... I am beyond frustrated at this point, as this process started around THANKSGIVING! My app FINALLY launched JAN. 1! Only because I had been promising my 11k VIP Group members the iOS app (Note: there is still no word back from this company when or if the Android version will ever be available! So I am also dealing with some pretty upset customers on my own end here...)!
The Push Notifications have NEVER worked. The Stats feature STILL isn’t working, which I’ve been told it’s still *STILL* in beta test mode... Half the time I can’t get my design page to even show the full screen so I can TRY on my own to design my own app, even though again- I’m paying about double each month for this type of help.
I’ve tried and tried to explain to every “Rep” or helper that gets each email how extremely busy I am, as I am a one woman show running my online boutique, AND a physical location at the same time! I’m shipping out hundreds of orders per week, and have zero time for this kind of nonsense back and forth, or just nothing back at all.
I’m at a loss and freaking out about this entire experience, as I don’t know what to do or which way to turn next. I’ve paid alllll the extra $ to both Apple Developers and Google Play, but keep getting spit in circles..
I cant just delete Tapcart and my current app, as I have thousands of users that would be sorely disappointed and may just go elsewhere at that point.
Anyway... excuse my public display of frustrations here, Tapcart guys, but y’all have done me in- Hopefully this grabs someone’s attention to HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS WHO ARE DESPERATELY NEEDING YOUR HELP!!!


Piper Scoot

I would not recommend this app to anyone. We have been using it for almost 6 months, and when we signed up, we were promised that we would be given a dedicated app manager, customizations would be made for us, and that an Android app would be released soon. Here we are months later and we have never received any contact from an app manager (though I've had the owners call me every time I email to point that out and promise that someone would reach out), our customizations haven't even be addressed, and an android app has never been mentioned since (which is very frustrating for customers). We paid extra to be on the Plus plan, which is NOT worth it. Overall, there were a lot of empty promises made, and communication has since stopped from Tapcart's end.