Point of Sale

Point of Sale

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Datum úprav: 11. červenec 2021

The POS has really come a long way! Super easy to make sales, split payments, exchange, etc. However - the end-of-day process is woeful! Small businesses need some flexibility to just print an X report (totals for the day - doesn't reset) and a Z Report (Resets the totals) There needs to be some configuration to allow stores to pick and choose if they want the whole cash up/till drawer balancing option. Anyways - I'm sure it'll come good in the end. Here to help if you need more feedback or detail on the cash-up process.

Phases Men's Fashion
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17. prosinec 2020

I have used the new POS app and have to say it isn't as intuitive as the last version which I loved. The product images are really muted and the card payment choice is confusing at first

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13. prosinec 2020

***Helpful to a point. But will take YOUR tech-savviness to be successful***
The App is helpful as it means I only have 1 inventory between my online and in-store shoppers. I also like how mobile it is, and how quick it is to checkout. My 2-star deduction is because sometimes it takes a minute or two for things to sync between the Shopify admin and POS. Something might scan and be found through search in the admin interface but when attempting to scan or search through the POS, it won't find it. This has forced us to use the Custom Sale option but means we have to backtrack and fix quantities later-- so it's like i have two inventories again. The support is fine- they are always available but sometimes we get lost in translation and they often have scripted responses that are frustrating, as it feels they're not really hearing me and my needs, but trying to get 5 Star survey results. I was sifted through several "launch specialists" when I was converting systems and it was tough to feel helped as I had to reexplain and reintroduce my progress to several people. Eventually, I just stopped asking as they seemed too busy or uninvested. I would call instead of email as email tickets can take several days or they don't answer at all. Other updates I'd like to see: Making a specific collection "non-discountable" as we offer a "member" discount for people every day, but some items' profit margins are too narrow to apply an additional discount. So my staff needs to outsmart the system. Secondly, a connection to Blackbaud would be awesome as I could load or view my members through there. Finally, as a non-profit Museum, this has been an inexpensive way to stay in modern times but our store has a lot of products (5000+) available that it seems Shopify struggles to update or keep track of seamlessly.

sbnature Store
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3. prosinec 2020

App does work well and is pretty simple to setup. However, you are limited to using expensive equipment and are limited on what should be some basic included features (instore pickup, calculated shipping, returns/exchanges, custom receipts ) unless you want to pay the ridiculous $89 a month. If you are a small business or start up then this may be hard to justify. These features should be standard in my opinion. You already pay a monthly fee for this with your website.
Is it a good app? YES
But as shopify does with the websites, you have to pay more to get basic standard features that should be included.

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3. prosinec 2020

Not keeping inventory from POS to Shopify Online
Refund to gift card on Shopify Online. Only allows to refund to original payment.

Jayden P Boutique
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Datum úprav: 21. červenec 2020

7/21 update - Shopify team reached out and worked with me to resolve some of my issues. The new version is looking promising. Crashes have reduced and returns issue is resolved. Going from one star to three. There are still issues but step in right direction.

June 2020 - I moved my client to Shopify POS thinking it would work out. Finding major issues and challenges.. Challenges - same as lot of folks listed here.. very little control and not able to manage staff at all. Issues - Major bugs like for example 1. on new SHOPIFY app if agent returns/refunds, there is no tracking and it opens doors for major scams.. 2. Hangs very frequently. 3. Order showing completely different Totals and balance on Shopify main app vs. Shopify POS (happened once for now but happened for a customer who is attorney). NO WAY to get in touch with real support folks, the regular support people are promptly available but are kept to handle the client and calm them down and keep saying they would open the ticket but little moves after that.

Jennifer Furniture
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23. leden 2020

Since the second to last update earlier this week, POS App no longer functions properly with PopM Till. Transaction is completed, the cash drawer won't open automatically (as it should for cash) and receipt won't print until I close the app and restart it, for both actions. Please fix this.

Girlguiding North West England Shop
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21. leden 2020

I would like to see some customization of receipts. Customers are so confused because the receipt shows each item with tax included in the price. We would rather show the taxes as a line item at the bottom like 99% of every other store out there ;)

Lashes By Design
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19. listopad 2018

I use this for my POS in my retail store. It works well on everything accept discounts. It will not apply automatic discounts in the POS. I hate this because I know all the programming is there, as it does it in the online store. Why not the POS???

Lincoln City Gifts
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Datum úprav: 24. červen 2017

The app works ok on Android. It is a little bit behind the IOS app. Android is a far superior platform and the apps should have the same funtionality. The Android app is missing grid view for products. There is only a list view which is not very screen efficient. The Android app also doesn't support any of the retail package features. Please fix this as quick as possible. I would like to see a PC version of this app too. That would help when at a trade or craft show. A seller could do everything from a laptop ie take payments, print receipts from full size printer. Right now the only thing I could see is take the order from Android POS app, and print the receipt from the laptop. Seems clunky.

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