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Bearbeitet am 8. August 2023

Another Update: still awful and now the only card reader option is the tap & chip which disconnects constantly. Lots of typing in card numbers and restarting ipads going on on top of the horrible POS.

Update: Still awful. There is an update just about every day and it is even worse than it was to start with.

One year in, and I STILL HATE this POS. Clunky and hard to navigate through those stupid tiles, and no updates to the design at all. UPDATE: This is still a horribly designed POS system. The user experience clearly was not tested in the real world. And now they have changed the inventory management to be even worse. Of course you can always pay them more money to get some of those old very basic features back. SCAM This app used to be great. The new update is TERRIBLE!!! The "lite" version is missing basic every day functions- cant do exchanges anymore, employees cant log in, and they lay out is just bad and confusing. All this is here for now is to squeeze and extra $80 out of you. Real shame. Looking into alternatives to shopify now. Update: Months later and ZERO improvements have been made. Still horrible. Shopify is still ignoring all the negative feedback they are getting. More 1 star reviews than 5 and 4 star reviews combined, haha. Wake up!

The Rivertown Inkery
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27. April 2021

WARNING FOR THOSE WHO ACCEPT INTERAC DEBIT! Shopify has now disabled support for the Moneris External PIN PAD, meaning those Canadian clients who accept INTERAC DEBIT can no longer provide PIN pad access (for entering PIN #s to their clients). PIN#s now have to be entered using the iPad or iPhone device, which in the time of COVID is a health risk, especially if the iPad is behind your counter (bye bye social distance). The only way an INTERAC user can complete their transaction is through the new CHIP and PIN reader, via TAP, but TAP transactions have $100 limits, meaning if you sell anything over $100 (like we do ALL the time), the client cannot pay for it with INTERAC. It is insane that a Canadian founded and Canadian based company, cannot integrate properly with a very popular Canadian payment method??? Added to this, Shopify has taken what used to be an included free feature (POS functionality), and made it an $80 USD paid feature per month, this is insane! And as you can see by all the 1 star reviews, that $80 USD per month is buying you a worse experience! Shopify has lost a lot of high executives over the past few weeks (they have all left), it seems they are losing their way with innovation and user experience as well, a shame to see what was a core strength with Shopify (Shopify POS), turn into what may lead to their downfall.

Lockdown Security
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30. November 2020

All the features on the POS PRO (Upper-tier subscription service) are completely unnecessary for the POS system and can be accessed through the Shopify back-end on a laptop or desktop computer.
However, Exchanges are completely necessary and are not included in the free version. Wouldn't mind, but you can also only preform an exchange on a transaction once - if a customer tries to exchange an item they've already exchanged they are unable to do so. The price for this subscription should be at best $30 CAD a month. $120 CAD a month is an absolute robbery. Does Shopify not have enough money already?

Old Faithful Shop
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24. September 2019

Don't bother with Shopify or it's point of sale. If something breaks they send you through hoops and redundant test that haven't worked the three other times they had you do it. They avoid replacing their guaranteed products. You are then stuck with a store that can't take credit cards or buy a new one. They were good a years ago, but have fallen. Find another online avenue and find another pos. HORRIBLE. They will just stop answering your emails when they can't fix something. Won't get back to you. Facebook app is a joke. Read before buying into shopify.

Blueberí Lane
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14. Juli 2022

This app went from bad to worse after the recent update a few weeks ago. We waste so much time getting the card reader to connect, and when it does connect, it only works for a few minutes at a time making us waste time doing manual entry. Also, I wish this app had more useful features for vendors in general. We are a clothing store so we don't use the "Enable Tips" feature. However, I wish that was replaced with a more useful feature where I can add marketing reminders for staff to remember when doing checkout for example "Don't forget to ask for customer's phone #" or "Ask for a Google review" etc...

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Shopify hat geantwortet 6. Februar 2023

Hello MY ROYAL CLOSET, I am sorry to hear you had an issue with your card reader and I hope you were able to get it resolved. Regarding the "enable tip" feature, I am happy to mention that the POS have a way to collect tips now, you can read more about this feature in this link- [Collecting tips with the Shopify POS](https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/sell-in-person/shopify-pos/tips?utm_source=gurucopy&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=Gurus#undefined). As for the notification tab, I'll let our Reviews Team here know about your review. They look into feedback from merchants and consider it for use on our platform.

16. Dezember 2015

We use Shopify for Emack & Bolio's and Mr Simms. Please see our other reviews regarding the frustrations we have faced over Christmas, our busiest period of the year.

The other 1 to 3 star reviews sum up Shopify POS. It is a poorly thought out platform, lacking in many basic features, but works ok for us when it works.

Emack Bolios
Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
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20. April 2021

Shopify is incorrectly charging 3x the correct sales tax rate and refuses to fix it after three weeks. Shopify is fraudulently collecting extra fees.

Olympic Outdoor Center
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4. November 2020

Shopify PRO has been the worst update I have seen for any product. Important features like Add/Remove funds in the cash reguster has stopped working. Paying extra money to get something worse. Pathetic

Umm Al Salsal Trading Flowers & Indoor Plants
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
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24. November 2020

Really disappointed that Shopify has decided to charge for basic functions like exchanges. We have been customers for 5 years and now have an addition cost of use of £1000 a year. We are now ready to look for alternative less expensive platforms.

Vereinigtes Königreich
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15. März 2021

The POS app is horrible...and it is extremely overpriced as well. It is obviously not anyone used to, or that have researched what it is like to be on the floor in a retail store. Very limited customization, too much noise in the interface, and lacking must-have functionalities. Not recommended at all.

Motorious Copenhagen
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