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28. Januar 2021

The old app was so much better, as a store we find it extremely disappointing that Shopify opted to take away the basic retail features from their free app and turn it into an extremely expensive add on. We are now unable to process basic return/exchange transactions in-store without paying for POS Pro which is more than our Shopify plan costs!! Why are we forced to double our plans for basic POS features .. in the middle of the pandemic no less when brick and mortar retailers are struggling the most. As well, there is no middle ground POS plan like the rest of the shopify plans, POS Lite offers next to nothing and leaves us without much choice. I wouldn't recommend anyone signs up for shopify if they want any sort of POS functions. Fix it!

Coffin Skate Shop
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13. August 2022

i am using the app , i like it but it needs more improvement like applying multiple discount at once or at least combine discount with other apps . also needs a note app for employee duties .also need tracking each employee sales for collection

Vereinigte Staaten
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Shopify hat geantwortet 31. Januar 2023

Hello LECCE, thank you for sharing your feedback. I'll let our developers know about your feedback. I'm sure other merchants such as yourself have had similar needs, so we may see this feature implemented on Shopify in the future! As for the tracking employee sales, you can do so if you have the PRO plan that included the feature to attribute sales to staff. You can check more features here - [Top POS Features and Benefits](

29. Mai 2020

We have used the classic version for several years, it's OK because it was included in the package we use, but does lack features you consider fairly standard in POS, such as better customer account tracking, recalculating transactions after returns, exchanges. The new version promises a lot of things that are of no real benefit to physical retail, doesn't address any of the missing functionality, is VERY VERY glitchy, and is now going to cost more. Simple tasks such as scanning products into the sale are now operations that take 3,4 or 5 different procedures!! The main reason for continuing with it is the syncing of inventory between multiple sales channels and 1 set of stock, but have even had a glitch with the POS finding a product that was in the system! Also the ability to print Tax Invoices in Australia is important for some customers, we have found an app to easily do this, but to our dismay (and the developers) it isn't working completely as it should with the POS, even though it is meant to!

Lemmons Store
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10. Januar 2021

I was built a shopify store and I selected pro after the free trial but I didnt use it as i dont need it. I tried to cancel and I keep getting charged $89 usd per month. i cant seem to cancel . The help centres and pages make it extremely hard to cancel. Not happy

Edit Laser
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2. November 2020

Could not be less happy with the new Shopify POS Pro. Paying an additional $89 a month for features that have been available to us for years is ridiculous. The dark theme is terrible with no option to change the colour, products load slowly and in line rather than in a grid, again slower to find what you're after, we preferred icons for payments methods as it was quicker and easier rather than reading down a list, taking partial payments is not intuitive, rather than a simple button on your first payment method. Not worth the money at all. We will be seeking a new POS from another supplier shortly.

Go Dive Tasmania
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28. April 2021

So disappointed with Shopify and their new POS. Disabling payment integration with Moneris means we have to hand our POS screen to customers to enter their PIN if they go over the chip amount. They have degraded our service AND increased our costs. Will never recommend Shopify again. Miserable situation to be in when brick and mortar retailers are struggling during a pandemic. Shame!

La Tortue de Wakefield
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19. Dezember 2020

In the 6 months we have used it
It's been fraught with problem s
At one stage it failed to recognize
All the barcodes in excess of 500 which all had to be replaced
Time and time again it won't recognize the barcodes and or you can't search
For the item
The latest glitch fails to show all the sizes in pos when when they are available online? Which rather defeats
the purpose
It should at least be free until it works

Gypsyroad Bowral
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23. November 2021

I really wish this could be a 5-star review. After decades with our prior in-store POS, we made the switch to Shopify POS so our online store and our in-store systems were on the same platform. While Shopify works great online, Shopify POS is nowhere near ready for prime time for a business like ours (small retailer, thousands of SKUs, many product variants, owners who are analytical about inventory). Issues include but are not limited to -
- POS Bluetooth hardware that constantly disconnects - Practically unusable barcode apps. Needed two apps: one for printing from purchase orders and one to print individual labels when needed. The labels look different and the apps were exceedingly difficult to set up and use. - the inventory app, Stocky, only holds inventory data for 90 days. This means you must perpetually pull data into Excel via this app called Matrixify and then run all your analytics for YOY purchase decisions in Excel. What a pain. - Shopify POS support is absolutely inadequate. Extremely hard to get a tech on the phone, and their responses are often emails that just include links to pages in Shopify Help. They cannot log onto your POS and assist with troubleshooting or quickly resolve issues in an emergency. I could go on, but I think you get the point. We entered into working with Shopify POS with our eyes open and a lot of consideration. Ultimately, we invested several thousand dollars in hardware and hundreds of person-hours in data preparation to make this change. In the end, we pulled the plug and returned to our prior POS provider. We simply could not put our business at risk during the holiday season with Shopify POS. It's just not an integrated platform and it's not well supported.

The Annapolis Pottery
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30. Dezember 2018

Absolutely terrible, and missing so many basic features that should be included in any POS system.

Admin access is required to login to the store, ok not a problem. Except that the app automatically logs out several times a week and requires the admin credentials and password to get back in. There are staff PINs, but they only work once you are logged into the store with an admin account.
There is no way for a POS or limited access account to login. I am rarely at the store, so I have to give all my employees all my login info so they can use the POS app. That's insane! All of my minimum wage, part time employees have full, unrestricted, admin access to all areas of the POS app and online store.

When it does logout, it also loses a lot of information when you log back in. The integrated Moneris terminal for one. Under payment methods, the toggle is turned off by default, and when you turn it on, none of the config setting are saved. You have to get the IP address of the terminal again, input the ECR ID as well as the merchant ID, and reinitialize. This happens every time! I have lost hundreds of dollars in sales from customers coming to the checkout to pay, only to have the terminal not work, and my employees not able to get it running before they get tired of waiting. My employees have called me while I'm at my other business (a restaurant) so I can try and trouble shoot it for them over the phone. During which, I'm losing customers there too! Losing customers at two businesses at the same time because Shopify keeps logging out and losing important information like terminal settings.

Aside from constantly losing me money, it is also useless when trying to remotely manage a business. If you have multiple locations, don't even bother. It doesn't track employee hours, you can't see when employees are clocking in or out, you can't see how much money should be in the till at any given time, how much cash is being deposited etc. You can only check these from the actual physical iPad at that location. Why can you not check these from the admin console instead of me having to physically go to all my store locations to check each individual iPad?

The only reason I migrated my store to Shopify was to have a POS app that synced with my online inventory. What a waste of time.

Gym Culture
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3. Januar 2018

BIGGEST ISSUE: Shopify cannot guarantee that the stock for items on the POS is the same as on the back end. Given I display one variant in my store and rely on the software to inform me of availability THIS IS A HUGE FLAW.
I've been using the software for 8 months and raised this issue with shopify some 5 months ago now and the problem persists. They have not been able to solve it in that time and don't see the issue as a particularly grave one. considering the cost to add this to the Shopify plan it is absolute obscene that this is acceptable.

The Union Project Ltd
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