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20 de abril de 2021

Shopify is incorrectly charging 3x the correct sales tax rate and refuses to fix it after three weeks. Shopify is fraudulently collecting extra fees.

Olympic Outdoor Center
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 6 años usando la aplicación
27 de junio de 2023

Can't edit custom products once you add it to the order, you have to delete the custom product and add it again.
Needs a Windows or Web version. We need to use a desktop computer in our shop for different reasons and we have to run this app through Bluestacks (and it runs horrible) because there's no Windows native version. I cannot connect a card reader to it and neither a barcode scanner because Bluestacks doesn't support Bluetooth. What's so hard to make a Windows native app on the store? Many others would jump ship to Shopify POS if they wouldn't have to use space (maybe on a little desk) with an iPad next to their computer. It's so much more comfortable to use it with a keyboard and mouse when you have to type customer's name and custom products.

Alrededor de 6 años usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 21 de julio de 2023

Hello androidez, thank you for submitting your feedback on this. I understand you are looking to make edits to custom products and use your POS app on a desktop computer running Windows OS.

At the moment, this is definitely a limitation for our Point of Sale app. We would definitely recommend using one of our supported devices on iOS or Android. Our POS app is supported on iOS 13 or higher. Alternatively, you may use a device running Andorid OS 7.0 or higher.

In the meantime, I have gone ahead and submitted feedback to our team about this and I would recommend checking out the Shopify Changelog for any future updates.

4 de noviembre de 2020

Shopify PRO has been the worst update I have seen for any product. Important features like Add/Remove funds in the cash reguster has stopped working. Paying extra money to get something worse. Pathetic

Umm Al Salsal Trading Flowers & Indoor Plants
Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Casi 6 años usando la aplicación
24 de noviembre de 2020

Really disappointed that Shopify has decided to charge for basic functions like exchanges. We have been customers for 5 years and now have an addition cost of use of £1000 a year. We are now ready to look for alternative less expensive platforms.

Reino Unido
Casi 6 años usando la aplicación
15 de marzo de 2021

The POS app is horrible...and it is extremely overpriced as well. It is obviously not anyone used to, or that have researched what it is like to be on the floor in a retail store. Very limited customization, too much noise in the interface, and lacking must-have functionalities. Not recommended at all.

Motorious Copenhagen
Más de 5 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 24 de marzo de 2016

Limited functionality, features that are available on the website are not available on the POS app (payment methods for example), and the app crashes constantly.

We have to delete and redownload the app roughly once a week. I'm told this is due to potentially losing our internet connection, but this seems like something that their software should be able to record. However, as with many other problems we experience, we're told the issues are the way we're using their software and not a failing in their code.

I advise against getting invested in Shopify POS.

Pink Castle Fabrics
Estados Unidos
Más de 5 años usando la aplicación
5 de noviembre de 2020

Absolute garbage. The new PRO POS is absolute garbage. We've been with Shopify for over 5 years and we now have to pay an additional $89US / month for something that is so much WORSE than what you had before. The search function doesn't work half the time. Products appear and don't appear seemingly on a whim. The screen and colours are so dark - but of course our iPad is too old to update to the new needed ios13 to change the background. Have you partnered with Apple? I would not recommend this app and I will be looking for something else that actually works for us.

Mandala Design
Alrededor de 5 años usando la aplicación
28 de diciembre de 2022

The app is a bad, forced update after forced update, and all that seems to change is making our ipads unsupported. even worse if you pay shopify more money for their tap and chip reader. They may as well go back to a wired connection to the ipad because they don't seem to know how to use bluetooth technology. Having to restart the app every time the devices sleep isn't an acceptable solution. They've opened up their business to third party apps for everything else they may as well just let third party hardware/software handle this part as well.

Park & Fifth Clothing Co
Casi 5 años usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 16 de enero de 2023

Hello Park & Fifth Clothing Co, thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. We are constantly improving our app by releasing new updates that can fix bugs and add new features.

As for when the hardware goes into sleep mode, we recommend checking the app's permission: In the iPad Settings Menu > search for Shopify POS > ensure the app's Location Permissions are set to "Allow while using" and "Allow cross-website tracking" toggle on. This ensures that if the reader reaches out while the screen is asleep or while the app is minimized, the app will still have the appropriate permissions to complete its security checks and be able to reconnect.

If the issue is not fixed, feel free to reach out to our Retail support. The team is here 24/7 to help.

9 de enero de 2022

The update to the new re-tooled version was a straight up cash grab. The old version allowed you do everything you needed to sell in-store and online. It was a great tool to let the little guy compete. Shopify was doing it right and offering good value for the cost. Public company greed eventually took over and now they overcharge (to the tune of >$1000 year) just to have basic functionality like doing a simple exchange in your physical store. The lite version isn't usable if you can't do something as simple as swap out a size, etc.

basin + bend
Estados Unidos
Más de 4 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 27 de enero de 2016


Please avoid Shopify for their POS at all costs. The app has not been working for a significant percentage of customers for 10 days (according to Shopify themselves), and will take at least another 5 business days to fix. Today is 24 December. Christmas is tomorrow. It is haemorrhaging our business.


We have learnt to work around Shopify's many limitations and constraints. Please see our review for Mr Simms Wanchai and Emack & Bolio's below.

If you read the older reviews, many features have been suggested for years now, and so I don't think Shopify are treating their POS platform as a priority for development.

What is unacceptable is for the POS to breakdown the week before Christmas, when our sales are at their peak. Our customers get frustrated, and it is losing us sales every minute the system is down. When we launch the app, it crashes, so we cannot upload the crash report. I have been told not to delete the app and reinstall, so we are still waiting for a fix.

Meanwhile we are losing sales. Thanks Shopify.

We have 2 POS terminals in the shop, and both are not reliable. The app frequently (once an hour) crashes, meaning we have to rescan all the customer's items when there is a queue to checkout. Shopify POS is not for heavy usage.

Shopify technical support have informed me that the POS is not working for a small number of customers, but won't give any timeframe for the situation to be fixed.

What is really frustrating is the number of gurus you get passed to, so you end up repeating yourself 10+ times literally. To be fair, the gurus are friendly and try to help, but don't deliver on their promises and don't update you without you chasing up.

I don't want to get started about the integration issues we have had with other inventory management systems and Xero. Shopify does not calculate COGS. If you are a retailer, you will understand this frustration so no more needs to be said.

Mr Simms Hk Limited
RAE de Hong Kong (China)
Más de 4 años usando la aplicación