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27 de julho de 2023

I've been using Shopify's POS system now for the better part of a year for my In-Person events when I do shows. For what I need it to do, it does a good job but I would like to state that it can be slow at times to load items scanned. I've also had issues with the chip reader just not wanting to work so it takes rebooting / unpairing / repairing several times before it finally syncs with my POS system again.

Aside from those issues, I have no other complaints! It's been a pretty solid machine that helps me enormously at these conventions. When it finally clonks out, I will most likely migrate over to using the handheld device instead since it's compact.

Fatty Pancake
Estados Unidos
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 3 de agosto de 2023

Hello Fatty Pancake, thank you for your feedback. We are happy to hear that you like using our POS system. As for the barcode and the card reader issue, because you go to events with the POS we always recommend using your own hotspot, the internet in events can be weak at times and causes the hardware to not function as expected. We would also recommend reaching out to the Retail Support to ensure that you go through any troubleshooting steps necessary to get this issue fixed.

2 de fevereiro de 2023

The app itself is ok as long as you stick to the recommended hardware, or it just won't work! (Basically stick to American based Apple products).
My issue is the features it allows in the free version are lacking, that, in retail certain abilities are considered standard. For example the ability to make an exchange on a sale and the use of existing discount codes from the website end (i can tick the box but unless I use pro it doesn't feed it through).
I don't want to pay an extra £80 just for this option, so I have to the calculations manually and adjust stock manually. I don't need multiple outlets or more than 5 staff I can barely afford myself!
I understand the software is different than the e-commerce software, so billing is separate, but someone really needs to look at the needs vs extras because what I need vs what I want are two very different options. Maybe allow a system of choose what you want and charge accordingly... better yet, just allow me to do exchanges and use discount codes on the POS.

Reino Unido
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 6 de fevereiro de 2023

RetroEsque, thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. I'll let our Reviews Team here know about your review. They look into feedback from merchants and consider it for use on our platform. I also wanted to let you know, for the Lite plan you can still apply discount codes to the items in the cart. You can apply a discount to the whole cart or individual line items. Feel free to reach out to our Retail Support if you have more questions.

16 de setembro de 2023

I love Shopify, making the switch over has been amazing, I have made all my girlfriends with shops convert too! Point of Sale is great, I wish there was a way though to mark items on sale directly from an iPad, instead of getting on to the Shopify website on a computer, and also show how much a discount is on each individual item, instead of just showing the amount off at the bottom total. but besides that, its amazing

Meraki Co.
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 3 anos usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 20 de setembro de 2023

Hey Meraki Co. Thank you kindly for your feedback, we are so happy you enjoy Shopify! I completely understand the need for discounting items directly from your iPad so I'm glad to submit this feedback to our development team.

20 de setembro de 2023

so far good but i have one major issue with the app.

the shopify pos only shows a certain amount of sold items on the screen. If a customer purchases e.g. 13 different items the pos won't list all 13 items, only 10 items. This is a major issue and needs to be fixed as staff won't be able to check if they have charged correctly. I hope this can be fixed so I can give it a 5 star

Luna & Soul
Aproximadamente 5 anos usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 22 de setembro de 2023

Hi, there! We're happy to hear that you're enjoying the app. In regards to the issue you mentioned, we'd be happy to learn more. To do so, kindly reach out to our support team via the Help Center right here (https://shopify.link/YWD7). From there, reach out to the virtual Shopify assistant and type in "Contact Support". You will be able to follow the steps to get in touch with our team. -Mac, Shopify Support

Data de edição: 24 de maio de 2023

Terrible experience trying to migrate my existing QB data. Don't listen to the sales people that will tell you how simple and automated the process will be. Two months later I'm doing it all myself the hard way. The hardware is all Apple so be ready to replace everything if currently a PC user. It's just like the regular Shopify platform in that several basic and obvious features are lacking and might only be overcome with another app. Want to save a customer cart in POS and later open it to complete the sale on a different pos device? There's an app for that.

Update: I am a pro subscriber and know I can save the cart on one POS device, but it's not possible to reopen that cart on a DIFFERENT POS device.

Tulsa Body Jewelry
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 24 de maio de 2023

Hello Tulsa Body Jewelry, thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. We appreciate your feedback regarding your experience with migrating your existing QB data, please feel free to add any specific issue you may have experience with the migration. Regarding the hardware, we understand that our POS system is currently optimized for use with Apple and Android devices and not PC. If you have any features you are looking to see in the Shopify Platformm, please let us know and we will be happy to review your feedback, our goal is to make the platform fit our merchants needs. Regarding the "save cart" feature, we do offer with our POS Pro Plan.

28 de dezembro de 2022

The app is a bad, forced update after forced update, and all that seems to change is making our ipads unsupported. even worse if you pay shopify more money for their tap and chip reader. They may as well go back to a wired connection to the ipad because they don't seem to know how to use bluetooth technology. Having to restart the app every time the devices sleep isn't an acceptable solution. They've opened up their business to third party apps for everything else they may as well just let third party hardware/software handle this part as well.

Park & Fifth Clothing Co
Quase 5 anos usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 16 de janeiro de 2023

Hello Park & Fifth Clothing Co, thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. We are constantly improving our app by releasing new updates that can fix bugs and add new features.

As for when the hardware goes into sleep mode, we recommend checking the app's permission: In the iPad Settings Menu > search for Shopify POS > ensure the app's Location Permissions are set to "Allow while using" and "Allow cross-website tracking" toggle on. This ensures that if the reader reaches out while the screen is asleep or while the app is minimized, the app will still have the appropriate permissions to complete its security checks and be able to reconnect.

If the issue is not fixed, feel free to reach out to our Retail support. The team is here 24/7 to help.

10 de setembro de 2023

We have been using Shopify for 5 years now, We are happy overall, one thing I would like to see them add is a contact number for support. Last week in our area there was a major outage for another POS system, several stores had to close, we had a great day and out sales were up 20% for the day!

Jimberly's Boutique
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 6 anos usando o app
8 de setembro de 2023

So far so good. There are a few glitches that I am finding, and you cant accept Mastercard and visa gift cards, but pretty good. The worst thing is that you cannot get anyone on a phone line for help- you have to use the chat box but they are pretty efficient with it.

Estados Unidos
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
10 de setembro de 2023

We've been using the POS system for the last 18 months. This was our second smart POS system but the first that integrated inventory between website and retail store. The integration has been a blessing and we have found a tremendous amount of value in having one system. While there are enhancements and quality of life improvements that we would like to have, the Point of Sale is in a place where we can use it for 100-200 transactions per day without any significant issues.

We currently have three registers (all iPads) with Bluetooth card readers, 2D scanners, and Epson receipt printers.

Stage Stop Candy
Estados Unidos
Mais de 1 ano usando o app
5 de abril de 2023

Do not use this app if:
You deal with a lot of customers a day, this will add minutes to every transaction just adding barcoded items to the cart because it doesn't do it automatically once a product is scanned.

You have lots of products with variants that you have to rely on checking the SKU a lot because they don't have barcodes, or the differences are not obvious in the title or photo. The SKU and barcode is not visible on the first screen when searching for a product. You have to click on each product variant to see the SKU number. Bummer if you don't pick the right one on the first or second try.


Sadly, I really enjoy stocky so now I'm stuck with POSpro because they don't do them separately and now, I have to pay for another POS app on top of it. Sigh..

Note to the Shopify retail team: I suggest you pop into a couple of stores that use this app and process transactions for half a day at each, you will soon realise how frustrating it is.

Also, why is POS not available on a web browser? We all have computers already, why are you forcing people to have to buy another piece of hardware?!

Mollies Make And Create
Nova Zelândia
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 16 de maio de 2023

Dear Mollies Make And Create, thank you for leaving your feedback. We appreciate your concerns and would like to address them:

- We have received feedback from many merchants about the SKU not showing in the product detail. Our developers have added the SKU section to the product page in their latest update.

- We also received feedback about the barcode scanner and have sent it to our developers for consideration. If a product has multiple variants, the scanner will bring up a list so you can choose which variant you want to add.

- At the moment, Stocky is only available for the Pro Plan as part of the feature. However, Shopify now has a section to create POs from the admin without any additional fees.

- We appreciate your feedback about having our POS work on a computer. At the moment, our system can only be used on a device and cannot support working on a computer.