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28 de abril de 2021

So disappointed with Shopify and their new POS. Disabling payment integration with Moneris means we have to hand our POS screen to customers to enter their PIN if they go over the chip amount. They have degraded our service AND increased our costs. Will never recommend Shopify again. Miserable situation to be in when brick and mortar retailers are struggling during a pandemic. Shame!

La Tortue de Wakefield
Aproximadamente 3 anos usando o app
24 de novembro de 2020

Really disappointed that Shopify has decided to charge for basic functions like exchanges. We have been customers for 5 years and now have an addition cost of use of £1000 a year. We are now ready to look for alternative less expensive platforms.

Reino Unido
Quase 6 anos usando o app
18 de abril de 2021

The new version of this app is terrible and detrimental to business. We used this POS app for our team of sales reps, on the old version of the app our sales flourished, it was easy to use, simple and effective. We now pay for the pro version and our sales team hate it! When adding products from category’s as soon as you click add it takes you back to the homepage, meaning you loose your place in our vast catalogue and have to start again, from the beginning, this is a nightmare when trying to showcase items to a trade customer when time is limited. I really hope Shopify fix the issues with this new app, I see from the other reviews lots of store owners prefer the older version. I can see the potential with this new app, it’s just missing so many basic functions and the flow of the app is not practical for retail use, especially in a busy setting where speed is essential. For us at the moment the monthly cost of this app is not worth the hassle and downturn in business it has caused us, please bring back the old version of the POS app and let us choose which we want to use whilst the issues are fixed on the new version.

WishStrings® Wholesale
Reino Unido
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
5 de novembro de 2020

Absolute garbage. The new PRO POS is absolute garbage. We've been with Shopify for over 5 years and we now have to pay an additional $89US / month for something that is so much WORSE than what you had before. The search function doesn't work half the time. Products appear and don't appear seemingly on a whim. The screen and colours are so dark - but of course our iPad is too old to update to the new needed ios13 to change the background. Have you partnered with Apple? I would not recommend this app and I will be looking for something else that actually works for us.

Mandala Design
Mais de 5 anos usando o app
28 de janeiro de 2021

The old app was so much better, as a store we find it extremely disappointing that Shopify opted to take away the basic retail features from their free app and turn it into an extremely expensive add on. We are now unable to process basic return/exchange transactions in-store without paying for POS Pro which is more than our Shopify plan costs!! Why are we forced to double our plans for basic POS features .. in the middle of the pandemic no less when brick and mortar retailers are struggling the most. As well, there is no middle ground POS plan like the rest of the shopify plans, POS Lite offers next to nothing and leaves us without much choice. I wouldn't recommend anyone signs up for shopify if they want any sort of POS functions. Fix it!

Coffin Skate Shop
Mais de 3 anos usando o app
4 de novembro de 2020

Since updating my Shopify POS App, almost all my barcodes are not scanning. Im getting a message barcode not recognised. Anyone else have this problem and have a solution to fix it? I have 1200 products in my POS, reentering all the barcodes would be a nightmare. This is pretty unacceptable considering I pay a fortune for the "new" PRO version. Not happy at all

Tropical Island Treasure
Mais de 4 anos usando o app
3 de dezembro de 2020

we are using Shopify POS for 3 years!
the new version 89 $ per branch! too expensive for nothing at all
all this and the exchange for the orders in the new version does not work! What is this nonsense and absurdity?
we sent many notes and complaints
we got the reply Oh wow. Your feedback is excellent and great and we will get back to you shortly!
years pass and the services provided are very weak
after a long wait, it comes to us with an issuance that is more poor and weak than before, with very high fees
the previous version, despite its great weakness and poverty, was better than the new version, which is very bad and with very exaggerated fees
the new version is very poor and bad after long waiting, and we are seriously considering moving to another platform that provides better services and respects the requests of its customers.

Arábia Saudita
Aproximadamente 3 anos usando o app
19 de dezembro de 2020

In the 6 months we have used it
It's been fraught with problem s
At one stage it failed to recognize
All the barcodes in excess of 500 which all had to be replaced
Time and time again it won't recognize the barcodes and or you can't search
For the item
The latest glitch fails to show all the sizes in pos when when they are available online? Which rather defeats
the purpose
It should at least be free until it works

Gypsyroad Bowral
Quase 3 anos usando o app
13 de julho de 2021

I have Shopify for my online business for several years. I decided togo to Omni Channel and migrate our pos to Shopify POs. It has been an awful experience.The onboarding team just email you some links with no follow through. We have spend many hours on support call. The support team are very knowledgeable and helpful. All our bluetooth devices stay connected but the barcode scanner gets disconnected. We have turned off the energy setting to "leave on all the time" to no avail.Shopify support told us to leave the system on 24 hrs a day. This did not solve the problem. every morning you have to connect the scanner from scratch. we even send the brand new scanner for repair and used another new scanner with the same issue.This problem has nothing to do with my bluetooth since the other devices such ac tap/Chip and receipt printer stays connected. The interface between pos and barcode scanner is not stable. I have paid for several months but not able to go live. If I could have returned my hardware I would have not continued. Shopify should do way better with their pos considering the runup on theri stock price.

Shop College Wear
Estados Unidos
12 meses usando o app
21 de agosto de 2021

I bought the hardware for this app because it said i can use it for my pop up shoo for free. I never even got a chance to use it . the app wants $89 to get my pin to use the app plus it gonna charge my customers smh. I dont recommend false advertisement.

Delightful Drip Store
Estados Unidos
9 meses usando o app