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31 de outubro de 2020

I used PRO during the trial for the first few months, switched to classic which was simple and did everything I needed it to do. Now the lite feature is useless as I can't create just POS accounts without paying for their service. Don't need to fulfill or create orders or anything special, just checkout customers and have inventory and revenue show up in our Shopify system. Basically now to make it usable you need to pay the monthly fee, per each location, to use it as a register. The old was better because you could pull up a collection of products and add from it. In this upgrade version each time you open a collection and add an item, you get taken back to the main screen, so you have to keep opening and adding it. If people want new features and want to pay for them, that is fine for both parties. However taking away POS only accounts, custom receipts, and other options previously available and putting them behind a paywall is not innovative or helpful in anyway.

Be Easy Brewing
6 meses usando o app
10 de março de 2021

Extremely default.
The only thing that we use it for is to scan the products and it can not even do that.

5 meses usando o app
21 de novembro de 2020

simplemente no funciona como debería y pagar $89 por ubicación no es justo, deberían de tener planes mas económicos y mejorar las cosas

prendas del rey
5 meses usando o app
29 de setembro de 2013

I wonder if shopify is interested in manipulate Multiple Inventory and also Store Transfers! This would be really helpful! The User experience is great! you need to work more on the inventory stuff!

Head 2 Brain
Mais de 1 ano usando o app
19 de outubro de 2021

Helping us run a bricks and mortar store linked to our online inventory, greatly saving us paperwork and reconciliation

Pro Golf Ireland
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
7 de fevereiro de 2014

We tested it out and have decided to hold off on this app for the following reasons:

1. No customer credit capability. We need a way to give customers credit in their account. This will also help us tie in our online store with the POS by allowing customers to redeem their credit either via the website or in store using the POS system.
2. No way to exchange products
Update: Shoppify POS support told us that exchanged can be made, however, it really isn't an exchange at all. We will have to manually refund the items for exchange to a store credit, complete the order, THEN repurchase the new items with the store credit. So really, Shopify POS still does not support exchanges. I have not been able to verify this as our trial ran out.
3. No way to assign product cost to each product, thus making it impossible to keep track of inventory cost.
Update: Support staff informed us that the app DeepMine has the ability to assign cost to each product and variation. Although this is A solution, this basic feature really should be built right into the the product information as an extra attribute in the first place. We have paid for DeepMine in order to assign costs to our products, however, it is still in beta state, and the interface is a huge pain in the ass to use.
4. Unable to assign customers to customer groups for predefined discount rates.
5. No visible notes field for each customer that is visible before clicking in to the customer's profile. This needs to be visible on the same screen when displaying a search result of customers.
6. Super clumsy interface. Image size needs to be customizable to allow for much smaller image. Also, the POS system needs to provide a No Image option, that displays a top down alphabetical list.
7. Cost is too high for a product this basic.

We didn't have time to explore this app further as there were too many features missing in the app for us to put the efforts in to fully testing it out. Hope the app is completed with these features so that we can switch over from another platform.

Blur Makeup Room
5 meses usando o app
4 de agosto de 2021

I used this at a pop up show last weekend and it was utter trash! I didn’t have good solid data connection so it wouldn’t accept card payments. I lost so many sales because their offline mode doesn’t accept cards. What the heck, I’m going back to square!

Handcrafted By B
Estados Unidos
5 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 24 de novembro de 2021

Lässt sich recht gut mit arbeiten, nur beim Checkout fehlt mir eine komfortable Funktion (die jetzige Trinkgeldfunktion ist zu umständlich), um den vom Kunden erhöhten Endbetrag ("Trinkgeld") einzugeben und darauf basierend dann die (schon vorhandenen) Wechselgeld-Infos zu erhalten.
Alles in allem würde ich aber sagen, dies ist "Jammern auf hohem Niveau" ;-)

Totes Meer & mehr
8 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 14 de dezembro de 2020

POS is a simple way of using a shop till. It syncs brilliantly with your E-Store and is pretty seamless. I think over time it will improve, such as more sophisticated options with customers purchases such as accounts, credit limits etc. Also be careful of discounts, we found it was easy to make mistakes and charge the customer wrong amounts. We've overcome that now.

Lewis Yates
Reino Unido
7 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 4 de dezembro de 2020

The POS app is much better than some I've tried and works well with my eCom site that is also run by Shopify. Customer service is excellent. There are still some improvements to be made before I'm able to award 5*, especially as it is a fairly expensive system it feel it should be a little more seamless and a few things need to be ironed out, such as exchanges and refunds, but overall I do believe Shopify to be the best omni-channel option available on the market.

Suki's Wardrobe
Reino Unido
7 meses usando o app