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27 de fevereiro de 2022

I used the POS app for my first vendor event this weekend, and it went SO WELL. From being able to quickly create custom orders to balancing my cash at the end of the day, it worked exactly how I expected it to without a struggle every time. My only issue was that my card reader (the shopify chipper X something?) didn't stay connected. That could have been our issue with shady wifi or crabby bluetooth on my ipad, but it definitely wasn't enough to keep us from using it again.

Rolling Stop Creations
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15 de fevereiro de 2022

This app make it easy for to process payments while mobile. I love that my inventory is integrated with the POS system.

MyBody Scents
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13 de fevereiro de 2022

Very helpful when I'm doing my vendor markets. Absolutely love it. The card reader does go on sleep mode more than I prefer and I have to fix it quickly when I have an order but other than that, all is well!

Beyond The Curls
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Tempo gasto no app: 8 meses
10 de fevereiro de 2022

Expensive, and doesn't let you to add customize fields on the receipt. Vend POS is cheaper and lets you print anything that you want on the POS receipt. Shopify is getting left behind. Doesn't have a proper Customer Display as well.

Marpet | Terantes S.A.
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31 de janeiro de 2022

I use this app to help with in person sales at tradeshows. It is easy to use and has been working fine for me. Only one issue I have had is needing to do an update before making a sale and took a long time to complete.

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30 de janeiro de 2022

I use the POS app at shows and it works well. I like the way everything integrates perfectly and is tracked in my Shopify store.

Tonka Laser and Apparel
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28 de janeiro de 2022

Shopify POS is is not reliable constantly disconnecting in the middle of transactions with customers. Tech support is not readily available and may have to wait days for replies which are lengthy e-mails to troubleshoot. When these issues happen at the POS it is imperative to have immediate help. We have been unable to process transactions sometimes for a whole day. We outsourced a separate merchant processing system to avoid these disruptions. Shopify was reliable and great prior to all the changes to their new plans.

La Liga Soccer
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21 de janeiro de 2022

Love it! Life safer for my shop! Its all I use, and helps keep my online orders and shop orders all in one.

Sarah Gauci
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11 de janeiro de 2022

Simple to use, Since it integrates with my online store, it simplifies confirming total income for the day, week, month, etc in my shop dashboard. It's very convenient to use with the Shopify Tap & Chip card reader.

Sudsy Dreams
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9 de janeiro de 2022

The update to the new re-tooled version was a straight up cash grab. The old version allowed you do everything you needed to sell in-store and online. It was a great tool to let the little guy compete. Shopify was doing it right and offering good value for the cost. Public company greed eventually took over and now they overcharge (to the tune of >$1000 year) just to have basic functionality like doing a simple exchange in your physical store. The lite version isn't usable if you can't do something as simple as swap out a size, etc.

basin + bend
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