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3 de dezembro de 2020

I dont really like the price of it every month, but we love it, everything is there we need and it is very useful.

Paws N Claws Couture
Estados Unidos
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3 de abril de 2019

Shopify is great!!!!! But.... We really need at least 1 Intergrated payment system in Australia for this to become a real POS system. eg Afterpay // Tyro... actually any payment system. I really do like the regular updates and new features added constantly. Shopify POS has added many great features over the last 12 months. I don't think I will be able to last much longer even though I love Shopify. I have already started to setup my POS with other POS systems to test who can offer the above features. (better inventory management, Intergrated payments.)

Prae Store
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18 de dezembro de 2018

This works well for us! The only complaint we have is that it always defaults to credit and we have to back out to get to cash. Causes us to have to press 2 extra buttons on each and every sale. Not a big deal but when busy the time starts to add up. Would be great if there was just a cash or credit button.

Jps Bears
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24 de fevereiro de 2018

I am new to Shopify recently opening my store. I loved that I could take credit card payments locally and got the free e-reader in. It is very easy to use and I have not had any trouble getting payments through. I had set up the payments to go to a savings account and one made it there. Then, there I received a notification that there was a problem so moved it to a personal checking account which worked. Looks like I will need to open a business checking account which I had not planned to do for awhile. If that snafu hadn't happened, I would rate it a 5 star. So far, so good.

April B Collection
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29 de setembro de 2016

Love everything about it for our in store needs. The one and only thing they need to fix is the barcode app. Takes WAY too much time and energy to use dymo's software, messing with CSV. files etc etc. Please Shopify, fix this. It's very important to me that this issue gets addressed.

Sage Candles
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13 de setembro de 2016

Love this app! I found it extremely helpful when working with wholesale accounts at the many trade shows that I participate in.

Luca Chiara
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Data de edição: 4 de maio de 2016

We really like MOST things about Shopify. The support chat is great, and almost always available. It's easy to use as a register in most ways as well when it comes to just finding products and ringing them up etc. We love that our inventory for online and in store is all one place. The templates are great and our website looks professional. The only things that detract from this being five stars is that it lacks a few features. Like when counting out your register there is no denominations so you have to write down all your denominations and add it up with a calculator before closing your register and entering how much is in the till. Nor is there a receipt printed for your own records you have to print an additional if you want that done. Also when entering new products it only allows you to enter how much you are selling it for not it's cost when you bought it, being able to use a mark up percentage would be a great addition. While Shopify links and exports to Quickbooks it doesn't have a cost of goods when going through accounting and profit and loss it's difficult to determine. You have to download another app to do cost of goods. Which we keep finding, everytime we are looking for a feature that has almost always been available for old school POS systems it requires downloading another app which costs more money. ETA you also need another app for printing and generating barcodes. It's not a simple process and really should be.

Wander Outfitters 2
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6 de abril de 2016

This app has been perfect for our needs. Collect peoples money for each purchase reliably at an event. We don't need extra stuff.

Cali Paddler
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15 de outubro de 2015

I love Shopify and POS is a pretty useful app when setting up vendors for our company, but I still wished they would create the same app which was compatible for laptops/desktops. I would much rather use a laptop to search, type, or add products along with card readers, receipts, etc from a laptop rather my iPad I currently use. Shopify, if you read this. . Please find a way to integrate a laptop POS app.

Spear Fitness
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30 de novembro de 2013

This review is an update to Shopify POS. We now are starting to use the Shopify POS app as our only POS tool. Its working great with being able to print barcodes and receipts. Good thing about the receipt printing is we use a USB Star printer and its hooked up to our Apple Airport Extreme which allows it to print from our iPad without needing the LAN version of the printer. So far so good, its working out and the features are helping us customize it for how we need to use it.

Special Tech DJ
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