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2 juni 2022

We just updated the app (to version 15.4.1) and while it worked wonderfully prior to the update, we've experienced so many issues with the new app. I've had to delete the app and re-install it twice to try to fix some of the glitches (some are still not fixed). *They changed the counting tool which was so quick and easy to use prior to the update - you could enter the qty of currency and hitting "enter" would bump it to the next section. Now you have touch each line to enter the value, often opening and closing the keyboard to see the next line. *If you enter a first and last name for a new customer, you have to add a phone number or email address to save it. Before you could just add the name and save. (If you just use a first name, you can add a new customer without the extra info).
*Receipts no longer print automatically on returns/exchanges. You have to go through 3 more screens to get to the "print receipt" button when it used to print automatically. While the update on the receipts for exchanges/returns is good, they changed so many other things - and NOT for the better. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Really wishing there was a way to revert back to the older version of the app. The update is really frustrating!

MISH Fashion and Swim
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Shopify svarade 30 januari 2023

Hi MISH Fashion and Swim! Thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback. Since your feedback was given we have updated the POS app to version 8.1.0. The counting tool has the next feature as an available option, you can save a customer with just one name and your receipts should be printing as normal, if on the latest version. If you are continuing to have issues with the Shopify app please reach out to our Retail support directly as they would be more than happy to assist!

17 maj 2022

Ich habe diese Point of SALE Shopify App in Zusammenhang mit Plentymarkets benutzt nun habe ich ein Riesen Problem dass wir nämlich keine Artikel bestellt und Aufträge in das Plentymarkets ERP System geschrieben. Ich hoffe es gibt bald eine Lösung. Somit ist die Kasse für uns leider unbrauchbar. Schade

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Shopify svarade 17 februari 2023

Hallo Styleplanet, vielen Dank, dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, Ihr Feedback zu hinterlassen. Ich habe den Google-Übersetzer verwendet, um auf Ihre Bewertung zu antworten. Was das Problem betrifft, das Sie hatten, ich hoffe, Sie konnten es lösen. Das Problem scheint mit einer Drittanbieter-App zusammenzuhängen, die Sie mit der POS-App verwenden. Wenn die App aus dem Shopify App Store stammt, würde ich in diesem Fall empfehlen, sich an unseren Support zu wenden, und wir können versuchen, Sie zu erreichen an die Entwickler der Drittanbieter-App.

25 april 2022

I use this app at markets and pop-ups and it's great. So simple to use and modify to make it work for me. You can easily add the discount codes etc and move things so they are in the easiest place.

Yellow Ribbon Gift Shop
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23 april 2022

Love it.... its very easy & user friendly to use this app. I would like to know how can i differenciate my charges when charging a client in store and when charging at a trade event using shopify POS on phone.

Tresor Collection
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6 april 2022

So far so good! I used the PoS for the first time at a local market. I did experience a blip in which the cc scanner would not connect with the app despite it working 5 minutes beforehand but after a hard reset everything connected again and worked with ease. I enjoy the flexibility of the app as well as being able to easily scan our barcodes with the phone.

CAVU Fabrics
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2 april 2022

Deze app werkt goed! Duidelijk, overzichtelijk en handig in gebruik.
Enkel een handleiding in Nederlands zou nog handig zijn en eigen ticketnummering.

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Shopify svarade 17 februari 2023

Hallo LIVTHELABEL, bedankt dat je de tijd hebt genomen om je feedback achter te laten. We zijn blij te weten dat u tevreden bent met de POS-app. Wat betreft uw functieverzoek, ik zal ons beoordelingsteam hier op de hoogte stellen van uw beoordeling. Ze kijken naar feedback van verkopers en nemen deze in overweging voor gebruik op ons platform. Ik weet zeker dat andere verkopers, zoals jijzelf, vergelijkbare behoeften hebben gehad, dus mogelijk zien we deze functie in de toekomst geïmplementeerd in Shopify.

2 april 2022

We love it! The POS works well, easy to use, and Shopify support are so QUICK to help with any questions.

Agrow Market
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30 mars 2022

The app is a very useful extension of our online store and is very well thought, however there are a few limitations that are so simple in their nature that I find it almost frustrating. First of all, in order to have our store's logo on the receipt, we need to subscribe to a plan of $79 USD per month. Given that at this time, we only need this particular feature, there is no way that we can justify paying this much just to have our logo on it. And second, the Shopify order number does not print on the invoice. The reason why this is frustrating to me is because it can cause confusion when doing financial reports. It is a very simple option that would save us time and confusion. I explained to my team that receipt numbers always match order numbers, but it's just strange to have two different identifiers for the same order. Other than that, an absolute breeze to use. Will definitely stick with Shopify POS and fingers crossed that they work on these small issues.

GPX Store
Förenade Arabemiraten
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30 mars 2022

I've started using this app in order to integrate my retail outlet with my upcoming online site. It has made a lot of things easier for me. However, my struggle is only in setting up a receipt printer as per requirements as the specified printers are not available in India. It would be better if shopify can incorporate commonly available printers for the India market.

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26 mars 2022

It is easy to navigate and use. I really like that Shopify offers a tutorial for every possible question a new (or experienced) merchant may have. The only drawback I have was that not all my items showed up when I tried to scan the barcode, so I had to enter the item in under a custom sale. Other than that one issue, everything is wonderful!

Grace & Glory Boutique8411
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