Point of Sale

Point of Sale

af Shopify

Unify online and in-person sales.

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Simplify your store

Sync with your online store to easily manage inventory, orders, and customer data across your entire business.

Sell more

Accept a wide variety of payments anywhere in-store. Convert more with features like local pickup, email carts, and ship to customer.

Keep customers coming back

Build relationships with rich customer profiles, tailored marketing campaigns, and integrated loyalty apps.

Om Point of Sale

Shopify POS unifies your online and retail stores to strengthen sales conversions everywhere you sell, streamline store management, and helps you build stronger relationships with your customers. It has all the essential features you need to make sales, track performance, and manage customers, orders, and inventory. With local pickup and delivery—and the ability to sell inventory from other locations—you can reach more customers and give them seamless shopping experiences.

Learn how retailers using Shopify grow revenue by 30% year over year by unifying online and in-store sales.

Why choose Shopify POS?

  • Accept payments anywhere on iPhone/iPad
  • Accept a wide variety of payments with low rates
  • Collect and manage customer profiles created online or in-person
  • Manage one product catalogue, indicating inventory available at POS locations or online
  • Unlimited product SKUs
  • Manage online and in-store orders in one place
  • Sell and accept gift cards
  • Email and SMS receipts
  • Returns for online and in-person purchases
  • Split payments
  • Connect integrated hardware (cash drawers, printers, etc)
  • Email carts to buy-online
  • 100s of apps to customize how you manage, market

Want more? Try Pro features:

  • Includes all Shopify POS features
  • Unlimited registers
  • Unlimited POS staff
  • Buy-online, local pickup
  • Buy in store, ship to customer
  • Staff roles and permissions
  • Daily sales performance
  • Payment tracking
  • Advanced inventory management with Stocky by Shopify
  • Save and retrieve carts
  • Returns and exchanges for online and in-person purchases
  • Custom printed receipts
  • Retail reports in Shopify Admin
  • Staff sales attribution

"It’s impossible to think of retail as separate. You have to be able to bring the physical into the digital, and the digital into the physical...this idea of unified retail is the future.” - Juliana Di Simone, Tokyobike


Shopify POS Lite


  • Included with all Shopify plans.

  • Best for selling at pop-ups, markets and fairs.

Shopify POS Pro


  • $89/month per location

  • Try Shopify POS Pro features with a 14-day free trial.

  • Best for selling at brick-and-mortar stores.

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1.8 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

Old Faithful Shop

All the features on the POS PRO (Upper-tier subscription service) are completely unnecessary for the POS system and can be accessed through the Shopify back-end on a laptop or desktop computer.
However, Exchanges are completely necessary and are not included in the free version. Wouldn't mind, but you can also only preform an exchange on a transaction once - if a customer tries to exchange an item they've already exchanged they are unable to do so. The price for this subscription should be at best $30 CAD a month. $120 CAD a month is an absolute robbery. Does Shopify not have enough money already?

Venus Envy

We switched to Shopify POS so that we could have more cohesive inventory and data management between our online store and brick and mortar. It's okay, but lacking in some significant areas. Pros: -Fairly intuitive to use/teach staff
-Easy search
-Stocky is overall a good inventory management system, despite a few small complaints Cons:
-No function to honour Status Cards/Tax Exemptions in Canada (which I believe may be illegal in Ontario)
-Unable to edit any product details/add bar codes/adjust stock/change price etc. inside the POS app, which makes a lot more work for managers and creates many issues/errors
-I was told I would have dedicated "set-up support" but it seems that that person's job was just to email me links and direct me to the general help line
-Support staff are unevenly trained - a few times I've called with a specific question and received multiple different answers from different people
-No "Void" function and returns/exchanges are unnecessarily complicated Overall, it doesn't feel like there were many people consulted who actually work in retail. It would be a lot more convenient to stay with Shopify, so I hope it improves.


It is actually unusable, even the product search does not work well. This app should be improved a lot before even thinking of charging money for it. Instead of improving it, recent updates are only downgrading features progressively. At this point, we are seriously considering migration to a Shopify alternative platform...