Point of Sale

Point of Sale

作成: Shopify

Sell anywhere. Accept any payment. Grow your business.

Sell products from anywhere

Sell your products anywhere with the Shopify POS app and free card reader. Available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Sync with your online store

Track & synchronize customers, inventory, and orders with Shopify.

Accept payments

Add products to cart, accept payments, and provide email receipts.

Point of Saleの詳細情報

Shopify POS

Easily sell your products in-store and at markets, pop up shops, trade shows, and anywhere else with the Shopify POS app available for iOS and Android. No matter where the sale takes place, your orders, inventory, and customers are automatically updated on your Shopify store.

Why choose Shopify POS?

  • Instantly start selling as soon as you download the app
  • Securely accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, and Android Pay payments with the Shopify credit card reader
  • Process all credit cards at the same rate with no hidden fees for as low as 2.2% + 0¢
  • Email custom receipts with discounts and return policies
  • Encourage repeat business by adding discounts to orders
  • Manage multiple locations at once
  • Automatically set up sales taxes based on location
  • Gain business insights using sales reports and analytics
  • Issue refunds right on the spot

Want more? Upgrade Shopify POS with Retail Package:

  • Sell and accept physical gift cards
  • Integrate with the best retail hardware available from the Shopify Hardware Store
  • Track your cash float and summarize daily totals by enabling register shifts
  • Increase the security of your store by setting permissions and individual staff PINs





Shopify plan or higher is required for Shopify POS for retail stores & pop-up shops.

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Threeworlds Australia

Pure junk. So slow it's unusable. Shopify is great in some ways but really not in others. Not a good product at all.


this app is an embarrassment for SHOPIFY - nothing more or less. To be able to use it properly you need an iPad 3 at least (iOS 10.xx ) - if you want to use it on android you have to create a staff account with full(!) permissions - which is outright ridiculous. My plan has 5 staff accounts which is enough for the online store but I have 4 sales staff in a small shop - now they all have to log in to one account and I have to track sales across staff members manually. Also don't bother shopify "gurus" with support questions, they know close to nothing about the app.

Furr Baby Luv

The app updated on the 31st of October. Can no longer sync with my store on my Android. This is a horrible situation.