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ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions

ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions

Developed by ReCharge

807 reviews
Price: $19.99 / month Free Trial: 90 days More info
  • ONLY Software built EXCLUSIVELY for Shopify stores selling physical products on subscription.
  • APP MARKETPLACE Store Owner's rank Recharge Shopify’s #1 subscription software.
  • MOST ROBUST Subscription CUSTOMER PORTAL available. PLUS, ReCharge is the ONLY RELEASED Software to provide automatic/seamless integration into your Shopify checkout, order flow and customer account.

✓ ReCharge is trusted by 5000+ stores including 5 Hour Energy, Nickelodeon, and Nike!



Example Stores Using ReCharge

  • Energy Drinks:
    5 Hour Energy

  • Box Company:
    Nickelodeon - Nick Box Largest Shopify Subscription store

  • Water:
    Boxed Water

  • Coffee:
    La Colombe

  • Golf:
    Callaway Golf

  • Juice:
    Jrink Juicery

  • Craft Products:
    Craft Club Box

  • Vitamins:
    Buy Food Research

  • Food Subscription:
    This Bar Saves Lives

  • Brewery:
    Modern Times

  • Health Drink:
    Mamma Chia

  • Pet Food:
    Pet Snacks

  • Wine Store:

  • Organic Market: Greensbury Market

  • Prepared Food Delivery: Green Zebra Kitchen

  • Men's Health: Lucky Bloke

  • Coffee Subscription Builder: White Tale Coffee

  • Groceries:
    Thrive Market

  • See more examples of successful ReCharge merchants

    ✴✴ FREE FOR 90 DAYS and FREE Setup! ✴✴

    The #1 Recurring Billing app for Shopify and here's why:

    • Recharge is the most used Shopify recurring billing solution powering thousands of stores processing tens of thousands of orders daily

    • ReCharge has the most robust feature set for stores selling physical products on subscription See full feature list

    • Allows single product, mixed cart & entire cart subscriptions.

    • Only subscription app that doesn't charge fees on non recurring items going through your subscription checkout

    • Only subscription app that directly integrates into Shopify Accounts and has account creation flow built into checkout

    • Only subscription app where customers can manage their subscriptions from your website

    • Only subscription app with Refer A Friend referral system integration

    • Only subscription app with Cart Abandonment integration

    • Supports both Credit Card and Paypal purchases!

    • Customers can manage subscriptions directly from your Shopify store

    • Bill on a specific day of the week or day of the month

    • Bulk import of your existing subscription customers for FREE

    • Works with all third party solutions - Shipping Carriers, Option apps, Quantity break apps and more

    • Works with most major merchant processors and supports most countries

    • Customer login is not required on checkout

    • Advanced shipping features

    • Seamless, mobile friendly portal & checkout experience

    • Customize your checkout and customer portal through CSS

    • Customers can Skip, Unskip & reschedule either whole deliveries or individual items!

    • Now supporting Day-of-month cutoff date functionality

    • Complete language translation control

    • Fully editable design

    • Dozens of Email Notifications, inventory forecasting, and more!

    • Ability to export data on customer actions, inactive customers and pre-paid shipments.

    • See all the features we provide

    Robust tools for your customers and you to manage subscriptions

    At ReCharge our only focus is recurring physical products and making sure your customers have the best experience possible. We do this by providing all the tools needed by you and your customers to make it easy to manage your subscriptions.

    Tools to grow subscribers

    We are constantly thinking how we can grow your subscription base. This involves us improving the customer shopping experience to ensure the highest level of conversion and growth. Also features like the Refer a Friend and Upsell Emails will boost your marketing efforts to get more subscribes.

    Flexible subscription options

    One of the best abilities of Recharge is creating multiple types of subscription plans.

    • Pre-payment Options: Provide customers an incentive for their commitment. The longer they subscribe the larger the discount.

      Example: A person purchases a monthly subscription, you have the ability to bill them at 3/6/12 months intervals, and offer them greater discounts for longer subscription intervals.

    • Subscription Lengths: Store owners have ability to set specific subscription lengths for products.

      Example: You want to offer gifting options for your products where a person can buy a friend a 6 months subscription where they get your product monthly.

    Learn from our most successful clients on our Subscription University Blog

    Other great ReCharge Features?

    • Payments sync to Shopify Orders

      When customers are charged, ReCharge will automatically update your orders so you can fulfill and manage them directly from Shopify. Orders will also connect to all Shopify integrations around fulfillment, inventory, accounting, etc.

    • Robust Backend

      Our goal is to make ReCharge the easiest solution to use. You can view a list of all your subscribers and their current status. For each customer, you can see what items they’re subscribed to and make updates. You can also update their billing and shipping information.

    • We support most major gateways

      To use ReCharge you need a merchant processor. We fully integrate with Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, and PayPal. If you have any other requests let us know we are constantly coming out with new integrations.

    • Full Mobile/Tablet Support

      Both the integration on the product page and the customer portal will be fully responsive, so customers will have a great experience when buying with their mobile phones or tablets.

    • Shipping + Taxes are taken care of

      Taxes and Shipping are calculated automatically and flexible. You can choose to turn taxes and shipping on and off. Taxes and shipping are calculated like your existing Shopify setup.

    • Set up a cut-off date

      If you're doing a box of the month, we also offer a feature where you can set up a cut-off date. For example, if you set your cut-off date as the 25th on the month, anyone who buys after that day will have their order apply to the following month.

    • Set day of the month to bill

      We allow you to bill all subscribers on a certain day of the month.

    • Notification Emails

      In ReCharge, you can customize different automatic emails that send to customers. You can set up the first email a person sees when they sign up. This email will include a link where the customer can manage their subscription. You can also set up a Charge Confirmation email to customers which notifies them when their recurring order gets processed. This is great so you can keep your customers updated on what’s going on.

    • Pricing Management Tools

      We give you full control to manually change the price customers are currently paying for different subscription items.

    • Handles Failed Charges

      If a customer’s card can’t be charged during a recurring order, they will be automatically notified to update their information. Once updated, their order will be re-processed. Over a 30 day window we will notify and try to charge them multiple times.

    • Discounts

      Recharge has duplicated the Shopify discount system to provide full flexibility on the types of discounts you can to offer. You can create discount codes that have either a percentage or fixed amount off. These can be set up for a limited or unlimited time. To increase the incentive for customers to move to a subscription model, we have also included a promotional feature that allows you to offer an extra one-time bonus discount for their first order placed on a subscription basis. You can also create a lifetime discount. Our goal is to help you build customers for life. Also due to the face Shopify doesn't allow apps to access discounts via the API you will have to use our system to create discounts on top of Shopify.

    • Out of Stock

      On occasion, a popular item that customer’s are currently subscribed to could run out of stock. We have prepared for this and will immediately notify you and put the subscription orders for that specific product on hold. We also continually monitor the order until the inventory is back in stock, and then process the order. We take the headache of inventory management out of the equation.

    • Fully customizable integration

      You can fully customize the look and feel and all language around ReCharge. You will be able to do this directly from your sites theme settings without any need for coding knowledge.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does ReCharge do Custom Integration?

    ReCharge is committed to cultivating long-term/forever customer loyalty - so the real question is how can we not?

    Our trained experts LOVE talking with you and understanding and servicing your individual store needs. It’s a hiring/interviewing deal-breaker.

    Does ReCharge integrate into customer’s Shopify accounts?

    Yes it will work with Shopify’s existing account system. Customers won’t have to create new logins for ReCharge.

    Can I migrate existing recurring customers to ReCharge?

    Yes! Here is full details on how we can help you migrate customers to ReCharge Migration FAQ

    What countries does ReCharge support?

    We support all countries supported by Braintree Payments, Authorize.net, Stripe, and PayPal. Braintree supported countries Stripe supported countries ***New Countries Supported: Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong ***

    What about Google Analytics or other tracking codes?

    ReCharge allows you input whatever tracking code you want on the checkout pages.

    Will ReCharge work with other solutions integrated into Shopify?

    Yes we integrate fully into Shopify so any third party integrations you have will work as long as the relevant data is available.

    Will I have to change my payment processor?

    You can keep your current payment processor for one-off items, however, you will need to set up a different payment processor for recurring orders. ReCharge works with Stripe, Braintree (PayPal) and Authorize.net.

    Does ReCharge support other languages or currencies?

    Yes we work with multiple currencies and all language can be changed the same way as Shopify does.

    What happens if a recurring transaction fails?

    ReCharge will to automatically retry past-due subscriptions. You can also create custom emails to automatically notify customers of failed transactions

    I’m not a developer, is there anyone who can integrate ReCharge for me?

    No worries, our experienced software developers provide FREE custom integration, and will install the ReCharge app onto your Shopify store with you.

    How long does it take to integrate with ReCharge?

    Our experienced developers can complete your store’s basic integration with ReCharge in less than half an hour.

    Who is behind ReCharge?

    We are the same guys who brought you Bootstrap Heroes. We are a team of entrepreneurs who have always been driven to make a positive impact on the world. Our goal is to empower small businesses to fulfill their vision of a better world. ReCharge enables thousands of companies to sell consumable products on subscription enabling them to build grow their business.

    What is ReCharge’s Commitment?

    ReCharge is committed to being the most LOVED and favorite Shopify app EVER! Your input is our secret weapon, how else could we determine the next new features to release and what you need next. We’re all about staying ahead of the game and we can only do that by creating enormous value and increasing sales for YOU!

    How is ReCharge priced?

    We offer a 90 day free trial so you can test us out with no risk. We charge $19.99 plus a 1% payment processing fee only on recurring orders. For one time purchases there’s no fee. Have 500+ recurring monthly payments? Contact us and we will negotiate a discounted rate. We are the number one trusted recurring billing solution on Shopify processing thousands of orders a day. We also help with free migrations Migration FAQ

    ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions reviews (807)


    Yes, there are other apps out there like this one, but the support is what counts. The ReCharge team talked me through the setup process and installed this addon free of charge. They even helped me migrate from an existing app I had installed that didn't do what we needed. Thanks for going above and beyond our expectations!


    ReCharge was recommended to me by our Shopify Expert designer Sanjay Ghataode at Seed CMS. I have been very pleased with the app as well as the customer service from Rob Barr. Very responsive to emails and attentive to questions coming from a non-tech operator like myself. We are very optimistic about building our subscription business over the next 6-12 months. The app will allow for custom intervals which some of my customers have requested.
    ReCharge is used by some very reputable brands and I am confident my satisfaction with the app will grow even more with time. Highly recommended.


    Great experience! The team made transferring our old subscriptions to the new site so easy and helped us get started within a few days. Would highly recommend.


    They are used by many companies and are trusted i will use them as soon as I launch my advertising campaign. They are really great people.


    It was a wonderful experience to work with ReCharge in preparing and setting up on my site. Lorena and Diego were both very helpful, accommodating, and answered all of my questions (there was plenty) in a kind and quick manner. I have no worries at all and I have a full understanding of their app now as they have a post-live set-up walkthrough that ensures that everything is set up and working well. I highly recommend this Application to anyone looking to add subscriptions to their sites! Thanks!!


    Absolutely fantastic customer service. I am based in Australia and regularly sought email support with the Recharge team and they were very responsive and super helpful. Quick customer service is extremely important when it comes to business to business support and I could not be more impressed. So thank you Recharge, keep up the good work. I love you guys !


    The app works great and support is always there to help in a prompt manner!


    I got burned by another subscription app and decided to try this one. I was pretty cynical that any subscription app could be good, but I desperately needed one.

    This one ROCKS. I emailed them explaining that I had issues with my last one, and they let me know that they were there to help whenever I needed it. They respond to emails fast, and always answered my questions in ways that were easy to understand. This app has really made my subscription box service easy for customers, and best of all, easy for me.


    Was skeptic on which subscription app to choose but I am SO HAPPY I chose ReCharge!

    From excellent customer service to their ability to tackle certain subscription method requests and reply in no time with completion and further coding help they are just simply amazing!

    I was able to charge just shipping on the first order and then on the rest of the subscription orders it is free shipping! Love the customization.

    Recommend it!


    VEry very very quick customer service. Got my features restore in <5mins.

    $19.99 / month

    ★ ★ ★ FREE FOR 3 MONTHS ★ ★ ★

    90 days

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