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Store Supply Chain Management

Store Supply Chain Management

Developed by PEA IT Solutions

Price: Free – $20.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • A full-fleged Warehosue/Inventory Management system fully integrated with Shopify
  • Automatically update inventory in Shopify upon receipt of stock to your Warehouse/DC/FC
  • Automaically receiving sales orders in Shopify, conduct susequent picking/packing/shipping

You can watch the Demo Video from google drive for better resolution!.

When a customer places an order in your beautiful Shopify store, the real logistics fulfilment activities start, you need to manually transfer the orders to your warehouse/distribution center (DC)/fulfilment center (FC) folks, and they do picking, packing, and shipping.

When you receive stock to your warehouse/distribution center/fulfilment center, you need to manually log on to Shopify Administration site and manually update the inventory.

When the inventory are consumed by your other sales channels (brick-and-mortar store, or other marketplaces), you also need to manually log on to Shopify Administration site and manually update the inventory.

You have a product whose inventory is 10 units, 5 of them are currently in your shop, and the other 5 are in your warehouse. You receive an order of 2 units of this product from Shopify, the first question you ask is: Where are my product? How many do I have? Shall I pick 2 units from my shop or warehouse?

Isn't beautiful if all the above activities can be automated and our Shopify SCM App will take care of these error-prone activities?

Our Shopify SCM App is comprised of the following key modules,

  • Inventory management for your warehouse/DC/FC.
  • Inbound (receiving) process, at the moment you receive inventory to your warehouse/DC/FC, it automatically update the Shopify product inventory.

  • Outbound (picking/packing/shipping) process, our system will receive your sales orders in real-time. Your warehouse folks will release the order, do picking/packing/shipping/dispatching. Our system will automatically update your Sales order Fulfilment status in your Shopify store.

  • When your stock is consumed by non-Shopify channels (brick-and-mortar store, or other marketplaces), our system will automatically update your product inventory in your Shopify store.

  • In fact, you can manage your entire logistics fulfilment activities (inbound, outbound, inventory, orders etc.) for all your sales channels (Shopify, brick-and-mortar stores, any other marketplaces) via our Shopify SCM App!

In a nutshell, you run Shopify store to generate more business, we take care of the backend logistics fulfilment processes and automate your manual non-value added activities!

You can download its user manual. It provides you a step-by-step user guide for our Store SCM App.

You can also download its demo video.

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Free – $20.00 / month
30 days

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