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29 maj 2024

As the CTO of a high-level company, I had great expectations for this app, anticipating that investing in Shopify Plus would be worthwhile for the added value it promised. However, the experience with ShopifyQL Notebooks has been disappointing to the point where my team and I had to develop an internal app for reporting and behavior analysis.

The limitation imposed on Shopify's most loyal customers by not allowing detailed and precise analysis of web page behavior is a significant flaw. Restricting robust performance studies to only orders, products, and payment attachments is insufficient and will undoubtedly generate discontent at the highest levels of any company.

From a development perspective, Shopify remains a superior option. However, in terms of applications like ShopifyQL Notebooks, it falls immensely short.

Plus should be a plan that eases your workload, yet this is not the case when it comes to analytics and commercial decision-making.

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13 mars 2024

As a long-time user of Shopify's services, our recent upgrade to Shopify Plus came with high expectations. Among the promised benefits was access to an enterprise-grade data visualization tool, ShopifyQL-Notebooks, touted as the solution for all our data querying needs. However, after diving into this tool, I can't help but express profound disappointment.

One would assume that with the substantial investment into Shopify Plus, a sophisticated platform would accompany it. Unfortunately, ShopifyQL-Notebooks falls far short of this mark. It's as if Shopify threw together a rudimentary tool and called it a day, without considering the actual needs of their enterprise-level customers.

One of the most basic queries any e-commerce business might want to run is to find out how many orders need to be shipped out. Shockingly, ShopifyQL-Notebooks doesn't even offer this fundamental capability out of the box. This is basic functionality that one would expect from any modern e-commerce platform, let alone one that positions itself as a leader in the industry.

But it doesn't stop there. Even attempting to delve into more complex queries reveals the stark limitations of this tool. Want to find out how many orders are in a particular status? Forget about it. Need to analyze orders containing specific products? Good luck with that. The dataset provided by ShopifyQL-Notebooks is so abysmally limited that it's practically useless for any meaningful analysis.

It's clear that ShopifyQL-Notebooks is nothing more than a half-baked MVP that Shopify has neglected to invest in further.

In conclusion, if you're considering Shopify Plus in hopes of gaining access to robust data visualization capabilities, don't hold your breath. ShopifyQL-Notebooks is a glaring example of unfulfilled promises and missed opportunities. Save yourself the frustration and look elsewhere for a solution that actually meets your enterprise-level needs.

A . I . S T O N E
4 dagar användning av appen
18 december 2023

would be an absolute game changer, could replace other v expensive reporting apps

but alas, the mere half baked existence of this tool is worse than if they published nothing at all

there are only three (!!) datasets available for query-- product, orders, and payment attempts of all things

what about customer? what about filtering orders by customer type? what about discounts? how is it that i can glean exactly 0 customer insights from this tool?

also the tutorial page is innacurate and the docs website doesn't allow you to leave feedback on the docs

do it right or don't do it at all

MASA Chips
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