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Shopinet Cross-Promotion Network

Shopinet Cross-Promotion Network

Developed by Shopinet

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  • Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty by rewarding on checkout
  • Drive organic & high-quality traffic by being promoted by other stores
  • Generate leads & boost sales by sharing customers with the network

A shopping network for online stores

A number of stores come together to promote each other’s sales. When customers shop on any one of these stores, they are rewarded with three exclusive offers from others stores in the network.

Let’s say; five stores have established a shopping network: namely Store A, B, C, D and E. If a customer buys a product in online store A, he or she will be presented with three offers from stores B, C, and D which have discounted prices. The customer is at liberty to pick one or more of the three stores. They will then visit the store’s website and enter the coupon code in the offer to claim their offer.

The process does not end here, after ordering from the second store, they are rewarded with three more exclusive offers from other stores in the network. For instance, if they picked an offer in store B, they are presented with offers from stores C, D and E. They could literary shop on and on until they drop dead from exhaustion.

Join our network today!

All online stores are invited to join Shopinet and enjoy the benefits of this network. You do not have to market and sell your products alone. You could achieve this with the help and effort of other stores and share their customers as well. You totally take control which stores you want to partner with by using whitelist and blacklist.

The Shopinet system helps stores to boost each other’s sales by generating sale leads. It benefits stores and customers in a variety of ways.

It increases customer loyalty

Customers are likely to keep shopping in the stores that give them discounts. Stores that use Shopinet will therefore attract and retain more customers as opposed to the stores that don’t.

It boosts sales

More customers mean more purchase. Products will fly off the shelves into the hands of their consumers as they get replaced with new stock. Stores that use Shopinet make a huge profit that covers for the great number of discounts they offer.

Saves you money

Customer love discounts, they would look almost anywhere to find cheaper products. Well, you can’t blame them, it’s a tough economy and everybody is looking to save a little of their cash. Continuously buying products on exclusive offers guarantee you to save so much money on a long term. Money that could be helpful in settling bills.

Online stores and customers have a lot to gain from Shopinet. The season of isolated marketing, blind shopping and paying more than you should is over. Use our system to network and share and enjoy a wide range of quality products at affordable prices.

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Cross-promotion should be a must for any e-commerce website, it helps the world-of-mouth process among reciprocal customers. Try it!


Its a very neat widget I agree. Had installed only a few days ago so nothing yet on my report for Impressions etc. Fingers crossed as I am hopeful this will be a useful app


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