ShopKeeper Magic Button

ShopKeeper Magic Button

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Open & edit pages with click of a button or keyboard shortcut

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One click access to editing

Quickly access the edit screen for any product, collection, page or blog article on your store

See it, edit it

Spot a change while you're browsing your own store? Just click the magic button to edit it instantly

Better than 'edit' button

No obtrusive menu bar cluttering your screen. Plus, use our exclusive keyboard shortcuts to edit any page.

À propos de ShopKeeper Magic Button

How many times have you been browsing your store and spot a change or update that needs to be done?

Shopkeeper Magic Button adds a simple, compact button to almost every page on your store that anyone with staff access sees while remaining invisible to customers. All anyone on your staff needs to do is click the button to be quickly transported to the appropriate Shopify backend edit screen to quickly make changes or updates.

Better than the new 'edit' button

Our button is more compact than Shopify's new admin toolbar — so it's out of your way. Plus, quick keyboard shortcuts let you open edit pages.

Easy and simple installation

No Liquid or other code modifications needed!

Works on almost every store page

Works on any product page, collection page, content page or blog article. Clicking the button on the homepage gives you instant access to the homepage settings page. Clicking the button on any blog index page gives you instant access to the that blog's settings page. Please note the button does not work on checkout, cart, account or order status pages

Just the right number of options

Shopkeeper Magic Button is purposefully simple and isn't bogged down with a plethora of settings or options. There's also no Liquid code to modify and the app installs completely by itself.

Store owners can easily turn the button on or off temporarily and select from multiple position options. The size of the button can also be changed. Plus, no annoying gray bar running across the screen covering your store.

App pays for itself

If you're like most store owners and are constantly tweaking and editing your store, this app can pay for itself over and over again by saving you valuable time. Think of it this way:

Let's say it takes you 30 seconds to manually open the edit screen on the backend. If you do this, say, 10 times a week, you'll save yourself about five minutes of time a week on a mundane task that doesn't enhance your revenue or sales. Assuming four weeks in a month, that comes out to about 20 minutes a month you could spend just trying to locate edit pages in the backend! If you consider your time is worth $20 an hour, saving yourself 20 minutes a month comes out to over $6.50 a month of your time that goes down the drain — which is well over the $2.99 a month subscription cost. Over the course of an entire year, you could gain back over $50 worth of your time.

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The Vintage Teacup

This app is brilliant! It sits quietly up in the corner of my screen and saves me from having to go find a certain listing or page by searching through my admin. One click and you're there! Excellent for quick fixes when you find anything within shop pages that need attention. I have had this app running in my store for nearly a year and use it multiple times a day! Go Magic Button's a winner!

Equally Younique

Fantastic app. Makes on the fly edits so easy! A must have for any shop with multiple collections!!!


a pretty good app would def recommend for a try!