ShopiMind Smart Marketing

ShopiMind Smart Marketing


Smart marketing multichannel for e-merchants

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Large selection of features

Boost your customer acquisition, retention, conversion, and loyalty rates by creating campaigns that are adapted to your requirement !

Large selection of channels

Enjoy a whole set of innovative channels and complete your e-shop's campaigns cleverly.

Included services at no extra

Benefit from the follow-up and efficient marketing support included at no extra charge in your offer !

ShopiMind Smart Marketing 정보

Shopimind is an e-marketing solution, multi channeled and dedicated to e-shop owners.

This tool offers the most complete yet versatile set of functionalities on the market.

Our signature features are Automatisation, Newsletter, Cross-selling, Bulk Texting.

With ShopiMind, you’ll find an efficient answer to four of your top objectives : Acquisition, Retention, Conversion, and Building Loyalty.

This product’s advantages

  • Centralizing all of your e-shop’s campaigns
  • Large selection of communication channels to send your messages
  • Advanced features and customization options included in our offers
  • Customer Service and Customer Success available at no extra charge
  • No commitment or notice requirement upon unsubscribing

Our features

With ShopiMind, you’ll design a complete e-marketing strategy thanks to our many, easy-to-use, innovative features :


Design an unlimited amount of automated scenarios in line with your marketing strategy (abandoned carts, customer anniversaries, transactional emails, and more!)

A large selection of communication channels available : Emails, Texts, Pop-up, Facebook Messenger, Push notifications, Smart Content for your website.


Send fully customisable newsletters in just a few clicks thanks to our multi-purpose intuitive editor.

Our segment and perfect timing features will help you design targeted messages and improve your open rates.

Smart Cross-Selling

Thanks to a ‘one of a kind’ algorithm, our Smart Cross-Selling enables you to suggest relevant content, tailored to your customers and visitors profiles.

This unique multi-channeled tool offers the possibility to display content on your e-shop but can also be included into all of your communications (emails, Facebook messenger, etc.).

This is the ideal feature to offer a personalized user experience to your customers thus improving conversion rates and average cart amount.

Statistics (Business Intelligence)

For all our features, whatever kind of communication sent (Email, Texts, Pop-up, facebook messenger, etc.), ShopiMind offers a large selection of KPIs and key measurements for you to consult.

Beyond standard data such as open rates or turnover, access precise data regarding your customer journey and the amount of added sales generated.

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Discovery offer

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A free newsletter. SMS billed separately by usage.

  • Automation
  • One free Newsletter
  • Push notification
  • Facebook
  • Popin
  • Cross-sell
  • Segmentation and behavioral analysis
  • Advanced statistics



For less than 150,000 page views per month. Invoicing according to the traffic of your E-commerce website

  • Unlimited scenarios
  • Email, SMS, Push Notification, Facebook
  • Popin
  • Segmentation and behavioral analysis
  • Cross-sell
  • Couponing
  • Statistics



For 40,000 emails per month. Billing according to your volume

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Perfect timing
  • Cross-selling
  • Couponing
  • Advanced statistics
  • Dedicated ip

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